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When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally(1989)

awww these two keep meeting up. first they hate each other, then they become friends.

its a great story about a relationship between two people and the trouble that happens along the way. Some "chick flicks" that are full of cheese and put on a pedastool. However Rob Reiner makes it simple and sweet and that relationships need work. but in the end it can be perffect,

Billy crystal gives this movie that memorable staus, the role was made for him.

Meg ryan has done her fair share of rom-coms; however this comes out top for her. amazing characters and also the other supporting actors such as 'kirby' and 'fisher' keep it flowing.

The film can be summed up with a few phrase 'the cafe scene' and ' the last scene'

it really works. and its my favourite film ever as it gives me a look at what America was like at that time.