In Extremis


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The team investigates the disappearance of Anwar Samir (DARIUSH KASHANI), a Saudi Arabian medical intern who became upset when his boss refused to write a letter of recommendation for him, and his girlfriend declined his marriage proposal. Anwar is a hardworking and well-respected doctor whose every move becomes subject to interpretation after he disappears. His desire to work at the Centers for Disease Control to study infectious diseases, his girlfriend's lack of knowledge about his career ambitions and even the books in his apartment suggest that he might have a hidden connection to terrorism. As Jack coordinates the investigation with the Joint Terrorist Task Force (JTTF), he discovers that samples of a virus are missing from a biotechnology company where Anwar once worked. Meanwhile, the team thinks that Martin--who is convinced that Anwar is a terrorist--may be more concerned with impressing the JTTF supervisor than with the truth.


Anthony LaPaglia
as Jack Malone
Poppy Montgomery
as Samantha Spade
Marianne Jean-Baptiste
as Vivian Johnson
Enrique Murciano Jr.
as Danny Taylor
Enrique Murciano
as Danny Taylor
Eric Close
as Martin Fitzgerald
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