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When Will Jackson enlists Kaz and Allie to expose Jake, the effects ricochet through Wentworth, testing long-term alliances, friendships, love and loyalties. When they ask Allie to reveal a secret, she is torn between Kaz and Red Right Hand, and her new friendship with Franky. Vera is forced to put the search for truth before her love for Jake. Franky and Allie formulate a detailed plan of escape, but it will take ingenuity, courage and some help from Franky's dad.


Danielle Cormack
as Bea Smith
Nicole da Silva
as Franky Doyle
Celia Ireland
as Elizabeth 'Liz' Birdsworth
Shareena Clanton
as Doreen Anderson
Leeanna Walsman
as Erica Davidson
Kate Atkinson
as Vera Bennett
Robbie Magasiva
as Will Jackson
Aaron Jeffery
as Matthew 'Fletch' Fletcher
Pamela Rabe
as Joan Ferguson
Katrina Milosevic
as Sue "Boomer" Jenkins
Ally Fowler
as Simone "Simo" Slater
Kathryn Beck
as Sky Pierson
Jake Ryan
as Harry Smith
Jake Ryan
as Harry Smith
Reef Ireland
as Brayden Holt
Martin Sacks
as Derek Channing
Jacquie Brennan
as Linda Miles
Ra Chapman
as Kim Chang
Zahra Newman
as Iman Farah
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