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Star Wars: The Last Jedi
5 months ago via Movies on iPhone

Quite an enjoyable and compelling addition to the Star Wars universe! The movie was definitely a bit of a roller coaster in some aspects, and without spoiling too much it gets downright bleak at times. That being said, it embodies the hope that the rebellion has been about since the get-go.
I like the fact that we get to see new characters take the forefront a bit, as the greats we admire pass on the torch and continue the magic. Really makes me look forward to what this franchise has to offer in the future!

Warcraft (2016)
23 months ago via Movies on iPhone

This movie was much more enjoyable than I expected. I am a little familiar with the Warcraft lore, but not a lot. I am also a movie aficionado, so reading the critics reviews lowered my expectations drastically.
The movie in fact greatly exceeded those expectations! Then story was engaging, and left me wanting a sequel. The acting was actually quite reasonable, especially from a few stand out characters that did a great job. The realism of the CG and effects was delightful, and the scenic tableaus and attention to detail was great.
All in all, I would recommend you ignore the blowhard critics and see it for yourself. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Sicario (2015)
2 years ago via Movies on iPhone

Stark and brutal in its portrayal of the drug cartels and their terror hold on countries like Mexico. Not for the faint of heart! Grapples with a lot of moral issues, and concepts like vigilante justice. A movie that makes you think, like the best of movies should. Definitely recommend it.