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Scripted by Richard Matheson from his own short story, this episode stars 13-year-old Ann Jillian as the title character, a nonverbal young girl named Ilse Nielsen. Apparently the sole survivor of a fire, Ilse is unofficially adopted by Harry and Cora Wheeler (Frank Overton and Barbara Baxley), who cannot understand why such an intelligent child lacks the power of speech. What the viewer knows, but the Wheelers don't, is that Ilsa is telepathic, raised by telepathic parents -- and her special powers may cause her more harm than good. This 60-minute Twilight Zone episode was first seen on January 31, 1963.


Barbara Baxley
as Cora Wheeler
Frank Overton
as Harry Wheeler
Irene Dailey
as Miss Frank
Eva Soreny
as Frau Maria Werner
Oscar Beregi
as Prof. Karl Werner
Percy Helton
as Tom Poulter
Ann Jillian
as Ilse Nielsen
Claudia Bryer
as Frau Nielsen
Robert Boon
as Holger Nielsen
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