Dead Soldiers


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Omar (Michael K. Williams) hits another Barksdale stash house, but this time, they're better prepared for him, and in the ensuing gun battle, a member of each crew is killed. Bunk (Wendell Pierce) catches the double homicide, and quickly realizes that Omar was involved, but he's also under tremendous pressure to complete an impossible task. For PR purposes, he's been instructed to recover Officer Dozerman's gun, which was stolen after Dozerman was shot. Carcetti (Aidan Gillen) continues to put pressure on the mayor, going to the press with the news that the next police academy class has been postponed for budgetary reasons. An irate Royce (Glynn Turman) orders Burrell (Frankie Faison) to take responsibility for the postponement, angering the commissioner. Prop Joe (Robert F. Chew) warns Stringer (Idris Elba) that the police are listening to their phone conversations. He also tells Stringer "what kills more police than bullets and liquor." It's boredom. "Keep it boring, String," he advises. With the wire dead, Daniels (Lance Reddick) assigns his team a new target in East Baltimore. McNulty (Dominic West) is still obsessed with Stringer, however, and continues to investigate D'Angelo's death. Bodie's (J.D. Williams) crew continues to encroach on one of Marlo's (Jamie Hector) corners, leading to violence. Cutty (Chad L. Coleman) visits an ex-girlfriend who tries to hook him up with a job opportunity. Bunny Colvin (Robert Wisdom), under increasing pressure to reduce felonies in his district, devises a radical plan to make some abandoned blocks in the neighborhood an enforcement-free zone, and coerce the dealers to move there.


Dominic West
as Det. Jimmy McNulty
Idris Elba
as Stringer Bell
Sonja Sohn
as Det. Shakima Greggs
Wood Harris
as Avon Barksdale
Wendell Pierce
as Det. William `Bunk' Moreland
Clarke Peters
as Det. Lester Freamon
Lance Reddick
as Lt. Cedric Daniels
John Doman
as Col. William Rawls
Deirdre Lovejoy
as Rhonda Pearlman
Seth Gilliam
as Det. Ellis Carver
Domenick Lombardozzi
as Det. Thomas R. `Herc' Hauk
Jim True-Frost
as Det. Roland `Prez' Pryzbylewski
Frankie Faison
as Det. Comm. Ervin Burrell
Christopher Mann
as Councilman Tony Gray
Delaney Williams
as Sgt. Jay Landsman
Al Brown
as Maj. Stanislaus Valcheck
Robert Wisdom
as Maj. Howard `Bunny' Colvin
Aidan Gillen
as Councilman Thomas Carcetti
Chad L. Coleman
as Dennis `Cutty' Wise
Robert F. Chew
as Proposition Joe
Glynn E. Turman
as Mayor Clarence Royce
Shamyl Brown
as Donette
Cleo Reginald Pizana
as Chief of Staff Coleman Parker
Megan Anderson
as Jen Carcetti
William Gerad Jones
as Kid Making Drug Deal
Lloyd Llee Barnett
as Major Marvin Taylor
Joilet F. Harris
as Officer Caroline Massey
Thomas W. Stewart
as Man in Park
Lawrence Cameron Steele
as Police Lieutenant
Richard DeAngelis
as Colonel Ray Foerster
R. Emery Bright
as Community Relations Sergeant
Ed Norris
as Detective Ed Norris
Jay Landsman
as Lieutenant Dennis Mello
Brian Anthony Wilson
as Detective Vernon Holley
Anwan Glover
as Slim Charles
Benjamin Busch
as Officer Anthony Colicchio
Corey Parker Robinson
as Detective Leander Sydnor
Fred Strother
as State Delegate Odell Watkins
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