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Shark Attack


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Yuma is disappointed to learn that Shark is friends with an unsavory crowd and has given up dueling.


Eli Jay
as Yuma
Marc Thompson
as Astral/Kite
Bella Hudson
as Cathy Catherine/Hart Tenjo
Darren Dunstan
as Mr. K/Mr. Heartland/IV
Eileen Stevens
as Tori Meadows
Gary Mack
as Ryoga "Shark" Kamishiro
Kathryn Cahill
as Haru Tsukumo
Rebecca Soler
as Kari Tsukumo
Sean Schemmel
as Bronk Stone
Wayne Grayson
as Nelson Andrews
Adam Baldwin
as Kazuma Tsukumo
Grey DeLisle
as Mirai Tsukumo
Karen Neil
as Mrs. Andrews
Sam Riegel
as Chills
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