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April 26, 2018
*Spoliers* This show, while it has some amazing moments,I can't help but feel like this season has fallen apart. I can't watch a single episode anymore without getting depressed for hours after it ends. There hasn't been a one good thing to happen in this season to provide any kind of balance to the amount of soul crushing events featured. Kate gets pregnant? Just kidding, she miscarries an episode later. Randall finds peace in fostering children? His bitchy wife constantly jumps down his throat and their foster kid gets put back in the bad situation as soon as she starts to heal. Kevin scores a great role on a movie? Nope, an episode later he gets so hurt he ends up addicted to pain pills and washing them down with liquor, and loses his ex wife AGAIN. Every flashback to Jack and Rebecca's young life, which season 1 tried to convince the audience was perfect, features 3 completely unruly children with so many problems and hatred for seemingly no reason at all. There are a few completely unnecessary comments to throw in a liberal propaganda line such as "Hillary should have won" that have no merit to the show and honestly, just seems ridiculous and forced. While I love that it tackles some deep issues that are hardly ever shown on television; such as eating disorders in a heavily overweight woman as well as a skinny woman that turns out to be bulimic, a successful black man as the lead, and sexual exploitation in Hollywood; this season has done nothing but constantly bring people down.
½ April 23, 2018
Emotional great acting and fresh show
½ April 11, 2018
its perfect i always like the twistterners but its getting boring more into the second season and needs to pick up the pace
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