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Workin' Moms

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Air date: Feb 22, 2019
Air date: Feb 22, 2019
Air date: Feb 22, 2019
Air date: Feb 22, 2019
Air date: Feb 22, 2019
Air date: Feb 22, 2019
Air date: Feb 22, 2019
Air date: Feb 22, 2019
Air date: Feb 22, 2019
Air date: Feb 22, 2019
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From asking the grandparents to babysit to dealing with postpartum depression, four mom friends experience the realities of life after giving birth.


Catherine Reitman
as Kate Foster
Jessalyn Wanlim
as Jenny Matthews
Juno Rinaldi
as Frankie Coyne
Philip Sternberg
as Nathan Foster
Dani Kind
as Anne Carlson
Dennis Andres (II)
as Ian Matthews
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Critic Reviews for Workin' Moms Season 1

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The most obvious and glaring problem with Workin' Moms is the privilege of its main characters, which is blinding, exhausting, and all-encompassing.

Jun 19, 2019 | Full Review…
Top Critic

Workin' Moms demonstrates a deft ability to deliver punchlines while at the same time confronting the realities of 21st-century motherhood.

Jun 19, 2019 | Full Review…

The tone is bawdy, irreverent and fierce -- much like all the working (and stay-at-home) moms I know.

Jun 19, 2019 | Full Review…

Comedy nails working motherhood with wit and irony.

May 14, 2019 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

'Workin' Moms' bets strongly with some first episodes that leave enough curiosity for viewers to keep coming back. [Full Review in Spanish]

Mar 10, 2019 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

Workin' Moms departs from everyday sitcom scenarios to deliver startling metaphorical moments.

Jul 23, 2019 | Full Review…

The show isn't perfect, but it does get closer than most shows I've seen to reflecting my experience.

Jun 19, 2019 | Full Review…

The series just reeks of entitlement and requests us to have sympathy for elites.

Jun 19, 2019 | Full Review…

Workin' Moms has privilege oozing out of its every orifice.

Mar 4, 2019 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…

Workin' Moms is a realistic and pretty funny portrait of how overwhelming it can be to work and also a not feel completely guilty that you're not there for your kids.

Feb 26, 2019 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Workin' Moms: Season 1

  • Sep 12, 2019
    Quite funny. Enjoyed it more than I expected I would.
  • Sep 03, 2019
    Love this show (watched thru season 3 so far). Hope there are more with a few tweaks: (1) . GET RID of Frankie Coyne's wife/ex-wife who keeps popping in here and there - she contributes NOTHING and is boring, along with the new religious girlfriend; and (2) quit dragging out the B.S. storyline(s) involving Anne's daughter. Anne is funny and a great actress, and I'd love to see more involving her and relationships outside of the marriage. The daughter storyline this season 3 had me fast-forwarding thru more episodes than I'd like to have. Final thought, Anne and Kate (which has great stories since she's now basically single, could have a lot more fun and interesting stories involving them going out together, picking up guys, comparing notes about their conquests, etc. Some of those storylines in season 3 were totally boring and it was due to a few, who I mentioned above.
  • Sep 03, 2019
    Absolutely love this show! Seriously hope they keep 'em coming.
  • Sep 01, 2019
    Incredible I love it
  • Aug 21, 2019
    Having any one of these women as your mom would be traumatizing.
  • Aug 15, 2019
    Mean Girls are all grown up and they're mothers now! These moms don't act like anybody you know. They are nasty to everybody – partners, husbands, nannies, co-workers, teachers, principals, siblings, even their own mothers. They seem to be literally suffering with motherhood, even though in every case it's the nanny, stay-at-home dad (or mom, in one case) who is actually doing the child care. The moms treat everyone with contempt, lie all the time, and act with cruelty towards their own (and others' children.) At one point, Anne sees a little boy walk past with his mother and she screams, "You're a little monster!" and, to his mom, "You're a (expletive) hero!". She also screams at several of her daughter's classmates. Worse, Anne also belittles and humiliates her own eight-year-old daughter repeatedly. Those scenes are particularly hard to watch. In addition to the verbal nastiness, some of the material is just bizarre. Kate screams at a group of moms pushing strollers, "Eat a bag of dicks." People send porn to each other at work, Jenny pleasures herself in the break room while she pumps breast milk. (A co-worker comes in and then he's the one who gets fired.) One part of the show was downright disturbing. Anne finds herself pregnant again. She goes to the doctor and learns she has a medical issue that necessitates she be on bed rest. She ignores the doctor's advice. Instead, she takes her daughter (the one she continually humiliates) and they both go horseback riding. On the way out, the little girl becomes hysterical when she notices that her mother has started bleeding. She's terrified, of course. A day or two later, Anne is at the abortion clinic. Problem solved and Anne is happy again. Then there's Frankie, who is suffering from severe postpartum depression/psychosis and makes several halfhearted suicide attempts. These scenes are played for laughs. Really? Some things are just not good fodder for laughs – verbal abuse of a child, suicide, abortion. None of these things needs to be in the show. There's enough material with the theme of new motherhood to float a very successful TV series. Something we can all relate to, without the scorn and vitriol. I'm done watching!
  • Aug 11, 2019
    This show is hilarious. My gf and I both loved it. Even as a guy with no kids couldn't stop laughing my ass off. Season 2 is even better. Can't wait for season 3.
  • Aug 08, 2019
    Amazing! My fave series at the moment
  • Jul 28, 2019
    I just watched the first three episodes . This could be the worst thing I've seen on television. Does anyone else remember when comedies used to be funny?
  • Jul 27, 2019
    It's ok..worthy of another season, as long as they don't have Sonia, the chlamydia girlfriend return. That combination is not realistic and it was hard to see her in Kims Convenience Store as a nun. Her roles are unrealistic and hard to watch. She's definitely not a match for her partner in this series

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