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Dark Signs, Part II


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While preparing for his duel against Kalin, Yusei, Crow and Jack remember when they were all part of a duel gang, the Enforcers, who duelled rival gangs at night. The duel starts and Yusei takes a harsh attack due to the effects of the Shadow duel, which appears to be more dangerous in Turbo Duel.


Dan Green
as Yugi Moto/Yami Yugi
Amy Birnbaum
as Tea Gardner
Adam Blaustein
as Solomon Moto
Darren Dunstan
as Maximillion Pegasus
Wayne Grayson
as Joseph `Joey' Wheeler/Shadi/Dartz
Tara Jayne
as Mokuba Kaiba
Ted Lewis
as Bakura/Yami Bakura/Bandit Keith/Alister
Lisa Ortiz
as Serenity Wheeler
J.T. Ross
as Marik Ishtar/Yami Marik
Marc Thompson
as Duke Devlin/Rafael/Valon
Mike Pollock
as Prof. Arthur Hawkins
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