Running With the Devil


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Jack and Paco race against the clock to save who they believe is the killer's next victim; and Kent debates whether he should invite Betty to take part in his murderous rampage when it appears she could leave him.


Ed Westwick
as Kent Grainger
Erika Christensen
as Betty Beaumontaine
Jeremy Sisto
as Jack Roth
Taissa Farmiga
as Karen McClaren
Gabriel Luna
as Paco Contreras
Karolina Wydra
as Dianne Kubek
Evan Ross
as Diver Hawkes
Anne Winters
as Vicki Roth
Jamie Ray Newman
as Allison Roth
Kirk Baltz
as Det. Artie Bukowski
Sara Mornell
as Det. Eileen Miller
Doug Simpson
as Det. Ralph Peyton
Heather Grace Hancock
as Mallory Kharchenko
Jennifer O'Brien
as Bridget Cartazzo
Joe Walsh
as Music Video Director
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