The Four of Us Are Dying
The Twilight Zone Season 1

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Once seen in childhood, the January 1, 1960 Twilight Zone episode "The Four of Us Are Dying" can never be forgotten. Set in a surrealistic New York City (replete with flashing neon signs and forced-perspective streets), the story concerns one Arch Hammer (Harry Townes), a two-bit hood gifted with the ability to change his facial features. In rapid succession, he assumes the personalities of two recently deceased individuals -- jazz musician Johnny Foster (Ross Martin) and murdered gangster Virgil Sterig (Phillip Pine) -- for his own financial and sexual gain. But Arch comes to grief when, pursued by Sterig's killers, he transforms his face into that of punkish prizefighter Andy Marshak (Don Gordon). Enchancing the episode's dramatic clout is a brilliant performance by Beverly Garland as a nightclub singer and a driving musical score by Jerry Goldsmith. "The Four of Us Are Dying" was written by Rod Serling from a story by George Clayton Johnson.