Episode 1


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Opening episode of a drama series about a defence lawyer trying to uncover the truth of a past miscarriage of justice, while her husband goes to great lengths to conceal facts about his own past.


Sophie Okonedo
as Maya Cobbina
Adrian Lester
as Nick Johnson
Dennis Haysbert
as Rudy Jones
Derek Riddell
as Paul Brightman
Tamara Lawrence
as Clem Johnson
Daniel Ezra
as Dan Johnson
Shannon Hayes
as Ella Lawrence
Angel Coulby
as Julia Redhead
Vincent Regan
as Dominic Carter
Sope Dirisu
as Michael Antwi
Leanne Best
as Abigail Strickland
Jay Benedict
as Judge Kramer
Nathan Osgood
as Attorney General Livermore
Wade McElwain
as Joshua Roberts
John Schwab
as Dr Francis
Ian Peck
as Peter Mackie
Glyn Grimstead
as Sgt Douglas Trimble
Alex Avery
as Fred Redhead
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