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Air date: May 19, 2012
Air date: May 26, 2012
Air date: Jun 2, 2012
Air date: Sep 29, 2012
Air date: Oct 6, 2012
Air date: Jan 5, 2013
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In season two of this fun and adventurous series from Warner Bros. Animation, the members of Young Justice Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian and Artemis continue to test their strengths and fears.

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Unforgivably cancelled after its second season, Young Justice had a fantastic animation style, and it boasted some superb storytelling.

Jul 6, 2018 | Full Review…

What Young Justice did best, however, was that it relied on a character - driven narrative and pulled it off to great effect - remaining to this day the most emotionally devastating animated series out there.

Jul 3, 2018 | Full Review…

Season 2 of Young Justice lets us know right off the bat that it'll be packed with new characters from DC Comics.

Jul 3, 2018 | Full Review…

[Season 2] had moments of truly elevating awesomeness but was never consistently off the charts amazing. Still, it was one of the best-looking animated series on the air, always exciting, and (perhaps too) full of great characters.

Jul 2, 2018 | Rating: 8.5/10 | Full Review…

Let's remember how great this past season has been and how well it juggled a huge number of characters and storylines. Remember the journey, because the destination is a bit of a disappointment.

Jul 2, 2018 | Full Review…
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  • Apr 29, 2019
    Absolutely amazing overall season. Adds a time jump which allows for many twists and turns that make the show different enough to keep you interested but the same for you to keep the connections to characters that have been building since the shows beginning.
  • Feb 25, 2019
    All cartoons could take a lesson from Young Justice. Cartoons don't have to be stupid for kids to enjoy them. Likeable characters, great villains, and great plot get kids and adults watching.
  • Jan 27, 2019
    Still have a slow start, but the ending was good
  • Jan 27, 2019
    I think it's great how the characters grow each season.
  • Jun 29, 2018
    Not that good to be honest. Much worse than season 1
  • Jan 06, 2018
    Young justice temporada 2 Varios años después de la primera temporada, la serie retoma la misma trama para resolver cabos sueltos pero ahora con algunos cambios como: Aqualand quien ahora es miembro de la luz, kid flash y Artemisa se retiran, Robin es ahora Nightwing y el Tim Drake es ahora es nuevo Robin, además de la inclusión de nuevos personajes como blue beatle, chico bestia, LAGOON boy y impulso. Además esta segunda temporada cuento con una nueva trama en la cual una especie alienígena conocida como los alcances trata de tomar el control de la tierra con la ayuda de la luz. Puntos buenos: Está serie tiene uno de los mejores argumentos que he visto en varios años, todo está muy bien justificado y cada escena que uno puede ver en la serie tiene una consecuencia en futuros episodios, ademas la trama; para ser una serie para todo el público tiene una trama muy adulta que un niño no podrá entender ya que la serie contiene giros que dan otra perspectiva totalmente diferente de lo que creíamos. Puntos malos: Que se allá usado tantos personajes para una serie puedo haber Sido una desventaja ya que en el formato de 20 minutos por episodio se queda muy corta y personajes muy bien desarrollados como super boy en esta temporada fueron descaradamente reducidos a secundarios. Pero eso no quita la gran serie que nos dieron.
  • Sep 05, 2017
    I used to like Young Justice,but not anymore
  • Jul 29, 2017
    much better to the first season
  • Mar 18, 2017
    Only real negative side is that there is so much characters that you cannot see them all as much as you want.
  • Jan 09, 2014
    WHAT THE FRAGGLE ROCK WERE THEY THINKING. I went in thinking season 2 would be a continuation on season 1 but i was sadly mistaken when the season 2 was set in the future with a new team and new heroes. Season 2 introduced Bumblebee, Beast boy, who I think is meant to be Victor (Cyborg) and Blue Beetle. Now don't get me wrong I love these heroes but what about Kid flash, Artemis, Robin and Aqua lad. Miss Martian and Super Boy are there but they are not dating, Nope MM (Miss Martian) is with some fish, and we don't even see Artemis and Kid flash till the fourth Ep just to find out they aren't heroes. Oh and Robin is Night wing and now there's a new Robin taking his place. They had a good story going with Savage and the Light but no that's gone now its all about and invasion. In the I hate this season with a passion and they should stop and start a new back when times were simple!

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