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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Red Dawn

Red Dawn(2012)

Chris Hemsworth plus a serious action packed movie equals a really good movie right? Wrong. Red Dawn follows brothers, Jed and Matt Eckhart, as they attempt to take down the invading Korean military force.
I heard a lot of good things about this movie and I stand by some of my friends comments. Chris Hemsworth isn't bad and the plot is fast paced with a lot of really cool explosions. It's a fun action movie.
The flaws far outweigh the good parts of Red Dawn. Josh Peck/Matt Eckhart is sooo annoying. His character arc is the most important part of the movie, but by the end I wish I could punch him in the face. He's whiny and irritating, even during the "powerful scenes". The rest of the cast is so-so on acting, a lot of hit or miss moments.
I also felt the film was borderline racist with the plot and implications. I understand the plot of the film but the execution of the story was awful. Red Dawn didn't hold back with stereotypes and suggestions (a.e. the military portrayal for the U.S. Marines).
I really didn't like this movie, to the point that I would almost regret watching it. It was empowering in any way and by the end I want to write a strongly worded letter to super annoying Josh Peck, who (in my opinion) should never have entered the world of film. I want my hour and half back.