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One Arrest


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The unit manages to decipher a message about the low rises being resupplied with a new shipment, which they manage to intercept. The young dealer arrested by the unit turns out to be the same boy that lost an eye due to the extracurricular activities of some members of the squad. Lieutenant Daniels (Lance Reddick) tries to reach out to the boy, to no avail. Rawls is determined to punish McNulty (Dominic West), but Santangelo doesn't want to dig up dirt for him. McNulty updates Judge Phelan (Peter Gerety) on the case, and he okays another 30 days on all the surveillance. McNulty and Bunk (Wendell Pierce) find another witness to the Gant shooting, who corroborates what Omar (Michael K. Williams) told them. Greggs (Sonja Sohn) helps get Johnny (Leo Fitzpatrick) out of a jail sentence, and later he and Bubbles (Andre Royo) attend an N.A. meeting, where Bubs decides to try to clean up. Stringer (Idris Elba) comes down to the low rises to shake things up after the bust, pulling out the pay phones the cops have tapped, and issuing new instructions about pay phone use. The disgruntled Orlando (Clayton LeBouef) wants to go behind Avon's (Wood Harris) back and make a dangerous deal with D'Angelo (Larry Gilliard Jr.). The cops arrest Bird (Fredro Starr), the suspect in the Gant shooting, and when he continually mouths off to them, the interrogation turns ugly. Santangelo's conscience gets the better of him, and he tells McNulty that Rawls is after his job.


Dominic West
as Det. James McNulty
Sonja Sohn
as Det. Shakima Greggs
Domenick Lombardozzi
as Det. Thomas `Herc' Hauk
Seth Gilliam
as Det. Ellis Carver
Clarke Peters
as Det. Lester Freamon
Wood Harris
as Avon Barksdale
Idris Elba
as Stringer Bell
Wendell Pierce
as Det. William `Bunk' Moreland
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