The Enemy Within


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Children's drama following the misadventures of Vlad and Ingrid, who have moved to Britain with their father, Count Dracula. Erin has her newly-bitten brother in the boot of her car and plans to slay the Draculas. She fails when she gets her chance with Ingrid. Vlad has to cope with the forced arrival of several tutors - he manages to get rid of the first two, but he cannot outwit menacing Bertrand, who brings with him a book, the Praedictum Impaver, which only the Chosen One can open. A book Vlad learns, that he cannot ignore. Ingrid is cured, after several hideous concoctions produce hairy results.


Gerran Howell
as Vladimir Dracula
Clare Thomas
as Ingrid Dracula
Keith-Lee Castle
as Count Dracula
Simon Ludders
as Renfield

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