The Girl Who Waited


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Franky's estranged father makes her a surprise offer; Bea gets on Jacs' bad side; and Erica attempts to change the out-of-date systems at Wentworth.


Danielle Cormack
as Bea Smith
Kris McQuade
as Jacs Holt
Nicole da Silva
as Franky Doyle
Celia Ireland
as Elizabeth 'Liz' Birdsworth
Shareena Clanton
as Doreen Anderson
Leeanna Walsman
as Erica Davidson
Kate Atkinson
as Vera Bennett
Robbie Magasiva
as Will Jackson
Aaron Jeffery
as Matthew 'Fletch' Fletcher
Paul McDermott
as Mike Pennisi
Georgia Flood
as Debbie Smith
Zahra Newman
as Iman Farah
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