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Halloween: Resurrection

The poorest, dumbest entry in the series finds Laurie Strode dead in the opening act, and the rest of the film drags on endlessly. This one is only remembered for its shocking display of idiocy, and for allowing Busta Rhymes to go "kung fu" on Michael. A sad end to the franchise.

Halloween H2O

Interesting premise wisely rejects the mystifying mess the past two sequels served up, finding a terrific Curtis 20 years later as a bitter, broken woman. A surprisingly increased focus on character here, something usually missing from a sixth sequel. A sincere effort, especially in the post-Scream wave of cynical horror.

Halloween - The Curse of Michael Myers (Halloween 6)

The universally-loathed sixth installment blames Michael's previous rampages on a Druidic constellation. Sloppy, chaotic, and senseless, with almost no redeeming qualities. Quite unfortunate that this would be Pleasence's end to a long distinguished career. Avoid at all costs.

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

Ridiculous sequel makes absolutely no sense, introducing elements of which no good came. Plodding, dull, insipid, bloodless, and just plain nasty and mean-spirited at times: the final act features Dr. Loomis using young Jamie as bait. None of the cast is appealing, and Danielle Harris is sadly wasted.

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

The only film in the series that manages to successfully capture the spirit and mood of the original. What unfolds, incredibly, is a plot, and it's surprisingly well-written and directed. The famous rooftop chase sequence still evokes feelings of dread. A definite must for Halloween fans.

Halloween III - Season of the Witch

A nasty premise about the slaughter of hundreds of children on Halloween night is vague and unfocused, and any tension this manages to produce is so slight it practically withers away. The desire to take the franchise somewhere new is admirable, but the execution is tepid and uninspired.

Halloween II
Halloween II(1981)

Don't recommend watching this immediately after the classic original, otherwise its many flaws are glaringly apparent. The hospital is terrifically atmospheric, and Pleasence provides some scenery-chewing but Curtis is wasted. Huge mistake in showing Michael front and center throughout; he should have remained in the shadows like the original.


Hands down my favourite film of all time, and a cultural milestone in the horror genre. Little on-screen violence or bloodshed, yet the film evokes a quiet sinister dread as Michael edges closer and closer to his babysitting victims. The opening credits alone still manage goosebumps. A definite must for any horror/slasher film fan.

The Stepford Wives

Another excellent, slow-boiling thriller from the author if Rosemary's Baby, finds Katharine Ross as the new woman in Stepford, who discovers a creepy conformist plot in town. Moves slowly but the ride is well worth it. Gripping psychological horror reminds you that they don't make them like this anymore.

Rosemary's Baby

This film didn't seem at all scary on first viewing, but the more I watch it, the more I'm impressed by its quiet creepy brilliance. Mia Farrow, as a young woman realizing there's an eerie conspiracy regarding her unborn baby and a satanic cult, is terrific and magnetic. Fully deserving of its many kudos.

Event Horizon

The premise of this film (a haunted house in space) may sound corny but the execution is far from it. The idea of a space crew disappearing into the bowels of Hell and being condemned to eternal damnation is creepy enough, but add the unsettling atmosphere of the haunted space-ship, and it still manages to give me goosebumps.

Little Miss Sunshine

Great little comedy, far more entertaining than You, Me and Dupree, Little Man, John Tucker Must Die, and Talladega Nights combined. See this one instead, it's finally a comedy that doesn't insult your intelligence.

The Devil Wears Prada

Fashion doesn't interest me much, but I love Meryl Streep and will watch practically any film of hers. This is no exception and much of the humor is razor-sharp, although you ultimately feel more sympathetic to Streep's character than Anne Hathaway's clueless Andy Sachs, who spends much of the film whining. Still a great comedy, especially if you're a fan of Streep.

Superman Returns

It was pretty good, but a lot of talking and very little of the $250 million budget actually ends up onscreen. The acting is quite fine but there are no real standouts, and surprisingly little action. Still a good watch and much better than some recent superhero films like Catwoman, Elektra and Fantastic Four.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Awesome action film with some amazing scenes. There's a lot of plot, although the film takes an hour roughly to set plots and characters up, but rest assured, after that, the film is fantastic. Pretty well-done cliffhanger leaves you in anticipation for next summer's At World's End.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

A lot of people have given this film a hard time, but it certainly does what it intended to do: take you on a wild, shocking, disturbing ride that grabs you from the 10-minute mark and doesn't let go. The pacing drags in the middle (the whole subplot with Morgan and the Sheriff should've been cut), but the final chase in the slaughterhouse is awesome. Jessica Biel is amazing at conveying non-stop terror.

The Da Vinci Code

It was an alright film, it followed the novel faithfully...yet I hardly cared for any of the characters. Most of the cast, with the exception of Ian McKellen, looks bored, or is miscast. But Paul Bettany is an amazing actor and his character was the only one I cared about (quite a turn-around from his persona in the novel). Thought the movie as a whole was pretty forgettable.

X-Men: The Last Stand

A good film, but suffers the most from far too many characters and plotlines, and more than a few characters (Rogue, Mystique, etc.) are wasted and add nothing to the story. Also, it was a mistake to concentrate on two solid plotlines (the mutant cure and the Phoenix), when it would have been better to concentrate on each in separate films.

X2: X-Men United

The best out of the X-Men series, taking time to develop fully-realized characters, but again, too many for the run-time. Great cliff-hanger in regards to Jean Grey's fate and how it affects the rest of the X-Men.


Quite good, but suffers from a short run-time. Not nearly enough character development for all of the characters involved. Visually exciting and the action moves at a good clip.

Alien Resurrection

This was passable too but the series was definitely showing its age by this point. Stick with Alien and Aliens instead.


It was's too bad Fox wasn't confident enough to let Fincher direct the film he wanted.


A sequel just as great as the original. Definitely one of James Cameron's best films, full-throttle from start to finish.


Amazing horror movie, Sigourney Weaver excels. Ridley Scott really hit a pinnacle with this film.

When a Stranger Calls

Nothing happens until the final 10 minutes, just a chick answering the phone

Brokeback Mountain

Fantastic moving touching film. Kudos to Heath, Jake and Ang Lee.