Conviction (Episode 8)


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Conclusion. Boyd needs Sarah's expertise in order to expose the state's involvement in Barclay's death.


Trevor Eve
as Peter Boyd
Sue Johnston
as Grace Foley
Tara Fitzgerald
as Eve Lockhart
Wil Johnson
as Spencer Jordan
Eva Birthistle
as Sarah Cavendish
Don Warrington
as Gideon Barclay
Claire Benedict
as Lisbetta Barclay
Babatunde Aleshe
as Karl Barclay
Ashley Chin
as Jakob Barclay
Amber Agha
as Nazeem
Clive Wood
as Carney
Junade Khan
as Mohammed
Elizabeth Rider
as DAC Maureen Smith
Karen Cogan
as Community Support Officer
Jonathan Emmett
as Probation Officer
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