AdmiralDick's Rating of Invasion of the Bee Girls

Admiral's Review of Invasion of the Bee Girls

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Invasion of the Bee Girls

Invasion of the Bee Girls(1973)

whilst the film is actually quite good, with its clever script, believible characters and sound use of budget, it is seriously embaressing to watch.

it was clearly made in an era when female nudity was suddenly made possible and old stuffy attitudes towards a naked breast were thrown out of the window. in fact you can well imagine that the majority of the women in the movie would have felt quite liberated at being able to show off their bodies.

the problem is that they really take every opportunity to show you as much as they can without getting an X certificate and only being shown in certain cinemas frequented by smelly men. there are seemingly endless amounts of female flesh, often playing little or no part in the story and ultimately ditracting from the whole thing a lot.

it probably had lofty, edgy and forward thinking ideals when it was made. now it is quite juvernile and silly. smutty fun.