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When an optimistic pair of newlyweds moves next door to a long-married couple whose honeymoon has long since ended, it turns out that both couples may have something to learn in this Fox sitcom starring Brad Garrett, Joely Fisher, Eddie Kay Thomas, and Kat Foster. Cynical couple Eddie (Garrett) and Joy Stark (Fisher) have been married for 9000 days and counting, and idealistic young couple Jeff (Thomas) Steph (Foster) Woodcock have only just exchanged their vows. Over the years, high school history teacher Eddie has grown disillusioned by marriage. Eddie views his union primarily as a means of having someone to drive you to the hospital when things go bad, but idealistic new high school assistant principal Jeff doesn't share this view. Jeff longs to build the groundwork for a happy, lasting marriage, and it seems that he and Steph have gotten off to a solid start together. When Jeff sets about purchasing a new pool table for the dining room and Eddie's sardonic comments about the endeavor prove uncannily prophetic for Eddie, the neighbors who couldn't be more different on the surface slowly begin to find a common ground.


Brad Garrett
as Eddie Stark
Joely Fisher
as Joy Stark
Eddie Kaye Thomas
as Jeff Woodcock
Kat Foster
as Steph Woodcock

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