Harbinger (Episode 2)


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Conclusion. The case of a missing banker is investigated.


Trevor Eve
as Peter Boyd
Sue Johnston
as Grace Foley
Tara Fitzgerald
as Eve Lockhart
Eva Birthistle
as Sarah Cavendish
Wil Johnson
as Spencer Jordan
Cecilia Noble
as Una Mason
Sophie Winter
as Julie Myers
Amelda Brown
as Elsa Geiger
Ian Hanmore
as Ernst Geiger
Graham Turner
as Glenn Burke
Robert Morgan
as Ken Deighton
Elizabeth Rider
as Maureen Smith
Charles Edwards
as Donald Rees
Rosy Byrne
as Miranda Rees
Felix Soper
as Toby Rees
Sinead Michael
as Nicola Rees
Rocky Marshall
as Rick Scoble
Susan Brown
as Sue Myers
Stacey Sampson
as WPC Gina Allen
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