Probe 7---Over and Out


Episode Info

Having embarked upon a long-range space probe, astronaut Col. Cook (Richard Basehart) discovers via radio contact that a nuclear war has broken out on his home planet. Landing on a distant and barren planet, Cook despairs over the notion that he might be the last living person in the universe. He then meets a beautiful young woman (Antoinette Bower) who has recently escaped a nuclear holocaust on her own world. Let's cut to the chase -- Cook's first name is Adam, and the girl's name is Eve. One of the more heavy-handed of the Rod Serling-scripted Twilight Zone episodes, "Probe 7-Over and Out" was originally broadcast November 29, 1963.


Antoinette Bower
as Eve Norda
Barton Heyman
as Lt. Blane
Richard Basehart
as Col. Adam Cook
Harold Gould
as Gen. Larrabee