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8 years ago via Flixster
Yours, Mine & Ours

Yours, Mine & Ours(2005)

Wow, uh... wow.

Was it just me or were the majority of the family feuds and fights caused by the ship-shape, ultra perfect, no one steps out of line Admiral's kids? The only one that I can think of by Helen's kid was the fork lift scene when the girl threw the little boys ball away.

Your typical let's-make-this-backfire-oh-no-what-did-we-do-we-have-to-fix-this movie, but I went into it knowing that. I didn't bother watching the ending but I bet I know exactly what happened anyway.

Your Mine and Ours is cute and all, but it doesn't break many rules or bring anything special. Still good, if you like that kind of thing.