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Conclusion. Luck doesn't seem to be on Joey's side when his Time Wizard card fails to defeat Bandit Keith's zombie monsters, however he continues the duel relying on his skills and the love of his sister to carry him to victory.


Michael Alston Baley
as Odion Ishtar
Amy Birnbaum
as Téa Gardner
Adam Blaustein
as Solomon Moto
Darren Dunstan
as Maximillion Pegasus
Wayne Grayson
as Joseph `Joey' Wheeler/Shadi/Dartz
Tara Jayne
as Mokuba Kaiba
Ted Lewis
as Bakura/Yami Bakura/Bandit Keith/Alister
Lisa Ortiz
as Serenity Wheeler
J.T. Ross
as Marik Ishtar/Yami Marik
Marc Thompson
as Duke Devlin/Rafael/Valon
Mike Pollock
as Prof. Arthur Hawkins
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