The Wicked Spirit


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Whilst Leo, Luna and Dexter go wandering through a forest, Luna senses an atmosphere, drifts out of consciousness and follows it, despite warning from Kuribon and Regulus. When she awakens, Luna encounters a boy named Hayley who is looking after a doll representing his sister, Claire. When they notice she has gone missing, Dexter goes to Yusei for help whilst Leo chases after her. When Leo approaches the house, Hayley feels threatened and goes to duel him. Leo notices the damage Hayley is dealing is similar to a Psychic Duelist's, and summons out his Power Tool Dragon. Yusei arrives and busts into the house and finds a load of people trapped inside cards. Meanwhile, Luna is able to talk with the spirit of Claire. Hayley summons out Hollow Ghost and deals some harsh damage to Leo, but Leo manages to turn it around and win the duel. It is revealed that Hayley had died along with his sister, but didn't realize it, which was what kept him there. Hayley reunites with Claire and they both disappear, along with the house, freeing all the trapped people.


Dan Green
as Yugi Moto/Yami Yugi
Michael Alston Baley
as Odion Ishtar
Amy Birnbaum
as Tea Gardner
Adam Blaustein
as Solomon Moto
Darren Dunstan
as Maximillion Pegasus
Wayne Grayson
as Joseph `Joey' Wheeler/Shadi/Dartz
Tara Jayne
as Mokuba Kaiba
Ted Lewis
as Bakura/Yami Bakura/Bandit Keith/Alister
Lisa Ortiz
as Serenity Wheeler
J.T. Ross
as Marik Ishtar/Yami Marik
Marc Thompson
as Duke Devlin/Rafael/Valon
Mike Pollock
as Prof. Arthur Hawkins
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