Part II


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In the continuation of the premiere, the activists move to San Francisco after coming out or being outed. There, they join the fledgling LGBTQ movement and set out to change the world.


Guy Pearce
as Cleve Jones
Ivory Aquino
as Cecilia Chung
Carrie Preston
as Sally Gearhart
Austin McKenzie
as Young Cleve Jones
Emily Skeggs
as Young Roma Guy
Jonathan Majors
as Young Ken Jones
Fiona Dourif
as Young Diane
Denis O'Hare
as Jim Foster
Dylan Walsh
as Dr. Marcus Conant
Kevin McHale
as Bobbi Campbell
Nick Eversman
as Scott Remple
Justin Sams
as Sylvester
Pernell Walker
as Gwenn Craig
Bruce Bealke
as Officer 1
Dylan Arnold
as Younger Gilbert
James Pinkman
as Basher #2
Joseph Baken
as Kid Handcuffed by Cops
Matthew Uhlik
as Young Basher
Kelly Crump
as Two Tons of Fun #1
Misa Malone
as Two Tons of Fun #2
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