Vigilados: Person of Interest (2011 - 2016)

Vigilados: Person of Interest

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Un exagente de la CIA y un multimillonario experto en computación tratan de detener crímenes antes de que ocurran.


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2015, CBS, 9 episodes

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2014, CBS, 5 episodes

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2013, CBS, 5 episodes


John Doman
as Garrison
Josh Close
as Jeff Blackwell
Melissa Sagemiller
as Sandra Nicholson
Yul Vázquez
as Cyrus Wells
Colin Donnell
as Billy Parsons
Andrew Dolan
as Forensic Specialist
Karen Pittman
as Tracey Phillips
James Le Gros
as Bruce Moran
Paige Patterson
as Laurie Granger
Justin Grace
as Younger Cop
Will Brill
as Charlie Vaida
Peter Rini
as Dr. Carr
Nestor Carbonell
as Matthew Reed
Barrett Doss
as Trainee
Theis Weckesser
as Agent Daniels
Tyler Evans
as Detective Macintyre
Steve Lord
as Skinhead
Samantha Posey
as Pushy Student
Kevin Kilner
as Nick Dawson
Amy Tribbey
as Reese's Mother
Daniel McCabe
as Hipster Geek
Geoffrey Pierson
as FBI SAIC Roberts
L. Steven Taylor
as AIC Barnes
Gavin Stenhouse
as Detective Jake Harrison
Jason Ritter
as Simon Lee
Mark H. Dold
as Administrator Garcia
Jack Davis
as Little Reese
John Quilty
as Think Tanker
Anthony Mangano
as Detective Kane
Danielle Di Vecchio
as Capt. Divecchio
Quinn Meyers
as Barista
Reese Madigan
as Detective #1
Nathan James
as Suit No. 1
Julian Shatkin
as Aaron Hollenberg
Michael Bryan French
as Governor Murray
Jenna Stern
as Dr. Mason
Rebecca Darke
as Dying Lady
Brendan Burke
as Jackass Biker
Antoine Harris
as Street Tough #1
Ned Van Zandt
as Kevin Hatch
Asta Hansen
as Dinah Campbell
Kristine Johnson
as TV Reporter
Chris Santangelo
as Jumpy Jerry
Sonnie Brown
as Nurse Carroll
Michael De Nola
as Taxi Driver
Nicholas Kohn
as Detention Guard #1
Joseph Daniel Coots
as Officer Tanner
Caris Vujcec
as Michelle Perez
Joe Lanza
as Mikey
Brian McCormack
as Phil Campbell
Andrew Haserlat
as Lead Tech
Kathleen McNenny
as Gina Kincaid
Amr El-Bayoumi
as Legionnaire #3
Anthony Arkin
as Mike Fisher
Adrian Alvarado
as Lt. Johnson
Robert L. Gorman
as Annoyed Man
Michael J. Burg
as Department Store Floor Manager
Christina Saragaglia
as Punk Rocker Girl
Marvin Avila
as Tech No. 2
Ed Incle
as Javier
Neal Matarazzo
as Lt. Kearny
Dan Puck
as Beefcake Uni
David Beach
as Douglas Rogers
Nikiya Mathis
as Operator A
Elisa Van Duyne
as Slapper #2
Jason Carvell
as NYPD Officer
Maceo Oliver
as NYPD Patrolman
Mark Delabarre
as Officiant
Richard Foster
as Police Foster
Jesse Jensen
as Operator B
Andrew Polk
as University Dept. Chair
Brian J. Carter
as Medical Tech
Ryan Garbayo
as Male Receptionist
Jasmin Walker
as Hotel Receptionist
John Eric Parker
as Security Officer
Alec Beard
as UN Guard #1
Dick Brennan
as Newscaster
Jaiden Kaine
as Federal Agent
Henry Peck
as Jacob Pitts
Kristine Johnson
as News Anchor
Shawn Parsons
as Positivity Speaker
Oriana Oppice
as Woman With List
Ryan King
as Rance
James Ciccone
as Frank Capello
Mark Doherty
as First Samaritan Op
Lipica Shah
as Secretary's Assistant
Gregory Konow
as Beat Cop
Nicholas Tucci
as Samaritan Op
Jason Tottenham
as Suited Man
David Aaron Baker
as FBI SAC LeRoux
Eileen Faxas
as Newscast Host
Crystal Kellogg
as Slapper #3
Tommy Walker
as Limo Driver
Jon Collin Barclay
as Rugby Player
Leajato Robinson
as Orderly #1
Mark Light Orr
as FBI Guard
Jim Watkins
as Reporter #1
Jean Brassard
as Claude Bertrand
Brian Michael
as Patrolman
Chagmion Antoine
as Reporter #2
Ras Enoch McCurdie
as Gangster #1
Alex Manette
as Barnett
Robin McGinnis
as News Reporter
Pasha Pellosie
as Desk Guard
Fisher Neal
as Sgt. Neal
Alfredo Narciso
as Patrol Unit
Marlon Perrier
as Security Agent
Jeremy Burnett
as Samaritan Cop
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TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date:
Executive Producers: J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk, Jonathan Nolan, David Semel, Greg Plageman
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