The 7th Is Made Up of Phantoms


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While on maneuvers near the site of Custer's Last Stand, a modern-day Army tank crew encounters evidence that they have travelled back in time. This evidence is largely gleaned from the crew's knowledge of the events leading up to the Custer debacle. The climax is inevitable -- but fascinating nonethless. The cast of this Twilight Zone episode includes such series-TV stalwarts as Ron Foster, Randy Boone, Warren Oates, Robert Bray, and Greg Morris. Written by Rod Serling, "The 7th Is Made up of Phantoms" initially aired on December 6, 1963.


Warren Oates
as Cpl. Richard Langsford
Randy Boone
as Pfc. Michael McCluskey
Greg Morris
as Lieutenant
Wayne Mallory
as Scout
Ron Foster
as Sgt. William Conners
Lew Brown
as Sergeant
Jeff Morris
as Radio Operator
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