The Damage Done


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The son and girlfriend of an Albanian mobster (Mark Pellegrino) disappear and Jack's history with the man causes him to overstep police authority and handle the case, knowing that the man may incriminate himself to save his son. Julia Martic: Rachel Miner. Petros Marku: Field Cate. Odetta Marku: Tamara Gorski.


Anthony LaPaglia
as Jack Malone
Poppy Montgomery
as Samantha Spade
Marianne Jean-Baptiste
as Vivian Johnson
Enrique Murciano Jr.
as Danny Taylor
Enrique Murciano
as Danny Taylor
Eric Close
as Martin Fitzgerald
Mark Pellegrino
as Sadik Marku
Rachel Miner
as Julia Martic
Field Cate
as Petros Marku
Tamara Gorski
as Odeta Marku
Eduardo Ballerini
as Frankie Lamaj
Edoardo Ballerini
as Frankie Lamaj
Jeff Wiesen
as Arti Lazar
Diane Davis
as Dorina Calb
Kevin Durand
as Travis Holt
Paul Hipp
as Det. Chris Pappas
Adrian Sparks
as Paul Banks
Tatiana Chekhova
as Sadik's Mom
Christian Berney
as Young Sadik
Eddie D'Angelo
as Young Frankie
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