A Most Unusual Camera


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Having just robbed a pawnshop, two-bit crooks Chester and Paula Diedrich (Fred Clark, Jean Carson) have only one "prize" to show for their troubles -- a cheap-looking camera. By accident, Chester and Paula discover that the camera has the ability to take pictures of things that haven't happened yet, and together with Paula's cloddish brother Woodward (Adam Williams) they intend to take advantage of this phenomenon. Inevitably, the camera's fortune-telling prowess backfires on everyone concerned. Originally telecast December 16, 1960, "A Most Unusual Camera" was written by Rod Serling.


Jean Carson
as Paula Diedrich
Adam Williams
as Woodward
Marcel Hillaire
as Waiter
Artie Lewis
as Racetrack Tout
Fred Clark
as Chester Diedrich
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