Bad to the Bones


Episode Info

Children's drama following the misadventures of Vlad and Ingrid, who have moved to Britain with their father, Count Dracula. With Vlad trapped inside the blood mirror, Ramanga is insulted by his absence and threatens the family, who try to buy time by creating a life-size puppet, which they claim is Vlad. It all goes horribly wrong, but when Vlad, who now has the power of 1,000 bad vampires, bursts out of the mirror, he opens the Praedictum Impaver for the first time and proves himself to be the Chosen One, silencing Ramanga.


Gerran Howell
as Vladimir Dracula
Clare Thomas
as Ingrid Dracula
Keith-Lee Castle
as Count Dracula
Simon Ludders
as Renfield

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