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When a school bus full of students goes missing during its morning run in a wealthy district, Jack and the team suspect two troublemaking students, brothers Doug (NICK CHASTAIN) and Richard (CHRIS COLLINS) Carrol, with a rich, neglectful father, Bob (CHRISTOPHER McDONALD). All of the students' cellular telephones and other communication devices are confiscated by the kidnappers--except for a high-tech phone that transmits pictures, kept hidden by a student named Trish Randall (TRACY ALISON WALSH). Working with the grainy images that Trish surreptitiously sends to her mother's phone, the agents surmise that the kids were transferred to a dark, airless storage area. Then Jack's team finds the abandoned school bus with one student, shy loner Johnny Atkins (ANTON YELCHIN), tied up inside. Watched over by his protective mother, Anne (JAYNE BROOK), Johnny informs Jack's team that Doug and Richard are responsible. But after a ransom drop goes horribly awry, resulting in two people's deaths, and an unknown man is photographed by Trish's phone, the agents must drastically alter their thinking on who the culprits are and how they can ever find the children before they suffocate.


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