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Philip Price
Super Reviewer
July 9, 2018
I understand the idea the Rajneeshees weren't the best neighbors and that there was frustration in the disruption they brought with them, but what struck me most about this engulfing six-part documentary is the fact of how hateful and intolerant the people of the United States were towards their fellow man simply because they didn't understand this alternative way of life and thus feared it and the people who chose to conduct themselves in accordance with these teachings.

This isn't to necessarily be in defense of the Rajneeshees either, as brothers and directors Chapman and Maclain Way are sure to highlight the more sinister facets of those that came to devote so much of their lives to this mysterious spiritual leader as either he or those he appointed to be the leaders of this experiment that gets carried out in small town Oregon clearly manipulated the love for this ma and a community in order to do harm.

Do I wish the brothers Way might have provided more concrete answers to the multitude of questions they pose? Of course, but by having access to and collecting multiple contemporary eyewitness accounts it's easier to glean where the sincerity meets that unpleasant emotion most often caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous. In the end and with much perspective, it's surprising whose souls feel the most, liberated might be a poor choice of words here, and so we'll go with...saved.
August 15, 2018
The life of OSHO never stops to amaze. Osho is one of the most documented Godman in modern history, still, there is always a peculiar feeling of mystery about this man. More you know about him and it leaves more curiosity inside you. I watched this 6 episode documentary in one sitting; and got in depth information about his experiment in USA. But, still many questions are unanswered. Hopefully, next season will be even more interesting.
August 6, 2018
With an impressive cinematography, the way brothers manage to tell in an addictive and surprising way the story of one of the most intriguing communities formed in the past century. Totally recommended!
August 4, 2018
July 30, 2018
Compelling story telling with influx of some great music. The best part of the way it was presented by the WAY brothers was the fact that there were both strengths and shortcomings that existed for both the parties in the story. Extremely addictive!
July 30, 2018
To start with, this is a brilliant piece of documentary film making. There are literally no sides taken. As you watch it through and through with a neutral, humane perspective, you can see yourself swaying like you?re on a moral see saw. That?s how beautifully balanced this is. However at some point, you can see how raw, flawed and almost inhuman each side in this battle gets in order to ?survive?. The admiration and worship of a man that literally spills over the edges with fanaticism. The blindness and arrogance that power brings in to a deputy, almost stripping them of any empathy or kindness; the essence of what they were following as a way of life.
The blind faith in the proxy leader that turned a peace loving mother into an assassin.
But at the same time, there is a beautiful reference to how she ?broke the spell?.
There are lines that make you wonder what power in the world makes a human being so delusional ? ?the joys of surrendering to the master?, ?the master of masters?. The hysteria creeps up to a point where the whole crux of what was being followed and taught and revered is referred to as a con by the people who lead the very movement.
But if you listen carefully, with an open, non-perceptive mind, what the man intended to show, to teach and for everyone to self-realize wasn?t anything bad or wrong or overtly religious or spiritual or magical ? it perhaps was something that would have evolved us, if it was channeled and moderated and propagated in the right way.
The visuals and interviews also reek of pure xenophobia and prejudice at times; how repulsive people can be to the natives of another country or culture attempting to settle down in their midst.
This is a pure spectacle of how fanaticism, politics, megalomania, xenophobia, paranoia, blind faith, greed and so many other dark elements create an ugly chemical reaction of sorts - an explosion that changes every one in the fray.
While you may end up thinking how ridiculous the whole saga is, there is so much to learn from this even though this is the past. The characters, the thoughts, the dark elements still exist in our present day ? multiplied, magnified and scattered throughout the world.
Makes you really wonder where we are headed into.
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