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Admiral's Review of X-Men Origins - Wolverine

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X-Men Origins - Wolverine

X-Men Origins - Wolverine(2009)

piss poor. this is easily the worst film of the franchise so far. the plot was thin, the dialogue nonsensical and the action tepid and ridiculous. it is one of very few films i have wanted to walk out of and both starred Hugh Jackman. in the end i was left with more questions about what just happened than awe-inspired.

if this was such a big budget movie, why were the FX so naff? why did Gambit not have a Cajun accent, or even say anything like 'mon ami'? why was Stryker the same age at the end of this film as he was at the beginning of X2 more than 20 years in the future? why was everyone able to jump tall buildings in a single bound, regardless of their respective powers? what on earth were Stryker and Logan talking about every time they met (they seemed determined to make less sense than the other)? what was the point of the opening sequence? what was the point of the Team X or the Weapon-X project, they seemed to only be self fulfilling, they existed for the sake of the other? where did Deadpool keep his swords and Sabertooth his claws?

all in all a very poor film for the time and effort that went in. it got one start because there was some action in it and because Merry and Will I Am were pretty good.