Bad Vlad


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Children's drama following the misadventures of Vlad and Ingrid, who have moved to Britain with their father, Count Dracula. Vlad is on the rampage and causes destruction throughout the school on the day of an inspection. At Miss McCauley's request the count tries to persuade Vlad to hold back for a day, but when Vlad puts a garlic ring around the count's neck, he starts to sizzle, and is forced to realise there is no room for negotiation. Ingrid is shocked by the extent of Vlad's powers and knows that if she is to take over, it is now or never. She sets out to stake Vlad, who retaliates by pushing her out into the sunlight. He seems to have no conscience and tries to bite Erin, who appeals to his good side to overcome his bad. Vlad must come to terms with what is in him, and disappears from the school.


Gerran Howell
as Vladimir Dracula
Clare Thomas
as Ingrid Dracula
Keith-Lee Castle
as Count Dracula
Simon Ludders
as Renfield

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