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Warehouse 13 (2009 - 2014)

Warehouse 13 (2009 - 2014)



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Two Secret Service agents track down mysterious objects at the behest of a warehouse caretaker who oversees a top-secret facility in South Dakota that houses strange and power relics collected by the U.S. government in this sci-fi comedy-drama.

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2014, SyFy, 6 episodes

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2012, SyFy, 16 episodes

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2011, SyFy, 11 episodes

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2010, SyFy, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: Warehouse 13 pulls influences from all of the typical sci-fi formulas, unable to inject enough excitement or originality to truly pay homage to the classics.

2009, SyFy, 13 episodes


Eddie McClintock
as Pete Lattimer
Joanne Kelly
as Myka Bering
Saul Rubinek
as Artie Nielsen
Allison Scagliotti
as Claudia Donovan
CCH Pounder
as Mrs. Frederic
Aaron Ashmore
as Steve Jinks
Simon Reynolds
as Daniel Dickinson
Roger Rees
as MacPherson
Jaime Murray
as H.G. Wells
Anthony Head
as Paracelsus
Lindsay Wagner
as Dr. Vanessa Calder
Mark Sheppard
as Benedict Valda
Rene Auberjonois
as Hugo Miller
Tricia Helfer
as Agent Bonnie Belski
Polly Walker
as Charlotte Dupres
Joe Flanigan
as Jeff Weaver
Erica Cerra
as Jillian Whitman
Mark A. Sheppard
as Benedict Valda
Brent Spiner
as Brother Adrian
Al Sapienza
as Capt. Dan Powell
Niall Matter
as Gary Whitman
Neil Grayston
as Douglas Fargo
James Naughton
as Gilbert Radburn
Elias Zarou
as Jeff Canning
Philp Craig
as Father Braid
Lindy Booth
as Stephanie
Cornell Womack
as Sheriff MacKenna
Judd Hirsch
as Isadore Weisfelt
Tia Carrere
as Agent Katie Logan
Jeri Ryan
as Amanda
Dillon Casey
as Cody Thomas
David Collins
as Dr. Ellis Hayes
Missi Pyle
as Lily Abbot
Kelly Hu
as Abigail Cho
Erin Way
as Catarina
Michael Boatman
as Edward Marzotto
John Evans
as Eric Marsden
James Marsters
as Professor Sutton
Hamish McEwan
as Dr. Mahoney
Ashton Doudelet
as Jeff McMasters
Jewel Staite
as Loretta
Joel Grey
as Monty the Magnificent
Sasha Roiz
as Marcus Diamond
Enrico Colantoni
as Antony Bishop
Teresa Yenque
as Dona Fausta
Tom Barnett
as Sherriff Travis
Emily Andrews
as Young Jane
Peter Graham
as Jed Fissel
Sherry Miller
as Lorna Soliday
Ashley Williams
as Sally Stukowski
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TV Network: SyFy
Executive Producers: Jack Kenny, David Simkins
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