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When Harry Met Sally

awww these two keep meeting up. first they hate each other, then they become friends.

its a great story about a relationship between two people and the trouble that happens along the way. Some "chick flicks" that are full of cheese and put on a pedastool. However Rob Reiner makes it simple and sweet and that relationships need work. but in the end it can be perffect,

Billy crystal gives this movie that memorable staus, the role was made for him.

Meg ryan has done her fair share of rom-coms; however this comes out top for her. amazing characters and also the other supporting actors such as 'kirby' and 'fisher' keep it flowing.

The film can be summed up with a few phrase 'the cafe scene' and ' the last scene'

it really works. and its my favourite film ever as it gives me a look at what America was like at that time.

New Year's Eve

This was a loely film with a superb ensembe cast of intertwining stories.

Where the Heart Is

it has a really interesting story to it, very original. all about a pregnant 17 year old girl who has run away and has to live in a supermarket for a while, she goes through ups and downs and meets some lovely people who help her. its heartwarming and charming.


This was a moving film, with a brilliant cast. however i just found it too upsetting.

What's Your Number?

Anna Faris was wonderful in this, along with Chris Evans. A smart, quirky rom-com that left me wanting more.

The Fugitive
The Fugitive(1993)

Harrison Ford at his best in this thriller, along with the ever pleasing Tommy Lee Jones.

American Pie Presents: Band Camp

not the best sequel to the franchise as some of the jokes and usually gross scenes feel forced and incohesive, the cast are wooden and one of the few positive things about this film is Eugene Levy (Jim's dad) who is always there to make you laugh.


Its one of the cheesiest cliched teen movies i have ever seen, however that it why i enjoy it so much, a hillarious film at times and not too shabby acting from the young cast. if you have a sense of humour you will laugh at this.

Music and Lyrics

A charming film with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore.

Meet Me In St. Louis

A lovely film which the ever mesmorising Judy Garland along with Margaret O'Brien who plays the cutest little sister called Tootie, watch this film, even if only for the memorable song of 'have your self a merry little christmas'.


A fun and upflifting film with it's fair share of drama too, concentrating on the difficulties and triumphs of struggling actors, dancers and musicans at a theatre school in New York in the 80's, it had a promising young cast and an amaizng theme song along with some other memorable tunes, worth a watch if only for the street dancing scene.


Wow, this opens your eyes and kept me captivated throughout, Kevin Costner makes a brilliant leading man and the rest of the cast are superb too.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

A lovely film which at times seems a little confusing, however i suppose that is holly's way in life, a beautiful and charming cast and story which epitomizes 60's America.

Casino Royale

A good film however by no means to best bond film, it was a long film and lacked that certain presence that Bond films usually have.


A hillarious film from Jimmy Fallon, one to wacth and enjoy

Déjà Vu
Déjà Vu(2006)

a clever film, and as ever denzel washington fits right into the character and makes this one to watch.

Good Morning, Vietnam

Robin Williams is brillaint in, one to watch.


This is hillarious, and a great idea to intertwine different stories within a large and sometimes disfunctional family.

Easy A
Easy A(2010)

An actual good teen movie, Emma Stone plays a brilliant comedic role here along with stanley tucci playing her dad, its funny, romantic, one to watch again and again for the intelligent teen.

The Abduction Club

A suprisingly engaging period drama set in the late 18th century about the second or younger sons of families having to find their own fortune by fiding a wealthy bride, however the film focuses on two men in particular who have choose two women who are less than thrilled with their plan. A romantic film as two of teh actors at least have believable chemistry, and as the romance between the characters is mixed with humour and, it seems to make it a lttle more real.

The Secret Life of Bees

a lovely film with an always talented and engaging dakota fanning, along with queen latifa.

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

A brilliant film with engaging stories and twists within the plot, the music also sells this film along with a great cast.

Dr. Strangelove Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Very slow and a confusing plot, however sellers sells it with his characters which are not are the forefront enough.

The Sting
The Sting(1973)

Such a clever film with a brilliant cast, Redford at his best.

Meet the Fockers

this is a fab film,its sooo funi n has it all.

Edge of Darkness

A clever plot looking at another govermental conspiracy and at the heart of it is a mediocre performance fom Gibson.

Gibson plays the lead of a detective who watches his daughter shot to pieces literally in his home and so goes on seach to find out why his daughter had to die. This packed thriller seemed to drag in scenes and lacked the punch and speed in the script, and so it ends suddenly in a climatic way and fortunately with the right outcome.

Benny & Joon
Benny & Joon(1993)

Benny and Joon lost their parents in a car crash and over a decade later Benny is still caring after his sister who has slight mental problems.

At the beginning of the film Joon is not fully happy and gets frustrated however a quirky young man takes shelter in their home and lights up her life. Benny is a little uneasy and treis to protect her whilst at the same time Joons psychologist is advising Benny to let her go into a care home to ease the work. The story goes onwards from there, a gentle paced film which has a likeable cast.

This film is a surreal romance on the backdrop of a delicate issue, however its beautiful and is funny and sweet all at the same time. there is a great supporting cast behind the leads which are Depp, Masterson and Quinn.

Freeze Frame
Freeze Frame(2004)

A man is suspected of murdering a women and her two daughters in 1993 and 10 years after we meet him where he has become paranoid and believes he must film himself every minute of everyday to make sure he has evidence for future accusations, Lee Evans shows a surreal side to his acting ability and plays the part perfectly.

His nemesis is the detective who accused him and the psychologist who gets inside his head; they have a vendetta against him and throughout the film you are rooting for this misunderstood character even though you dont know all the facts. Evans is superb in the role and makes the audience empathise and sympathise with him. It is a dark thriller which brings up some though provking issues to see if people should stereotype and judge others.

A gripping tale with interesting cinematography as we see the world through his cameras which freeze and are jumpy like Evans character. The story has many twists and a penultimate ending, a clever film to be seen at least once.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Ice Age 3)

A very funny sequel which keeps the personalities of the main characters and it never loses pace.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

A very clever and funny animated film about a nutcase scientist who creates a weather machine which can rain food, however it has disastrous effects of course.

Clash of the Titans

An interesting and clever fantasy film, centered around Perseus and the Gods, a film worth watching with a great cast.

Valentine's Day

Based in L.A. the film follows the lives of people anticipating Valentines Day. Very similar to He's just not that into you and Love actually, however actually this film has a lack of likeable couples and real chemistry or comedy in 'normal' relationships. i do like Aston Kutcher's story and Topher Graces', but apart from that it lacks luster. Its not the best rom-com.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

really good film and funny too,it has it all and fit depp in it too lol.

A Walk to Remember

this is a sweet film, i missedthe first ten minuites but its still great. not the best drama with okay acting in my mind but its so sad and dramatic and a nice romantic tale. its not the becst but worth takibg a look

Love Actually

This so funny and sweet with all the interconnecting stories hapening throughout, it feels more real as not all the characters get the idyllic happy ending.


this is excelent and rly brilliant wiv lots of actin n is soo sad bt gd film

Monty Python's And Now for Something Completely Different

This is funny and I did not stop laughing. It is a mixture of their sketches; the characters are outrageous and make every scene memorable. I think the last scene with the twits is so surreal and perfect.
The genius and wit of the six pythons can be seen in the dead parrot, the funniest joke ever, and nudge nudge sketches to name but a few.

12 Angry Men (Twelve Angry Men)


this is amazing, i did'nr think i would like a film like thhis but how its put together makes it really interesting.

ita about 12 men (of course) who are part of a jury deciding whether or not a young man killed his father. so much goes on and as 1 man brings up a piece of evidence, you yourself click and realise that he may be innocent. its very clever

the cast are all great and all very different so bounce off each other, they have all been in mant other great films, so yo will recognize a few. henry fonda is magnificent in this.

i also think the scrpt is great, its simple and just really flows.
everything about this film is top notch.

this movie has been described as the best ever courtroom drama and i think so too. truly great. worth a watch.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This is a cult film with a mesmerising backdrop and the iconic dialogue along with the plot that begins off as a simple journey however more and more obstacles appear.

The score by Ennio Morricone is superb and captures the essence of the Wild West. The cast are enigmatic and Eli Wallach is brilliant as the ugly.

The last scene is magical through its cinematography and music which builds up to the perfecting ending to any film.


so sad are'nt i to like this film but its funny and sweet and has some great songs in it acctually. i really like it, john cussack plays the voice right and so meg ryan. i really like it.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

those are'nt pillows!

this is sooooooooooooooooooooo funny and just has 2 great lead actors who play off each other really well,the story is gd and different and all the things in this are really funny and you will laugh your socks off.

its also heartwarming too which is done perffectly. its a nice story about two mens journey home who become friends.

As Good as It Gets

what a lovely film. jack nicholson allways delievers and is quite funny in this, the dog in it is sweet too. the plot is intrestinga and i will allways enjoy watching this.

Bring It On
Bring It On(2000)

this is really funny and clever teen movie, it has a edge over other films as it has a likeable cast and sweet story and romance that develops.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

this is a classic. about again that little kid being left on his own only this time new york is his new home for a while. its a great story, better than the first in my opinion, macaulay culkin was the best in the two home alones and can just really act. this film has it all, its a nice touching family film and has great humour and will always make me laugh,its really funny and has grest slapstick stunts in it.its a nice family film,anyone can watch it and i think its the best and always will be to me. worth watching if you have a sense of humour

Hannah and Her Sisters

wow. definately woody allen at his best even though this is the only film i have seen of his fully.

a lovely film, about three sisters of course all going on three very different journeys and with very different personalities.

hannah is the eldest and the family woman of the three, she seems organized and assure of herself and very happy on the surface compared to her youngest sister holly who is a neurotic, on and off actress who cant find any luck in love work or anything, she does goes out with mickey hannah's ex husband on one date in the film but personalities clash.

Lee who is the middle sister seems happy too living with arogant artist frederick.

its close to my heart now, i will remember this film because my names hannh and i have two sisters, and the characters are very a like to me. a beatiful story, with good acting and very relatable sequences. woddy allen plays the ex husband of hannah who pops in and out of the story always thinking taht he's about to die.

Michael caine plays the role of hannahs present husband with whom he has a passionate affair with hannahs sister lee.

With hillarious scenes, jokes and gimics and a warm message behind it; and all interesting storyline s and a well thought out script, this film will keep you entertained.

a brilliant cast, anything happens in this film, a heart warming tale of love, family, friendship, keeping 'sane' (in everyone), work, finding yourself and having a life.

the last scene really says it all with it all coming together. the whole cast are shown and it uplifts you, that things do go right in the end, and is the best story, a beautiful couple there.

worth a watch for sure.

The Holiday
The Holiday(2006)

The story is a different take on the rom-com genre, and it works quite well, i prefer the Hollywood scenes and cast there who are more likeable and have a believable connection. There is a scarcity of 'funny' scens in this film and the acting from Diaz and Law feels a little wooden at parts. Its not a film to watch over and over again which is a shame.


Alicia Silverstone is made for this role, a comtemporary take on Jane Austen's Emma. A supprisingly witty teen movie with a great supporting cast taht make it a joy to watch.

P.S. I Love You

love love love it. i cried nearly the whole way throught because its such a sad and happy film. hillary swank is really good. its kinda funny but more sweet. this is something i can watch again and again. its a really intresting plot.really intresting and loving. dont miss it, its not a total chick girl film, its for anyone one.

Down With Love

nyc film i rly lyk it even though it has the same story frm anova film,ewan megregor is fit in it i fink,i rly fink its sweet n is rly funi in sum parts and i luv it its a gd film.

The Graduate
The Graduate(1967)

wow! this is amazing. actually quite funny and so intresting. dustin hoffman is fantastic as allways, he's has some great one iners. He makes it great and so do the other leading lady characters. the whole plot is great. i love the ending and everything about it. its about a man who is seduced by an older woman but ends up falling in love with her daughter. i wont give it away but its worth watching. n oh my gosh. the soundtrack is emense, it was on really lat last night and me and my mum were singing along. such great accoustic songs by simon and garfunkel. such a fab film, watch it, anyone will love it. oits a very powerful film with a simple but great ending and its not overly dramatic. its sweet, funny,dramatic in parts and just the greatest ever. sorry its a long review but this film deserves it wow!


a tearful, exciting, action packed, comedic, truthfull, dramatic and romantic film, with a suberb cast.

set in northern austrailia during World War II when lady darah ashley (Nicole Kidman) inherits a cattle farm from her recently departed husband and tries to restore it and make some profit by transporting 1500 head of cattle to the main city of Darwin, with the help from drover (Hugh Jackman). there is a culture clash and stuborness between the two characters, however over time Kidman learns to be more easy-going and Jackman learns to be more sincere.

very fun and enjoyable performances from kidman and jackman as the leads who are caught up in saving the cattle farm and the aboriginal boy they have taken in. full of charisma and chemistry to each other, it makes the film even more special. the romantic story is only half the tale of this film, it goes deeper into the inequality and troubles at the time between the whites and the aboringinals.

a beautiful showing the shocking truth of the aboriginal children, which is very heart warming as well, i cried a few times during the film when the story was happy and sad.

the music is beautiful and used at exactly the right moments, such as somewhere over teh rainbow being used to show the sincerity and innocence of children and love of the leads; the music built up and told the story as well. there are some great long shots panning out over the austrailian settings, showing how large scale this film was. the director Baz Luhrmann who also directed another classic mouiln rouge was very extravagant and created briliant shots and use of special effects to show the action sequences.

a lovely film which i think can be watched again and again. in my opinion it is an epic film about love, teh attacks on Darwin and mostly the the troublesof teh aboriginal people and teh spliting of their families. it may be melodramatic in parts however overall it is a serious throught provoking tale with a lot of heart which will be appreciated by any movie lover or sincere person.

The Bucket List

what a lovely film, so warm, enlightening, funny! and sweet. its a very interesting tale between two men in their sixties who have cancer and only a short time left to live. so they live to the fullest with the bucket list.

its a brilliant idea for a film and just works well.

it talks about real issues that touch people. its realistic and you feel like you're there with them.

the naration and how the dialogue is set out reminds me of the shanwshank redemtion which is a great film like this.

a lovely story of friendship and love,

the two main actors, (nicholson) and (freeman) are incredible and play their characters to perfection. an amazing film with everything.

worth seeing in YOUR life time.

Fried Green Tomatoes

i love this film, for some reason. its funny and has a lovely story to it, about an old woman telling the story of two women in the 20's and 30's learning about themselves. cant really describe it but its a good film.

the cast are great, (bates) is funny.

so heartwarming, lovely, worth watching.

Sweet Home Alabama

what a lovely film. the cast is great and its really sweet, romantic and kind of funy. its a good film and i saw it a week ago today and want to watch it again. i've seen it 3 times or so and never get bored of it. love the story

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

"a big w"

wow. i've seen this loads and its great, its hillarious.

what an amazing cast, all great names, ethel merman is superb and so is phill silvers.

all good stories. with slapstick fun. im allways laughing,a clever plot too.

the penultimate scene is hillarious and very clever, not a typical comedy.

The Pursuit of Happyness

i love this film, it shows a very sweet relationship between a father and son through a troubling time. Its an uplifting film, with an interesting enough story.

Three Coins in the Fountain

A supprisingly delightful melodrama which has a little more substance than other 50's romances, the majority of the cast give a good performance, Clifton Webb plays the pompus clueless writer well; its basically an old fashioned romance.

Three women living in Rome drop coins into the mystical trevi fountain and gradually romance blossoms infront of their eyes. Some of the dialogue is a little mondane and fake and so loses focus and interest.

Guys and Dolls

Brillaint songs and voices from Sinatra and Brando. It has an interesting story.

Young Frankenstein

this is amazing and gene wilder really makes the film,i love,love,love it.its soooooooo funny.

Blackadder Back & Forth

"i have a cunning plan my lord"

really funny its a good story and has great actors in it such as atkinson, fry robinson, laurie and richardson.

its is really funny.it has alot of sarcastic humour and really different ideas which make it brilliant and so does rowan actkinson who plays his part well and is just a good film which everyone should see and will enjoy. its a great british film.


the gofer, crazy cartaker, the chocolate bar, funny golfers and random caddy's.

that about descirbes this film. hillarious, the title explains it, a seventies film about golfers and caddys getting it all mixed up.

Dodgeball - A True Underdog Story

this is well funny n its got a good cast,its just really funny

Role Models
Role Models(2008)


a real laugh a minute movie with some well placed emotional scenes to create some drama and depth to the film, just right in my opinion.
all about two guys who cause some trouble

a strange pairing of actors which works amazingly well; rudd and william-scott have great timing and funny reactions and expressions, and you really feel that you're there laughing and joking around with them.

also mintze-plasse and thompson who play the 'littles' are incredible and make it even more funnier. a perffect cast.

i saw this with my friend and we were both cackling and giggling and nearly dying with so much laughter; its a lovely film.

with a surreal plot, great visual comedy, one liners and witty dialogue from all the cast it stands out as one of the best comedies in a long time in my mind.

The Man with Two Brains

1st person- !whenever people hear me speak they just want to kill me" 2nd person- "keep talking, keep talking"

hillarious. so random, great one liners. steve martin in it which explains it all.

worth seeing.

Duck Soup
Duck Soup(1933)

who can forget the mirror scene?

theese two marx brothers films are the same and this one has the scene with the mirro which alot of people know about,its halairious and is really different and can never be beaten,got to see it.

Rat Race
Rat Race(2001)

love it. great names in this. copy of its a mad mad mad world but still great. its so random.

A Night at the Opera

this is incredible,the marx brothers are amazing and groucho comes out with a gag all the time.

there's a good story to this aswell, obviously the cast are great.

you dont want to miss this,its in black and white but who cares,this is an extraordinary film and will have you in stitches.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Just one big spoof, very funny.

Blazing Saddles

this is a really good film, so funny and cheeky. good cast and totally over the top stupid. gene wilder funy and crazy as allways

Wallace & Gromit: The First Three Adventures

Three brilliant cartoons with lovable characters and adventures that appeal to people of all ages.

Someone Like You

revenge and cynicism, a perffect match for a rom com. with a funny and appealing cast with Judd, Kinnear and Jackman, keeping you entertained. a sweet and romantc film, just not the best.

10 Things I Hate About You

amazing. it has some really good songs in it, letters from cleo the band are really good. and is funny too. it has a really sweet story which is based on the taming of the shrew by shaskespeare. theres some good actors in it too like heath leger and julia stile. the characters keep in interesting and funny. the whole thing is nice, worth watching. in my opinion a great rom com

She's the Man

this is a rly gd film n is rly funi,its a sweet story n lots appen in it,amnda bynes is funi in it n channing tatum is fit in it.

Made of Honor

i know that this is a predictable film but that is what makes chick flicks great. its was sweet and romantic, and in my mind quite funny in parts.

its all about two friends tom and claire who after ten years of being stuck by each other's side through thick and thin we see that tom bailey (dempsey) has fallen in love with claire and wanst to take it further between them but by the time he's ready to say claire is back from a business trip with a scottish duke who she will marry in two weeks. now you can see where it goes from there with hic ups, same idea as my best friends wedding with a few twists.

the cast have good chemistry in fact, its funny and then serious in the right parts. yes it has the same idea as my best friends wedding but that just seems to drag on whereas this is more light and plausable, some people may go to this etent to show that they're their soulmate.

its a lovely film which i think has plenty romantic and sweet moments when they realise something between them and they look at each other. that will make you smile even if its a twitch, its an original cliche chick flick which is what we like girls, aint it?
just see and if you think its shit well then you will like other films,


i love this but i havent seen it in years.but its amazing and really upsettinga and i always cry,but its a good film.

Moulin Rouge!

this is a nice film and i love it to bits,its soooooo sweet and romantic and has some great songs in it with really good dance routines. not a bad musical.its also got an amazing cast and is just the best i think and ewan is so nice in this,you have gotta watch it ,you'll really enjoy it. lovely romantic story.

Sydney White
Sydney White(2007)

such a good film, simple very sweet story, amanda bynes is funny as always and matt long is a great actor too, and quite nice:). a pretty good cast and just a sweet teen flick film. never dull. its about amanda bynes going to college and trying to fit in and theres a few problems along the way. its a nice film. one to watch i think.

A Cinderella Story

this is such a sweet film and is really funny and is just great i think and i've got it now so i can watch it all the time lol n i would give it 10 stars if i could because its my sorta film and chad micheal murray is so cute in it and the song at the end is the best and has some other good songs too.love it


good film, really funny in some parts n good music 4 it.good story and just great nice film to watch.

27 Dresses
27 Dresses(2008)

its all about a single woman who has of course been a bridesmaid 27 times (hence the title of the film) but she never had her chance to walk down the aile. so its funny to see how things pan out for her as she's finding her mr,
i wont spoil it, so just watch and see.

its interesting and funny from start to finish.
I know you might get sick of cheesy cliche films like these but what the heck its worth it.

Also its just an interesting and finally different plot for a chick flick, a great cast, the two main stars (heigl) and (marsden) are great.

its just a really nice film so watch it if you're a chick flick lover like me! its lovely

Sixteen Candles

this is such a sijmple teen flick which is the best, you can really relate to it about a girl having a crush on the popular guy and loads of trouble goes on. its funny and just a sweet film, good 80's film, john hughes is a genius, one of his many brat pack films which i think everyone should see. molly ringwald is a good actress i think too. worth watching.

Pretty in Pink

i love this film, its a great 80's teen flick with some great main characters. ita a nice love story. its got a bit of humour but its mostly a romantic kinda thing, worth watching in my opinion. andrew mccarthy makes it good. joh cryer is funny too. ot takes you back and its a nice simple kinda film, trust me a must see for chick flick lovers,

Return to Me
Return to Me(2000)

great film, its a kind of magical fate film and its just sweet. the main characters are really funny and all the actors keep this intresting, especially the 4 old men who are really funny and little matchmakers, its a really nice film and i could'nt stop laughing, a nice film, worth watching if you like rom com films.

Can't Hardly Wait

this is such a gurd film. great funny characters. seth green's really funny, and its good how its always switching to the other peoples stories. it keeps it interesting. its such a good teen flick. all good actors in it, it really tells the truth how teenagers are like. its simple and really funny in part. one to watch.

She's Having a Baby

this is a sweet film, about a married couple having a baby (hence the name) with some crazy going's on. it has two great main characters with a nice story to it. kevin bacon has some crazy day-dreams in it which make it really funny. john hughes has created another great film here, its such a nice film, a good 80's film. worth watching

Charlotte Gray

what an actually nice film, its gives a good insight into the french ressistance in WWII. its an actually touching story with simply great characters. cate blanchett plays the part well. i mean its not the best war film but its intresting and shows that through hard times you have to carry on and that everything chages from it, hopefully for the best... i think worth watching once.

Sense and Sensibility

just watched it now and oh its great. i thought it was sweet and very simple and romantic and a great take on jane austen's novel. good cast. worth watching, a nice 19th century drama.

Robin Hood
Robin Hood(2010)

An epic by the brilliant director Ridley Scott starring Russel Crowe. its set in 1199 and begins with Robin Longstride who is a common archer in the army, however when the King dies robin sneaks back home, the story unfolds from there as trouble occurs as he has to pretend to be a kinght known as Robert Loxley.

Great action sequences then entail as Britain has to defend itself against the French. There is also of course a great perfomance by Crowe.

Miss Potter
Miss Potter(2007)

This is so lovely. rennee and ewan are great together. its funny and charming and very sweet. A good iinsight into beatrix potter's life and work.

Tuck Everlasting

What a lovely film, about a family who drank from a fountain of youth so are now imortal, and its mostly centred on the youngest of the sons of this imortal family and a young girl from a rich family, its a sweet love story and i think is interesting. lovely worth watching.

An Ideal Husband

what a lovely film, based on the oscar wilde novel, set in the late 19th century with so much going on, its exciting, romantic, funny and just a nice film.

a good cast as well so have a look.

Battle of Britain

A spectacular British film depicting the the front of the battles from the air during 1940. Even though it is mostly from the British front there's an insight into the german pilots.

It has some great action sequences of the spitfires for its year and with some great names such as Plummer, Howard, Olivier and Caine to keep the rest of the film together and give insight into the pilots.

I think its a good classic.

Duel Of Hearts

Lady Caroline Faye meets Lord Vane Brecon and is attracted to him., she soon follows him and decided to become his mother companion so that she can be close to hims and warn him on people who are trying to kill him to get to his fortune. A suprisingly romantic film, whcih is obviously low budget but still has appealing characters and a storyline which is rather interesting.

Little Dorrit

A 12 part drama set in baout the Dorrit family who live in Marshalsea Prison for Debt, where Amy Dorrit cares for her father William and her vain and selfish brother nad sister are never far away causing trouble.
They go through many troubles and triumphs, and through Little Dorrit meets all sorts of characters. theres romance and drama and great insight in the era

The Notebook
The Notebook(2004)

love it. its a sweet sweet sweet film about two teenagers who fall in love but there's loads of problems along the way. its sad too.

me my mum and my sister were all crying lol. it has some great actors in it, the main ones make it worth while.

and its just soo romantic

very powerful.

Becoming Jane

Wow what a lovely film even though teh story is Dramatised to make it more appealing. It has great charm and confidence between the lovable couple. Its romantic and very insightful into the life of Jane Austen. Hathaway plays the part suprisingly well and has great chemsitry with the brilliant Mcavoy.

Hanover Street

The opeining scene in hanover street in lonodn during WW2, a first cross nurse from england meets an american pilot one day whlst waiting for a bus, they joke with each other and finally have tea and talk with one another.

However margaret is uneasy and has to get away, she does'nt want to go any futrther with david the pilot, as she flees from him her glove comes off to reveal that she has a wedding ring. She still runs away and a bomb comes down over the street.

He looks high and low for her in the rubble and finds her sobbing near a building, they share their first kiss under fire. they both know that they've found something special.

an upset soon comes around the cooprner fo these two lovers, margaret still loves her husband, she is definately torn between two lovers.

a beautiful, heart felt romance blossoms,

the two leads here show great chemistry with one another, Harrison Ford showing great talent her and the same for british actress Lesley-Anne Down

Christopher Plummer plays the role of Margarets husband who is an intelligence officer and loves his wife more than anything.

a saddening film, a whole lot of drama, i fekt so much for the characters and their relationship, the ending is upsetting and in a way uplifting.they'll always have hanover street, and he'll think of her when he drinks tea.

Mansfield Park

what a lovely film, billy piper aint bad at acting in this and blake ritson plays edward well. its a nice story about fanny (Piper) having to live with her aunt and uncle. lots goes on and she's walked all over but soon ends up loving her cousin edward. its sweet and funny in parts, a nice jane austen story, its was made quite well. i'd love to read the book now to see more. worth seeing. a lovely film

Return to Cranford

This is a sequel to Cranford, it is set in August 1844 and sees a group of new and still lovable characters introduced.


Set in the early 1840s in the fictional village of Cranford which looks at the female residents and the changes occuring in the village, it has romance, drama and subtle humour as it is uplifting.

Judi Dench, Aileen Atkins, Imelda Staunton and many more. Its a 7 part series which will keep any period drama fanatic entertained.

Gosford Park
Gosford Park(2001)

1932, a weekend shoting party is beginning at sir william mcCordie's estate and his wife lady sylvia, guests arrive with many stories of their own and their personal maids and vallets who intwine together unfolding secrets of their own.

as the party goes under way problems stir and the host is murdered, first thought in my mind was cluedo; so now the viewers must watch on through over 3 and a half hours of drama to find out if it was colonel mustard in the study with the dagger...

with a brilliant script, which helps the characters develop and we the audience learn all teh relationships and hidden secrets at just the right moemnts, there is'nt a dull moment.

a brilliant period drama with a multi strand narative which was easy and very interesting to follow, the makers cleverly showed how both sides live and really dig deep into the different lives of people and social class. an interesting time to uncover; with an all star cast everyone acts to their best ability and keep you guessing until the very end. just a few of the names are maggiesmith, michael gambon, clive owen, helen mirren, jeremy northam and many more.

an intense film, with great use of low key lighting and covering all kinds of genre to impress any movie lover.

Northanger Abbey

It centres on a seventeen year old girl finding her true self as she takes a trip with her aunt and uncle in bath with some trouble along the way. It's a sweet and gradual love story to show how the two characters adapt and learn from each other. It lacks pace at some parts and is obviously not the best Jane Austen story, however it shows a different side of her writing and the main characters have good chemistry with one another.


Set during WW2, it dramatises the story of the group of mathematicians who created the enigma machine to uncode the German messages to save the allies u-boats. The main character is Thomas Jericho who is trying to crack the code and find the woman he loves who mysteriously disapeared.

It is a thrilling story that keeps teh audience hooked. The cast includes the Dougray Scott, Kate Winslett and Jeremy Northam and many more who capture the audiences attention.

The Illusionist


its about a magican cojuring tricks and illusions to win back his childhood sweetheart who were forced apart when they were young. such as romantic film with a beautiful relationship.

all great illusions, it has you on the edge of your seat, thrilling, spectacular, heartfelt, romantic and dramatic film.

what an incredible film, edward norton is amazing as ever, showing such great emotion, depth and mystery. and sorry to go all girly on you but he is very hot in this film. paul giamatti is great too. and who can forget jessica biel who ulls off a great performance.

with a great story acting and ending, its perffect. i did not think that this would appeal to me, but its amazing. a wounderful period drama.

worth a view definately.

Robert Louis Stevenson's St. Ives

A charming and uplifting film with the talents of Anna Friel who always entertains and Jean-Marc Barr, to say that the cast is only a handful, they all bring personality and humour to this period drama; the cast includes Richard E Grant and Miranda Richardson. The chemistry between the actors feels real as the story develops through maybe an off beat plot, however it is still interesting to watch and captures a different time in history.

A Room With a View

A sumptuous romance set in the early 20th century and centres on Lucy Honeychurch and her trip to Italy with her companion Charlotte, whilst there she comes across various characters and experiences which shape the rest of her life. The film has a all star cast and with an engaging screenplay and details a brilliant time in history.

The key scenes are told through subtle comedy and undoubtedly upper class British snobbery, which is a major theme or even issue covered in the film. Does love conquer all classes?

Captain Corelli's Mandolin

A beautiful and charming film that looks at the suprising relationship between the Italian Captain Antonio Corelli and Pelagia.

There is amazing, truthful chemistry with the two characters. The lead actors Cage and Cruz are so encapsulating and make the film.

Lost In Austen

a modern twist on the original story of Pride and Prejudice as a fan of the book is transported into the world of Elizabeth Bennet and vice versa.

This is a four part drama which has a brilliant supporting cast and play all those iconic characters in the perfect way.

It has a great narrative through fan Amanda Price who keeps the viewers up to date on the love story; it captures lovely romance and chemistry between the lead characters and its nice to see a few porblems and changes within the story to keep the audience on their toes.

The Young Victoria

An accurate record of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's whirlwind romance through her first years as sovereign. Their romance was full of passion and sometimes tension. The chemistry is amazing between Blunt and Friend. the costume design and art direction is accurate The scenes with them sending letters to each other is lovely, its full of romantic moments captured through intense close ups.

It has a brilliant cast who work well off each other. Emily Blunt perfomed marvelously with the sturn exterior and still the child like essence as the Young Victoria. Rupert Friend becomes the role of Albert, everthing seems to just fit together in this film. There is pure chemistry between Blunt and Friend, this is a period drama with actual fact behind it, its lovely to watch their relationship and story unfold. A film which can be watched over and over again.


Beautiful, charming and interesting period drama. its a simple but engaging and real story. The characters are portrayed perfectly to what i imagined, the cast fit well together. The plot follows the 27 year old Anne Elliot at a crucial time in her life, Sally Hawkins is a brilliant heroine and the story develops at a good pace. a beautiful story.


A charming and film about Emma who is a self made match maker who seems to misread signals and peoples emotions, with trips along the way and teh introductions of characters with hidden pasts, Emma takes the audience into her life. Kate Beckinsale gives a par performance of Emma and due to that and the portrayal of other characters it left me feeling under whelmed, in my opinion the Romola Garai adaptation is near to what i imagined when i was reading the book; that it the version to watch as it has more content and bettter flow to the story.


A unique idea and backdrop for a film even if some scenes are cheesy, the story and some of the main character lack star quality, and some scenes are too long and go off plot. However the special effects are amazing and even for just that it should be seen, but its i dont feel that its a film to be watched over and over.

It's Complicated

An engaging rom-com now for all ages and both men and women, Streep does not fail to entertain along with Baldwin taking some great oneliners and visual comedy, Martin plays the straight man kind of. The star of the film has to be John Kransinski who get stuck in the middle of all the drama and tries to laugh it off and is hilarious. Its a film that would be worth watching again, as its an original film, just obviously not the best comedy.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

The uneasy and mondaine acting from Michael cera is always suprising in ALL his films, yawn. It does actually fit the role and plot for this comic book film, however he's just boring and weird to watch, the best acting in tis is from his uber gay housemate (Kieran Culkin) who makes its all fun, it gets confusing in parts and its definately for people who read comics and play video games.

However in the end its a kind of sweet and funny in segments film, although for it to be a winner it needs to stick to one gener and flow better, i expected a good fun teen/mature film but it under-entertained; it was quirky and ingenius to use a video game backdrop and plot and effects, but if this is eh new outlook for films it means the end of cinematic fun.

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

This is one of the best films of the year and is so heartfelt as Andy is going off the college and going through his old things and toys, however in the process there is a mix up and the toys go to a local nursery where problems naturally arrive. Its as funny as its prequels and with new toys and the ken and barbie scenes it trully relates to children of this generation. it involves everyone and makes me so nostalgic.

Pixar are again at their peek and with all the regular characters back it keeps you entertained as every viewer has a favourite, its cute, sweet, heartwarming funny and action packed at all the key moments.

Knight & Day
Knight & Day(2010)

Wow an actually good film, Two people are collided together by mistake whilst at the airport and must learn to trust each other. A clever an dreally funny and action packed film, with cruise in a comedic an dlikeable role and doing his own stunts he succeds in impressing. Diaz is funny and gets stuck into the action, its a thrilling and twisting story, and its just good-hearted fun, worth watching.


An amazing soundtrack by Queen and an interesting story of an imortal living through centuries trying to outlive all the other imortals and the nemesis known as Kurgan. Chris lambert is the lead with teh help of sean connery, an amusing but still dramatic film.

Kiss Me Kate
Kiss Me Kate(1953)

Below par musical, Howard Keel you would think would be amazing from seven brides; however he just does'nt fit the role and the supporting cast are unimaginative, which goes perfectly with eth b grade songs and dance routines, its such a shame to see ann miller who was one of the best dancers from the musical perform so mundaine. I would say a film to pass on and go straight to a classic music with a less cliche and downright boring storyline, on the town or singin in the rain all the way.

High Society
High Society(1956)

A funny and romantic film with an all-star cast, there are a range of songs and routines which kept me entertained, ita an enjoyable family filma dn again Grace Kelly is a dream and shows off her talent. Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra are a brilliant partnership and really amusing. It follows the an impending wedding with Grace Kelly and her beau; however Bing Crosby her ex husband still has feelings and has ideas of intervening the occasion, all with the help of louis armstrong and his band of course.

Behind Enemy Lines

On a recon mission a navigator (owen wilson) gets shot down and is pursued by terrorists, his only hope is from his commanding officer (gene hackman) trying to communicating with him and trying to rescue him. Quite a thrilling film with nearly enough action and a few twists to keep it interesting.

Hackman plays a good role and what a suprise for owen wilson pulling off a above par performance, still with faults to keep tention and flowing dialogue.

Last Chance Harvey

Harvey is on the cutting line with his boss as a jingle writer when he goes to london for his daughters wedding weekend bash, he feels unwanted as his ex wife is remarried and his daughters treats her new husband like her dad. he soon meets though a woman working at the airport and with a rookie start hit it off and problems occur as usual.

Its a touching and comical realistic film of two people talking and getting to know each other under strange circumstances, a supprisingley good film.

The Proposal
The Proposal(2009)

Centred around Margaret a tight ass publisher who's american visa has run out and must return to Canada, but as she lives for her job so she fakes and engagement with her secutary, but didnt relaise she would be tested on how well she knows her 'fiance' to show that its all true, and especially for the 'in laws'.

A funny performance from Sandra Bullock and Ryan Renolyds as ever is charming and hillarious. its such a sweet and funny film which keeps you entertained, a few flaws but still good.

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

A young widow moves to a seaside cottage with her daughter to start a new life, whilst there however a ghost starts to appear in front of her who owned the the cottage before, he was a sailor and has an overtop at times attitude (played by harrison). She talks to him and they soon become friends however circumstances interchange. A romantic, rather amusing and tender film which is worth seeing.


An interesting enough storyline filled with two likeable leads churning out some remarkable and memorable songs, however apart from that some of the characters are longing to e forgotten as to how annoying they are.

the film goes off base and feels to drag on, not a great rodgers and hamersteins musical.

Pirate Radio (The Boat That Rocked)

Its all bout a pirate radio staion known as Radio Rock during 1966, as 8 DJ's play some brilliant music to the young generationa dn filled a void missing from other stations. The DJ'd are also joined by the bosses godson 'Young'
Carl wanting to have some fun.

All the characters are full of energy and have a love for music and having a good time; and with an exceptional cast of Nighly, Frost, Seymour Hoffman, Ifans, Darby, O'Dowd and up and coming Sturridge theres nothing to complain about as each give unique performances but seem to all be having a blast; it feels like a natural cast and set up. its a very different backdrop for a film which makes it work even more.

The film flows really well as each scene is important and is helped along by some great slapstick, one liners or just cock ups making it laugh ut loud funny. From the creator of Love Actually, Blackadder and Notting hill; and now this can be added to the hall of fame as a victorious British film which we should be proud of.

This has a great soundtrack of brilliant sixties songs from the Who, Seekers, Hendrix, Cat Stevens, The beach Boys, Bowie, The stones, Dusty Springfield, The Box Tops and many more which get you foot tapping and happy.

Vantage Point

An interesting thriller which lived up to expectations, and even though it kept skipping back showing each persons story it flowed really well. At the heart its about the attempted assasination of the American president whilst at a summit in Spain.

A political thriller with a good cast to keep you interested, Quaid performs really well. a smart film which keeps you on your toes.

Nuns on the Run

A brilliant film about Brian and Charlie the two 'gangster' who want out of robbing banks and doing their bosses dirty work so decide to stitch their group up and leg with the money on the next job; however it does'nt go to plan as they cant slip away and have to find sanctuary in a church and nuns teaching college.

so along comes the drag and bemused girlfriend and the infamous line of 'spectacles, testacles, wallet and watch'. its a good British film.

Its a pleasant film with funny lines from everyone and has a great ending.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

A supprisingly funny family film about a secruity guard who is down on his luck and bullied by people in the mall and does'nt know why he bothers, until its his chance to save the day as a gang take some wrokers hostage and his daughter and try to steal money from the stores.

it maybe slow in parts but then hillarious in others, not bad not bad.

Brassed Off
Brassed Off(1997)

A lovely British film centred in the fictional town of grimly whihc is based on the mining town Grimethorpe which suffered hardships whilst the pit was being reviewed on whether to close. The Colliery band help through the dark time however alot of the members cannot afford to play anymore.

It has some memorable chracters played by great actors, alwasy adding humour and light heart to the situation when needed. Pete Postethwaite, Ewan Mcgreggor, Jim Carter and Ella Fitzgerald are brilliant.

Its a brilliant British film with down to earth characters and humour. Its definitely worth seeing.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

A dark black comedy with a sharp story and confident and sarcastic chracters making it more edgy and natural, even with such a unplausable plot.

A Place in the Sun

Such a beautiful film about a social climber who makes an attachment too a woman he works with and at the same time falls in love with a wealthy woman who is in fact so sincere and caring. However complications arise
and he must do his duty but cannot live with it so forgets his morals but sees the light but its too late and his life is already falling apart and he will not have the life he deserves.

The camera fadeovers and pauses truly capture the emotion and that 50's style of drawn at tension, which works.

Its an upsetting but uplifting at the end due to such a passionate and caring love amongst the restraint of their lifestyles and troubles.

A great storyline, cast and cinematography its a worthwhile film.


A true story about a group of British soldiers along with a regiment of german jews travelling across Egypt to stop the petrol supply for the nazis; with a few hiccups along the way.

It has some witty one liners amongst the drama, it has a great cast with Peppard playing a superb role and Hudson playing a true hero.

Its such an interesting film as to see a battle undemined as it was crucial; it is a real classic.

Memphis Belle

War flick is the right word, its interesting enough with some powerful and historical scenes of the yanks participation with the air battles and bombings however it does seem a little aloof and cheesey in parts and only has a few actors that support the film and make it worthwhile.

It is a good WW2 film overall, it s just no way a classic or something that can be watched again and again.


This is quite a smart and funny drama about the twists and turns of a deal made between two rivalry agents who admire each others willingness and fall in love.

Clive Owen improves any film, its a shame about Julia Roberts for this film though, as she does'nt make an impact and seems cold and dull. what improves this film is the great ending leaving you perplexed.


This is the worst musical ever, it has no real plot and the leads have no chemistry, it drags along too far with pointless scenes, what makes it a little better is the one liners from Gene Kelly's friend.

Bring It On Again

A good semi sequel from bring it on, with actually funny scenes and one liners and again a sweet romance and interesting characters making it a fun teen flick to watch; and obviously has some insane cheerleading routines that always amaze me. A worthwhile film to see once.


A good film about a young man applying for college but cant afford it, however due to his incredible brain and way of thinking one of his teachers lets him into a select group of students who can win at blackjack everytime. this idea certainly has its plu points however Fishbourne the head of secruity at a Las Vegas Casino knows his teacher and evrery trick in the book and is on their case.

However there is a great twist to finish this thrilling and interesting story; its also matched by a young and talented cast, along with teh megastar that is Kevin Spacey as the money grabbing big boss.

A worthwhile film, which could really only be seen once.


Dustin Hoffman as a brilliant, complex and witty chracter who saves a plane load of people begrungently; he's not a nice guy and a crook and before anyone knows that he is the hero Andy Garcia come along and steals his limelight. Garcia leads the whole country on and especillay a tv reporter who he 'rescued' offf the plane; which is played by Geena Davis.

Its such a clever and funny film with Hoffmans little outbursts and speeches and a surreal plot and outcome overall.

A great film, simple as.

The Life and Death of Peter Sellers

A disturbing and upsetting insight into the true life of the tortured but truley genius Peter Sellers. It id filmed in a respectable way with reference to his varying career.

Geoffery Rush plays the lead very well capturing his manurisms and his childisha dn selfish personality.

It has great cinematography by showing a swich around as Geoffrey Rush the talks directly to the camera after filming a scene from one of his films to show the inner thoughs of Sellers. The film is done in the style of a documentary to include the very serios side of Peter Sellers.

The film gives the audience backdrops on how he created characters and how the Pink Panther series destroyed him, The end information is shocking and upsetting and gives a final bow of respect to a ceomedy legend but tortured soul.

The Time Traveler's Wife

A wonderful romantic drama with your usual tmie travelling and twists. centred around a man with a faulty gene which causes him to travel. It has a surreal idea based on a novel.

Lead by Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams as the audience follow them through years of mystery heartache and the penultimate. It has a great cast

An upsetting but also uplifting at the same time to see such a passionate and tender romance and the 'big events'. a truly beautiful film to watch, probably a must for the romantics and sentimentals; im glad i watched it.

Love Me if You Dare

A beautiful, heart renching film about a boy and a girl growing up together around a game of dares which over the years became worse and more dangerous.

These two exciting, lively and michievous people are great contrasts to the mondaine world around them; and are played by two incredible actors evern though this is the first film i have seen them in. there is such great chemisty to flow with such an exciting tale of love lost and love again.

Upsetting in parts and uplifting everywher else making it like a true relationship; it has real characters, problems with the hint of fantasy and imagination as the two leads go on a worldwind romance.

This is an unforgettable love story worth seeing by all, as it has a lot more to offer. Its very dark, witty brilliantly french, pure joy to watch.

The Lavender Hill Mob

Holland is a reserved man who will shorty retire from his job at the bank watching guarding the gold bullion; and one day he comes across Pendlebury who makes souvenirs and in the process comes across an ingenius plan to on his last journey steal the bullion and melt them into souvenirs of the Eiffel Tower to sneak out of the country. They carry out the job with the help of Lackery and Shorty.

It includes Alec Guinness, the genius of strange but witty and wonderful comedies; and also the upfront and forever changing Stanley Holloway, and who can forget the dodgey dealing Sid James playing a great role. it was great to see a mix of social classes all working together in the Lavender Hill Mob trying to get a fee extra bob.

Its made in the early 50's but has a brilliant script and plot and thrilling scenes to match up with some films of today; and with an unforgettable and intriging ending its sure to put a smile on anyones face.

Passport to Pimlico

An wonderful British comedy.

Centred around the area of Pimlico in London where an unexploded WW2 bomb about to be recovered is set off and below uncovers a cave of gold and riches and will that it belongs to Burgundy; a historian also makes the discovery that the people of the area are burgundians making it foreign soil.

This causes quite a stir amongst the residents however they are all proud; however they are soon invaded by 'tourists' all over London and people wanting to make a few extra bob, and with even more disruptions and running out of resources the tight knit community work together the clear the problems up. Its a sincere, down to earth and interesting film which keeps a good pace.

The cast is superb including charles hawtrey before the carry ons, Margaret Rutherford from miss Marple and the brillaint Stanley Holloway making it a witty classic and such a light hearted film from an underestimated era. Its always nice to watch on a rainy day and with the family to see simpler times, but still full of fun.

The Matrix Revolutions

The conclusion finally as Neo 'faces' the machines and agent Smith in a special efects battle. Throughout it has good acting, especially from Fishbourne and the incredible Weaving who really takes on agent Smith. However i do think that the Zion residents are all young and healthy, far from being in danger and worried of the machines; i know its a sci-fi but some scenes are just too unrealistic.

It has an expected, realistic and satifising ending; and is full of action and some twists.


Suave and sophisticated but also gritty story of a mans surreal life and his many different lies along the way. It is centred on Jack Manfred who is a struggling writer who takes a job at a casino as a croupier, he soon learns the ins and outs of the establishment however he becomes invloved in deals and higher stakes.

This film has such a complex character yet the audience can relate to him, Clive Owen helps to bring humour, humanity, inteligence and a certain Britishness that was mesmorising. What a brilliant actor with even an interesting storytelling voice.

The story may seem dull as it isnt the mondaine hollywood plot seen so many times over however the characters is so interesting and as the surroudings and events are so natural it appeals to the audience.

This film to me is one of the best British films in a long time; with a sharp and witty script followed by a flawless cast to give it more of an edge any true film lover will love to watch this and be inspired themselves and look at things in a different light, mabye even at a blackjack table.

The Pelican Brief

A thriller that lives up to its name, based on a novel it is centred around a law student who works on a paper about a conspiracy around the killings of two court justices. however the papers reaches goverment officials who take it serious and have to keep her quiet. She then journeys around America looking for some guidance and more insight into the conspiracy and she comes across an assasin along the way and a just as curious reporter who decides to help.

Its a supprisingly good and thought provoking story which keeps a quick pace and gives information at the right time to the sudience, it has satisfactory cinematography which i supose is expected for a film depending more on the script, idea and actung.

The acting is very good, Julia Roberts gives a grand and believable performance and has great chemistry with the impecable Denzel Washington.

There are no major flaws in this film as it held my attention with such a deep and political plot.

The Matrix Reloaded

The weakest of the three films as it loses its fast paced and thrller instinct so iconic in the first and the plot seems a little aloof.

Nevertheless there are some well choreographed and needed action scenes and more of a backdrop is set. it does leave on quite a good cliffhanger, however it still leaves you bored.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Brilliant, with two amazing leads of Keel and Powell singing some great songs. Its a western, romantic, comedic musical; Phew!, it has it all.

Centred around a very 'down to earth' man who gets himself a bride in one day in the nearby town which is awkard and his new bride must now find his six other brothers wives and neaten them up with lighthearted and funny outcomes.

A very feel good musical and with wounderful choreography from the archaic male characters. However Powell and the other femal characters are not left out of the liemlight with some beautiful scenes of singing and sincere moments.

Obviously from teh title it is romantic, which it delivers with tender and loving characters and scenes and it still does'nt forget its roots of a hardbuckling western full of punch!

This film should put a smile on anyones face, and its great to see a musical set in a different light and backdrop that really works.

The Aristocats

My favourite Disney with some really catchy and funny songs; it also has such cute kittens and other brilliant characters; especially the failing and silly villan Edgar.

It has an happy story and flows well throughout, a good comedy and an uplifting movie. A definite classic.

Alice in Wonderland

Phsycadelic, surreal, imaginative and funny. The mad hatter fits in well with this film, i dont like the villain and seems pointless in parts, so i dont think it can be watched again and again.


Sadly to say about a Diseny film, but what were they thinking, so dark, scary and upsetting. In my mind a pointless and meaningless story with only the rabbit and skunk as likeable characters.

101 Dalmatians

So funny and sweet, with a great villian and sidekicks and so many cute puppys with all their own personalities make this a family favoruite and unmissable.


a brilliant film with such an upsetting story, especially when Dumbo is rocked by his mum. However ther'es not much depth but its hillarious and quite psychadelic with Dumbo getting drunk and all the elephants.

A classic in my mind.

Sleeping Beauty

The three fairies always upto mischief make it a great film; its also quite dark but full of magic and colour making it a treat to the eyes.


The mice and other animals make the film.

Its simply magical and awakens any childs imagination. With attention to detail and a lovable story its worth seeing agian and again.

Beauty and the Beast

A classic with wounderful characters, excellent cinematography and camera shots along; and also perfect music to fit the story.
There are some likeable and funny characters to sweeten the quite sad story at the heart of it in my mind.
The only animated picture to be nominated for best picture, and deservedly so with it making such leaps in the animated world.

Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo(2003)


With such memorable voices and visual and witty gags it always makes you smile, and theres always room for som sincerity with the father son story at teh heart of it, a brilliant movie which never gets old.

A Bug's Life
A Bug's Life(1998)

A very good film centred around an ant trying to make his mark, with the help of some big characters making funny incidents; also who'd of thought Kevin Spacey would be in it. a favourote of mine which can also be watched no matter how old you are.


A spectacular movie for everyone, a very creative, sweet and funny story on such an ironic character. this film definitely holds the audience.

The Sword in the Stone

brilliant, bringing the history to the children with hilarious incidents and catchy songs.

Monsters, Inc.

John Goodman and Billy Crystal, where can you go wrong with that, humour for any age and with a sweet story and continous gagas to keep it flowing makes it a brilliant computer animated film.

The Lion King

wounderful, funny characters, a heart warming story, however upsetting in parts still for me.

The songs are amazing though; a memorable disney film.

Toy Story
Toy Story(1995)

two brilliant leads and supporting actors who bring each character to life, cutting, sacrastic and slapstick humour. have i mentioned that it was the first of the computer animated movies, and proudly one of the best.


not my favourite disney however with jimmy cricket and a few songs it perks you up a bit, just quite dark and disturbing.

The Incredibles

a brilliant script and storyline, for all the family.

Mission: Impossible 2

tom cruise with long hair? poor villians and a damsel in distress, a dissapointing sequel, apart from the beginning on the rockface which has good shots.


ironic, nostaligi and reformed for the new generation, a funny, sweet and fantasy film which is quite enjoyable.


an okay film, however it lacks real histpry or action, a bit wishy washy.

Charlie's Angels - Full Throttle

a disaster, a dissapointing sequel, with the same storyline and scenes and gags recycled, very bad move, stick to the first.

Bring It On: All or Nothing

not worth reviewing, a slow, boring film, with pointless characters and no stortline, not worthy to be known as a bring it on film or a teen flick in general.

The Thomas Crown Affair

steve mcqueen plays a millionaire who also plays on the wild side as a theif, however after his last job faye dunaway an insurance investigator is on this thrill seekers tail. a smart and sophisticated drama. mcqueen and dunaway have great chemistry however the plot lacks depth.

Also with a brilliant oscar winning opening theme of windmills of your mind, and clever cinematography and editing still make this film a joy to watch, probably just the once for most people.

It also has such a shocking, gritty and great ending in my mind, its worth seeing, a typical 60's film caper.

The Bellboy
The Bellboy(1960)

no plot but sincerity, laughter and a brilliant lead.

lewis pulls another out of the bag with so many sketches and gags and without him talking at all, but you still want him to succeed, a gentil character and a great film. before its time.

City Slickers

three buddies who stick togetehr through thick and thin, mostly the thick ideas now go on a new adventure of cattle driving in montanna as one is scared on nearing 40 and doesn't know what to do with his life, as another has finally gotten rid of his annoying, controlling wife, and the last one wants to have fun and feel young.

as they go on cattle riding all kinds of troubles occur, which are mostly very funny, also a sweet film, all about your buddies. its a funny witty film with the help of billy crystal and daniel stern from home alone and bruno kirby.

The Matrix
The Matrix(1999)

a computer hacker called Neo i confronted by cyber intelligence, agents and the 'real world'. he has the choice of which pill to take.

with an unforgettable cast of Reeves, Weaving, Fishbourne and Carrie-Anne Moss to keep the drama and spills high. there's enough action, complexity, twists and tricks to sink a battleship.

with high angle shots to show the miniscual world of the matrix and all the going's on and quick changes showing every angle of a fighting scene, and of course the slow-mo's for that extra pounce making it a thrilling and cinematic delight in my opinion.

i love the idea and plot to this film, of the dependance of humans on machines and vice versa and destiny even in a 'made up' world.

With the best ending monolgue line leading to a brilliant ending song which sends and continues the message of technology, destiny and the matrix making this a brilliant film and a cult classic for a modern generation.

To Catch a Thief

a cheesy sequence with kissing and fireworks, with a meaningful story and witty lines at times makes this an enjoyable film, who is playing who you may thing as two leading stars are brought together in a hitchcock mediocre thriller which he has said not to take this film serious, well then why bother if you ask me. i never much cared for grants way of actjng however its perfect for this film.

cary grant plays a reformed cat burgular who seem to have an enemy and is framing him as teh culpret of robberies along the french rivera, so now he must play his own game and catch the real thief off guard and red-handed, but how?

along the way he follows the most expensive jewellry in the area, with whom a womans daughter suspects hims and plays a few games herself.

ending in a finale chasing scene among the rooftops to the catch the thief.

The Man in Grey

during WW2 two strangers meet and talk about possible connections between their familes genreations ago, around 100 years to be precise.

it then cuts to flashbacks about the sweet, loving, beautiful and rich clarissa richmond who was vacting at a girls finishing school at the time she met and befriended the bitter, twisted and poor hesther snow.

clarissa snow is pressured into marrying teh wealthy but cruel marquis of rohan or "the man in grey"; she leads a troubled life for a few years and then intertwines again with hesther snow who is now an actress, it is through their meeting that she makes a friendship and undenying bond with a charming, handsome and respectable actor.

however through it all hesther finds he way into clarissa's home and plots to take it all. with a thrilling, shocking but also with an uplifting ounce of hope following the love of clarissa and how future generations and fate can play out.

a wounderful film, which may seem slow in parts, but with a brilliant ending and message in a way, its all worth while. also with brillaint perfomances from Mason, Calvert, Lockwood and Granger showing how british dramas should be made, a nice classic which is one to be seen, even if only once.


with an extremley vocally funny cast and great timeing with jokes and stunts this film is entertaining for adults and children, a twist to the red riding hood story to appeal to a modern audience.

a very fun and enjoyable film, worth seeing.

Blue Crush
Blue Crush(2002)

not a bad film about a tough cookie surfer girl who is preparing for a compettition on the biggest wave, however at the same time who'd of guessed but a handsome sweet football player is getting in the way and putting her off training.

a good thing about this film is the range of camera shost and angles showing the shockiing waves, a so-so film which needs more comedy and depth to it or something.

Back to You & Me

a sweet and caring film, with apacable enough story to keep you engaged about a doctor who goes back to her old town for her high school reunion, at first she finds it difficult with her estranged mother and her high school sweetheart, but a lovely film, jus not the best by a long mark, needs more humour or drama or something. the acting seemed a little awkard at parts.

Raising Waylon

a suprisingly good and gentile film, with a interesting plot and likeable cast.

as two

Road to Perdition

Set in 1930's about a mafia 'hitman' (hanks) who's son witnesses a murder causing the boss' son who is a madman to go on a spitful killing spree on his family, Now Michael Sullivan (hanks) and his eldset son Michael must travel across Chicago robbing Rooney's money to start afresh.

what a wounderful journey and heart renching relationship from teh once estranged father and son as they learn from one another, beautiful touching moments from an ever so brilliant Hanks who slowly warms up throughout teh film so as to show more of a change; and from Tyler Hoechlin who plays his son. also with film supproting roles from Newman as Rooney the mafia boss and jude law the killer-photographer.

An amazing film in my mind with great cinematography to show the locations and desolate areas of the times.

Also with an impressionable and moving ending and line which will touch everyone who watcheds this film. a worthy film and cast.

The Guns of Navarone

a classic about a mission to destroy the german guns of Navarone on a greek island, the best of the best are recruited and plane their attack and make their way to the german base. with clever tactics played out and great action scenes make this film full of drama and tension.

There is great charasmatic acting from Peck, Quinn and Niven making this an even more enjoyable film.


Roland Michell is an American scholar in London on a fellowship to study the great Randolph Henry Ash. Ash is best known for the rapturous poems he dedicated to his wife. he soon makes a discovery of a love letter to mystery women and recruits the help of Maud Bailey a by-the-book academic, researching the life and work of the lesser-known Victorian poet Christabel LaMotte. they soon discover more letters and clues to the lovers life, their journey soon mirrors the romantic journey of Ash and LaMotte.

an intersting use of camera shots to teh timeshift's. A funny, sweet and mysterious tale of lost and new love, a beautiful tale with an interesting pick of a cast.

Some Kind of Wonderful

tomboy watts begins to like her best friend keith however he is obsessed with amanda jones, as watts helps her friend get the girl of 'his dreams'.

funny in parts with a nice sweet romance, flowing well throughout, a good teen flick to see.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

a funny heart warming film with a bit more background to the animals, a nice family film. there are some greta one-liners from the penguins of course and many more funny characters introduced such as the monkeys, these two species trogether made the film funny. this films full of imagination and kept me interested, but yes the first was better by a smige.

Bride Wars
Bride Wars(2009)

Centred around two 26 year olds who are obsessed with having the perfect wedding, and as they become enganged go through all the plans. However there's a mistake as they are both booked on the same day at the plaza in June; it defintley becomes a war as neither will step down their date, with some hillarious outcomes and reactions mostlys from a funny cast especially the two leads and amny more.

A sweet, romantic and thoughtful film which shows a real side to brides. a fun film to watch with friends.

A supprisingly good film with a twist which i guessed before but still made it less cliche. but not the best due to not enough humour.

Spring Breakdown

three thrity something best friends living a dull life have a chance to re-live spring break as one of them must watch out for her bosses daughter to make sure nothing embarassing happens but the daughter is as geeky and uptight as the women.

reasonably funny outcomes and some great oneliners, a few laugh out loud moments with three good leads and an interesting cast with some sweet moments, a best friend chick flick kind of movie.

A Good Year
A Good Year(2006)

Market trader and financial expert inherits a vineyard in France from his uncle who when he was a boy used to stay with in the summer. However over the years his attitude has changed and had not spoken to his uncle in ten years. so now he must travel to Provence and sell the vineyard and forget about his lost time. Problems soon arrive as it is in poor shape and he grows friendships with the locals, throughout he becomes more 'human'. throught more and more 'troubles' you may think play out.

Max played by Crowe is an interesting charcter, and crowe brings out great humour and light heartedness to make this even more of a likeable film.

As said before there are some great lines and scenes with the culture clash of british and french, making it very enjoyable and definitely a family film.

With brilliant direction from Ridley Scott and shots whilst in flashbacks and showing the french landscape making it a pleasure for the eyes. I think it works so well to see the past summers shown to see more of a background, it gives a great balance and tells alot. definatley one of the est directors of all time which helps in livening and creating great moments of film.

With a remarkable cast from the high riser blockbuster and lovable Russell Crowe, to the younger funny and equally lovable Freddie Highmore playing crowes younger self. Also mixed with a wounderful and sweet performance from the great Albert Finney seen in many films over the years. also a nice performance from unknown Archie Panjabi to me with her quick wit and charm in scenes with crowe. all together they make a beautiful story become a beautiful film.

A funny, sweet, romantic, interesting 'Scotty' film. definitely worth seeing.


a suspenfull thriller-drama with unusual lead characters with suprisingly results, we see different kinds of people and their worlds and views. a dark plot which begins with an average taxi driver out on his shift who has a fare who is a 'real' estate agent; he is definitley real alright; he requests for te driver to make 5 stops along the night for $600. soon the driver realises that his fare is in 'risky business' as a corpse falls onto his car, now the driver has to make all the stops without any trouble or else he himslef will be shot.

a race against time, conscience and truth as thie film pans out into emotional and ironic story, as from my point of view with an amzing metaphor and image played out at the end. with a great pick of cast with cruise and fox working brilliantly together to keep you entertained. an interesting plot however is a little slow paced and pointless in parts, although there is quite a good flowing script mixed up with some good cinematography, direction and shots making this film and showing a daunting point.

King Ralph
King Ralph(1991)

centred around an american low life from las vegas who finds out that he is the only rekative to take the throne of england, excited and curious he flys to england in search of a good time with the help of his secutary and butlers, however there are some who hope he will fall flat on his face. cliche and formal in parts,

john goodman in a strange and ironic role however pulls it out of the bag showing the american humour, he makes this film enjoyable and watchable.With some amusing contrasts between the british and american cultures and just light hearted fun and kindness 'in parts' makes it quite entertaining. also strangely with a few legends of film such as peter o' toole and john hurt is a change.not the best however its funny to laugh at the american stereotype in comparison to the british stiff up a lip, a worthy try.

Blame It on the Bellboy

an actual funny british romp set in venice with all sorts of troubles, an appealing cast who balance each other well and keep it flowing and funny make this film worth a watch sometime.

there is a mix up with instructions as each character is sent on a different path due to the idiotic works of actor bronson pinchot the hotels bellboy who does'nt fail in the humour department.

with aussie actor bryan brown, gentle actress penelope wilton, rising star of that time patsy kensit and cute, cudily and funny dudley more and many more names this film will have you laughing and interested in the storylines and outrageous behaviour throughout. worth a look to remeber th british humour.

Vice Versa
Vice Versa(1988)

freaky friday but the dad version. a funny ecentric film with two likeable leads reinhold and savage.

this time a vice president of big company and all round big shot (reinhold) has his son (savage) over for a few days, when they come across an oriental skull which switches them into each others bodies after they made a wish.

reinhold is ever so funny playing a child, and savage playing the overprotective and in control parent.

a really fun loving and light-hearted 80's movie, one not to miss, a huge suprise to my eyes. with sincerity and funny lines and stunts its worth s look.

The Ring
The Ring(2002)

a disturbing thriller mystery, an interesting idea whihc also covers the fact that people are already hypnotised by TV, it also portrays children as attention seeking and taht they'll go to the limit to be seen.

well acted by watts as the main character. just a surreal and horiffic movie, it had me jump a few times, however horror's are'nt my thing but its still interesting enough, maybe it goes a little longer tahn it needed.

The Jerk
The Jerk(1979)

funny. really weird and he's such a nutjob, soo funny and sweet. really stupid jokes. steve martin is really funny. it goes thorug his life with him moving around evrywhere. some good and bad times. anyone should like it.

Yes Man
Yes Man(2008)

a good comedy by jim carey, funny stunts and an interesting story and a sincere romance aswell. a quirky cast and situation even witha predictable ending its still fun to watch.

Tropic Thunder

a funny film about a bund of actors being placed in the forest to make an action film, hoever it goes wrong when they get in the middle of drug bandits. some funny sequences such as the panda.


hillarious. shame about some of the language butr its really funny. the characters are great especially the two cops which make the filme amazing.

a fun story about three teenage boys trying to get girls booze and attention.

great cast, stunts and one-liners

its also got som sweetness to it.

a real classic, worth seeing.


pretty funny actually. robin williams aint bad.

Mystic Pizza
Mystic Pizza(1988)

what a lovely film. because its not well known i thought it would be a let down but in fact its a great film which is really sweet and funny. the characters are good and its just great. worth watching. good story about 3 three sisters in life and in love with guys.

Sudden Death
Sudden Death(1995)

a former fireman turned security guard at penguins ice hokcey stadium. he takes his son and daughter to the cup finals only to find out that a terrorist group are holding the vice president and other hostage and kidnapping his daughter, making it a hard night for him.

a good action flick with remberance to die-hard. some good sequences and the scenes all flow well, easy to follow and an interesting film. van damme performs well.

Cruel Intentions

an interesting teen flick, with no cliches or perffect characters and stories. based around Kathryn and her step brother sebastian who call a bet that he can break the virgin and good girl Annette. if he wins he gets the prize he desperately wants, a night with his step sister, however if Kathryn wins she gets his prize possesion, the jaguar.
With the bet in motion sebastian lowers his guard and shows his true self to Annette and begins to fall in love. what will happen betwen the three characters now that love is in the equation?

its gives a fresh perspective with intising acting from the three leads; who work well with and against each other. a well produced cast, Gellar is in her moment and a great performance from one of my favourite actresses Reese Witherspoon. i had never heard of Ryan Phillipe however he and the rest of the cast matured this film. a genuine story.

the scenes flow well, as nothing is left unsaid and there is always something new around the corner.

its probably the best film to have the verve playing their classic song in, a powerful ending even under the circumstances. it works so well. a merciless film.

The Greatest Game Ever Played

an interesting, tender and amusing film about a great game known as golf.

base on a true story of the 1913 U.S. open where a 20 year old amateur known as Francis Ouimet chalenges the greats such as harry vardon.

a good performance from labeouf in a leading role. i never understand golf however this film changed my mind. an uplifting tale about social class, money and sheer god-given talent.

Office Space
Office Space(1999)

a slow paced film with an actual funny ending. centred around peter gibbons a bored pc prgrammer who decides to make a change whilst the company employees who are all his friends are being reviewed and fired. some funny moments with shy and inspoken Milton Waddams who makes this film worth seeing. theres also an appearance from john c mcginley and jennifer anniston.

Blade Runner
Blade Runner(1982)

2019 and replicants made by the humans are fighting back, and retired blade runner Deckard (ford) is the best for the job. before its time, this sci-fi noir explains alot and covers deep issues, with a strong cast and a different story which has been used again and again.

i watched the directors cut without narration, and it does'nt make a difference. a very easy film to understand from my point of view; i've always admired sci-fi's and this is amazing.

the special effects are reasonably good, the script is brilliant and flows so well. the film was on a big stage; a real story infact about emotions, memories and the big question of technology becoming the enemy.

one of my favourite films, a fine example of cinematic genius.

Arthur and the Invisibles (Arthur and the Minimoys)

a very intersting film, freddie highmore is soon becoming a talented actor.

a ten year old boy get muddled up in a secret magical world beneath his home where he must try to find the ruby to help save his grandmothers home from being demolished.

an interesting and funny tale.

My Super Sweet 16: The Movie

i wonder why i watched this, it seems like a documentary but infact its a mock of a movie, with poor and plastic acting, and it reminds me of the TV series of spoilt american children. no real story apart from hissy fits and two sweet 16 parties.

The Jane Austen Book Club

fiev women and one man discuss the works of jane austen; whilst they have their own love lifes to work out.

not a bad film with multi strand narrative and trying to depict all of jane austens stories in the characters. an interesting idea.

just one thing spoils it for me.

My Cousin Vinny

bill and stan get convicted for murder of a man in a convenience store, terrified of being electricuted to death they call for bills cousin vinny to be their lawyer.

a courtrrom comedy, not something you see everyday. a witty down to earth film on vinny helping out family and trying to win his first! case. so witty and marisa tomei does a great performance, deserves her oscar for the film.

17 Again
17 Again(2009)

centred around a 37 year old man who feels as if his life has past him by and wants to start from the beginning and make different choices. whilst he is having his pinical moment a magic janitor, thats right makes the decision for hism and changes him to his 17 year old self. bring in zac efron who now pretends to be an average teenager and watch out for his two kids in high school and make amends with his ex wife.

a so so nice tale which was kind of cliche, but still funny and sweet.

with a storng lead perfomance from zac efron, it keeps you interested.

with a funny supporting cast, and some funny stunts , its pulls off as being a goon teen comedy.

its not the best teen flick of all time though.

About a Boy
About a Boy(2002)

good film,really good n funny som times.

Fun With Dick and Jane

a hillarious film, i've heard bad reviews, but wi8th some funny stunts and jokes it works well, a good cast too with carey and leoni as a married couple at the end of their tether.

Singin' in the Rain

this is such a lovely 'feel good' film and i always enjoy watching it.
if you're upset this ill cheer you up.

its all about how mgm went from silent movies to 'talkies'. its good how everything comes about, you see how movies are made behind the scenes and they make it into a spoof about hollwood.

it has some amazing songs in it which really flow with the scenes.

also the unforgetable singin in the rain scene is truly great, gene kelly was very talented.

a brilliant musical, full of humour, amazingly choreographed and filmed dance numbers, brilliant vocals from every cast member, a beautiful story, talented and charasmatic cast and moments to surely put a great big smile on your face and make you feel happy to be here and want to go singin in the rain yourself.

the three main stars are full of talent, debbie renoylds at such a tender age of 18 i think stood on her own next teh gene kelly. kelly always stays on teh beat, keeps you hooked with his charismatic looks and humour and works well with his friend donald o connor who is does the iconic make em laugh routine flipping all over the place and full of energy all the time.

the rest of the cast are great too such as jean hagen playing the screachinig voiced actress who causes the trouble.

the ending is also so predictable but beautiful and does the film just.

i cant find a fault in this film, it willl never age with such good songs and a nice plot to it.

everyone needs to see at least once in their life.

i'd give it a milion stars if i could, its one of the best films ever. a real classic, a musical for anyone to see, hollywood and mgm at their best.

Love's Unfolding Dream

a hallmark movie set in the turn of the 20th century in a small town in america. centred around talor comptons character belinda who is strong willed and ambitious, ambitious enough to become a doctor even if overs believe not.

a warm story unfolds as she cares for an elderly woman who suffered a stroke, and whilst caring for her and helping the towns doctor, she meets drew, a young aspiring lawyer from new york in town to sell his recently departed uncles house.

through this meet, their strong personalities clash and soething unfolds.

because its a hallmark movie, some of the situations are cliche but with a genuine and romantic relationship, its a film to be seen on a slow day and warm your heart, a lovely tale or romance and drama.

an actual good cast, even though i dont know any of the names, they keep the film together, and with interesting roles and goings on, it keeps you interested.

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump(1994)

the feather softly floating around, doin no harm, like forest.

forest, forest gump is an average american which has actually done alot with his life, meeting a few presidents, fighting in vietnam, running for a long time.

we the viewers go on a journey thorugh forest gump's life and learn how he works.

its strange that such a snormal looking and 'below normal' man can be so interesting and watchable.

zemeckis beautifully directs this, with the help of a brilliant cast. and of course tom hanks the perffect choice for a leading man, who brings life to the picture and worth while seeing.

a beautiful, tearful, light hearted comedic and dramatic film.

beautiful symbolism.

enchanting and with amazing music to set the tone of this fictious bipoic.

Million Dollar Baby

a beautiful friendship, filmed right with an amazing leading lady, hillary swank is impressive.

The Princess Bride


a comedic cast who trun the faiytale story on its head.

with a good cast and pleasant story and crazy stunts, its cheers you up.

a fun film from rob reiner, a good director.



always hillarious bill murray.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

its amazing. enough said

well, the acting for one last time leaves you in suspense, you feel for the characters. a full cast who all work to the highest standard to entertain us.

a special film, jackson won best director which was rightfully deserved at the oscras, and best picture, art director and many more.

the word epic comes to mind, all thorugh the movie. i was sat on the egde of my seat, interestingand dramatic and thrilling.
ticking all the boxes.

the battle for middle earth was amazing, minus triith was an actual model and cameras shot up close and then computerised the special effects, which worked brilliantly.

the special effects were amzing and made it A class.

a touching story with a finally beautiful and sadenning ending. frodo and sam friendship is great to see and is real.

i cired for the last ten minutes, it was sad to see the end of the quest.

me and my dad are huge fans of this trilogy. we both think that its one of the best trilogies we've seen.

its rare to see the sequels improve, and especially when they were great.

worth worth worth watching.

phew! . . . . . . i'm all praised out.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

the story continues, with the battle for hlms deep, more of teh human side now, and if their is courage in men.

frodo and sam are on their own and following gollum to the blak gate of modoor.

also apart from the fellowship are merry and pippin who making thier move and in the hands of treebeard.

now does that leave you ahnging, watch it to find out what happens.

again with great action sequences, some comedic moments to balance the darkness. aerial camera shots, beautiful settings and incredible acting and characters that keep you hooked to teh film.

again a great score, music to send shivers and make a impact.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

a perffect film and story from jrr tolkien.

the first of the trilogy of the special, exciting tale of frodo baggins and his eight companions to modoor in middle earth to destroy the one ring who can destroy them all.

anything i say wont do it justice, its a film taht must be seen before you die.

what category is it, action? adventure? drama? thriller? romance? comedy?. i think its got everything, so shouldnt dissapioint anyone.

with an amazing all star cast, no one dissapoits in bringing a performance of a life time, showing so much heart, drama and emotion, with some comedy and light hearted moments.

good actions sequences, brilliant set designs, with authenticity a key in the production. you believe the settings and the story to say its all fictionand fantasy.

the best directing and cinematography to have. worth watching.

Rory O'Shea Was Here

an interesting, a thought provoking film about two young men living in ireland with the disease cerebal paulsy. rory o'shea (mcavoy) wants to live independant and refuses to give up his chance for 'freedom' out of the care home. he lives everyday and tries to look out for his friend michael (robertson). together they live and still have help from romola garai who they employ.

james mcavoy and steven robertson, show a great partnership and acting playing difficult roles where you cant move and show emotion through your body language.

a simple storyline, but it kept me hooked with such a nice friendship and shown in a documentary style of telling the audiences what the disease is really about, holding a mirror infornt of people.

good acting all around a touching issue.

having the prinicple for freedom and most of all independance taht everyone is entitled to.

the ending touches me to see such a beautiful friendship still in hold, not for the faint hearted or people wanting excitement.

but still extraordinary film, i cried for the last ten minutes, a film that is special if it can bring the audience to emotion.

Never Love a Stranger

an actual good film.

set around a troubled orphan from a 'catholic' background who when he's 16 gets into trouble with the mafia and befirends one of the leaders, down the road he gets more involved, but with two friends helping him.

with a beautiful ending and last line that explains it all.

to say this is a film made in the late 50's, its holds it own, standing as an interesting and hooking drama, with an impressive cast and well known star steve Mcqueen.

also john drew barrymore playing the lead is a good actor.

if you have a tast for dramas, a bit of trouble and good acting then this is a film to try...

Dying to Belong

an interesting film aout a freshmore at college pledging for a sorority and comes across murder and extreme hazing.

two good performances from the then fresh faces hilary swank and sarah chalke.

a light thriller, with an interesting enough plot. worth seeing when there's nothing else.

Stir Crazy
Stir Crazy(1980)

a hillarious film.

about skip and harry who are framed for a robbery of a bank and sent to prison for 125 years !

they find it hard to adjusta dn make frineds or the right ones in some cases, and try to find a way out of the hell hole. this comes in the shape of a prison rodeo which wilder's character must take part in from him riding the bull at the highest level.

its an interesting film until teh end, however does seem quite long for a quirky comedy.

wilder and pryor are though as good as ever; and show a great partnership again with such great timing, scripting and reactions with one another, perfect.

i've heard bad reviews of this picture, but its full of crazt stunts and OOT characters and good old fashioned fun, these were comedies that people should be proud of and laugh from start to finish.

in my opinion one good film to put a smile on your face.


an interesting film about an unemployed actor who decides to play the role of a woman on a sitcom to get some spare cash, in the mist of it all he has to hide it from his frined who auditioned for the role in teh first place ad his co star who he soon begins to have feelings for.

he also soon becomes a hit on the show and admired by women everywhere, after a while he wonders if he can ever shake off this exterior and ask out the girl he has come to love and shake off his newly male ! admirers.

an actual funny film in my opinion, humour that appeals to everyone; and a just a fun film to watch.

dustin hoffman keeps you entertained and shows that he's as vercitile as anyone.
with a fine supporting cast including bill murrary playing the quirky and very confused roomate and firend, makes this a film not to be missed.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas)

a brilliant film

based on a story about an 8 year old boy named Bruno who's father is promoted to a commondant at a concentration camp and him and his family must leave their idylic life in Berlin for a cold mansion near the work camp for jews.

bruno who is very adventurous explores and soon finds a way out of his cold prison of a home and whilst walking in the woods comes across a barb wire fence, and sees a little boy in stripped pajamas.

its great how it shows the perspective through the young boy, for children are the most honest and try to see the good in people; even in the hardest situations.
perfectly done contrasting the evil german ways and concentration camps with the innocence of children.

even though the characters are fiction, its not far from the truth and is very upsetting, as it covers the horrific history of innocent jewish people who were slaughtered during the second world war. the images that are created during teh film and sadenning and powerful, a very thought provoking film.

also even though it centred around the hoocaust and the war, you think mostly about the two boys and how something real and innocent is created from such an evil idea.

briliant acting from the two leads who are only children, they hold the film up well and keep the audience interested.

the supporting cast are excellent as well.

a worth while film, if you like dramas and war and watching a simple, beautiful frinedship.

Mission: Impossible III

action-packed with a few twists here and there on the story of Ethan Hunt an agent on impossible missions and now fighting againgst phillip seymour hoffman.

at the start of teh film ethan hunt has retired from teh field and is trying to have a normal life when he is called up on a new mission only he can do. so he goes on the hunt for seymor hoffmans character who sells terrorist weapons and is looking for information on a 'rabbit foot' in vatican city in italy. he is surrounded by a team and friend throughout the trillogy ving rhames' character to get the 'goods'.

mis-happs happen during the film, with twists and rogue agents meaning that ethan must find the 'rabbit foot' before his new wife is killed.

an interesting plotline, which keeps you hooked. with some humoor and sentimental moments which brings it down to earth, and gives it depth.

people may think that the sereis of films are nothing special but this has it all.

an all star cast such as of course tom cruise playing the lead role once more and does it proud; alongside hims is ving rhames who is always interesting to watch. billy crudup, jonathan rhys meyers and simon pegg also make appearances. an all rounded cast help make this film great.

the actions sequences are well planned out and believable, it lives upto expectations.

this leaves you amused and greatly entertained.

a worth while action film, which should be seen.

and another time to hear that iconic music...

Nancy Drew
Nancy Drew(2007)

a detective in the making nancy drew is the new girl in town, and loves a good mystery and decided to find out who killed an actress who house she is now living in, interesting enough, but not for people with a mind.

emma roberts plays the part quite well, just in miy mind the film is average with nothing new.

Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

a beautiful story about a woman who falls in love with a headstron and estranged man.

prioblems and secrets are uncovered, is there love enough to pass the obstacles. beautifully done with a good cast.

The Ringer
The Ringer(2005)

a interesting enough comedy about a man called steve barker who has to raise money to pay for his new gardener's operation for losing his fingers in a lawnmower. a bit surreal i must say.

and a way to raise the money is his "heartfelt"? uncle betting that jimmy washington the 6th year running champion does'nt win.

all sorts of 'problems' arise and sweet love interest between him and katherine heigl who is a helper at the special olympics.

some funny and mostly sweet momentsbetween the two. not a bad rom-com in a way.


an interesting and thoughtprovoking film, with a emotional issues at heart, beautifully filmed and acted out.

centred around liam neeson a retired FBI agent who still knows a few tricks.

retiring from the field to try to be closer to his estranged daughter who is looked over by her cold mother, his ex wife.

his 17 yeard old daughter goes to paris with a friend much to nessopns dismay to then follow the band U2 on their european tour, as they reach her friends house in paris, they are kidnapped, but not before neesons daughter talks to him and he gets information.

now neeson must follow her to france and try to rescue her within 96 hours before she is lost forever to the slave trade.

a great story and characters in this film.

a great and exciting thriller, with great action scenes and tension moments, making this a film not to be missed.

88 Minutes
88 Minutes(2008)

al pacino in great role.

a thriller about a college professor who is threaten by someone for putting a man in prison and on death row so now pacino only has 88 minutes to live.

whilst the film goes on over stories and clues unfolds, an interesting film which will have you glued to until the end.

it was a shame taht it was'nt 88 minutes long! :)

a suprisingly interesting and worth while film, if you like thrillers with a good supporting cast.

24 Hour Party People

a funny biopic set in the mid 70's through to the lates 80's of tony wilson a local tv reporter trying to make it in the music business after seeing the then unknown sex pistols first gig in manchester.

He soon sees his calling and sets up a record label, but is'nt too bothered about the money and fame, but the bands and the musicians he admires.

some of the bands which are shown are joy division, new order andhappy mondays.

a true story sowing the punk and new wave scene declining into the rave and dance culture

the film is shown as a documentary in a way with steve coogan summing up in areas and talking to us the viewers, it feels more personal and fun. with drama, humour and most of all great music.

steve coogan plays the lead role, and lives up to the character, he adds his own mark and brings humour to the film.

with a colourful supporting cast with the likes of andy serkis, peter kay, john simm ,shirley henderson and more.

a worth while film with great music from an iconic era.

Shirley Valentine

a middle aged woman who decides to live life to the full and goes on a two week holiday with a friend to greece, leaving her gobsmacked husband behind.

she goes on a journey and finds out more than she intended.

a witty northern comedic drama, with a fine cast. a great idea. worth while seeing.

The Secret of My Success

michael j fox, an 80's icon.

a funny and witty film, with great sequences, its got it all

centred around fox's character who wants to become an executive and finally show his talents, but has to start at the bottom, so he decided to make soem new rules and pulls a shortcut and pretends to be an executive.

love squares!, business, love and good fun is in this film.

a brilliant film with my favourite sone, walki8ng on sunshine.

one of the good films of the 80's. the light hearted comedy. a sweet story with a romance within it. is a film worth seeing and will appeal to anyone.

Walk the Line

really good film. good music, so much happens in it, sweet n romantic too. really good actor joaquin phoenix. played the part well. just a good biography film. you learn so much about his life and his father who caused him trouble. i really enjoyed it.

Somewhere in Time

a romantic, kind of cheesey film, but still romantic and heart warming and pure fate and and perffect story of two people in love but from very different times.

a very differnet idea for a film which works, quite good acting, the main characters have good chemistry. worth seeing.

The 40 Year Old Virgin

i've finally seen it. and what a funny film, some hillarious scenes. however it could be better.

paul rudd is excelent though and the same for seth rogen and what words cane xplain how funny steve carell is.

Billy Elliot
Billy Elliot(2000)

one of a kind.

centred around a young boy lving in the north of england at the times of teh mining strikes, his name is billy elliot. his mother died a few years before and has been broughten up by his very masculine and tough fatehr and his brother.

whilst at his boxing lessons he notices a ballet class and starts to mess around and practices. the teacher sees talent in him and convinces him to take lessons.

as you can see problems happen.

a brilliant cast, julie walters is amazing and jamie bell who plays the lead role is superb, and does the film proud.

it tells a great story, its not just all about billy which makes it interesting. an uplifting and touching tale with some great norther humour and moments which people can really relate to.

a great soundtrack of all the classics, we definately love to boogie.

worth watching.


quite a good film, funny in parts but a little slow at times.

all about a boy moving to a small time who loves to dance, but teh christian obssesed citizens forbid anything and have a curfue.

problems with this rule happen.

bacon plays the lead, and well.

worth seeing for teh song and the geeky dancing.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

a very intersting movie.

centred around jim careys character and his 'girlfriend' played by kate winslet, who undergo memory washes of each other.

however through carey's he realises taht he doesn't want to lose her.

a interesting film, makes you think and you have to try tp keep up, i found it thought provoking.

a light comedy drama with a great couple shown on screen which is believable.

an all star supporting cast who keep you entertained.

its a uniqeu film with an eccentric meaning and cinematography behind it.

a beautiful film.

Local Hero
Local Hero(1983)

what a great film.

all about a headstrong busnessman from america who visits a scottish village to finalise a deal to buy the whole place for an oiol refinery. he soon meets teh locals and problems arise.

a cheerful and up-lifting film, a simple movie but with a big picture in mind and a great cast.

there are some hillarious moments, very intersting.

greatly put together, highly understated with such good cinematography and script. its worth it, maybe its more for the british viewing public.

Trust the Man

about two couples, who are best friends. an actress who seems to have it all figured out with her life is the totalopposite to her slacker brother. the four people have arguments, infidelity and a journey unfolds on finding love, happiness and a great parking spot for your car.

a funny film, hillarious kits in parts, real relationships that you can relate to.

a loving film and just intersting.

a great cast who jel wwll with one another.

worth seeing

He's Just Not That Into You

can people read the signs?, will they call?,do they like you?, is it right?

well this film answers those questions, with hillarious and beautiful outcomes.

the same concept of love actually. many stories within this film, which make it fun and interesting to watch

its a chick flick so wont be to everyone's taste.

with a great cast of all types, the charactersa dn storylines are thingsyou can relate with, the situations that happen are common and you'll like this film more for the honesty, and making it fun.

a lovely film, with sweet couples, friendships and relationships blossoming in it.

Sex Drive
Sex Drive(2008)

a teenage guy goes on a road trip to meet a girl who he's been talking to other the internet and lose his virginity to her, his friends get involved and all sorts of goings-on occur.

a great little film.

he really "visits his grnadma"

a good teen road trip, its got it all, with a few known names and faces like seth green who plays a real opposite, and also james marsden with his beloved car and his ego. there are also some new ones which make it interesting and hillarious to watch.

A few great laugh out loud moments which make the film worth it.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

a funny and enjoyable chick flcik centred around rebbeca bloomwood (fisher) who works as a journalist at a financial newspaper. even though her articles are clued up on saving money and the best investments, she herself is a shopaholic and is in debt by $16,000.

aa intersting story and a beautiful relationship blossoms with her dashing boss (dancy).

a simple fun chick flcik with obvious outcomes, but you still watch it.

Straight from the Heart

a blind date on awhole new level

jordan a photographer from new york has been wuth her boyfriend for five years but with no real commitment. So she agrees to go on a match making arranged by her frined with tyler, a horse rancher from west.

at first theres tension between the two, because they dislike each others thinking. but soon they grow on each other.

A beautiful tale, a nice romantic drama.

Magic of Ordinary Days

a young woman becomes pregnant out of marriage by her soldier boyfriend, however he refuses to marry her, causing her to be pressured into an arranged marriage by her father to a farmer in a desolate town in collarado. set near to the end of the wars in the 40's, it shows how the woman most adpat and or flee.

it was a believable story, with likeable characters; with a good cast the leads show actual chemistry between each other. a touching romance which blossoms over time.

an 'ordinary' romance but is believable, its not all the hollywood love at first sight, which is why it appeals to me even more, set in a beautiful era too, which shows the hard times and upset people can go through. a lovely film. its romantic in all the right ways.

worth a see if you're a romance lover.

National Lampoon's Animal House

an offbeat-quirky comedy set in an american college in 1962, its centred around the delta house, the worst reputation on campus for parties, noise, illegalties and down right mischief and FUN!

the misfits and instantly loveable chacrters make the film incredible and the one of the best national lampoon's films

all people will love this film, its got all types of comedy, its wacky and outrageous.

it shows what true filmaking is about. directed by john landis and co wrote by harold ramis from the ghostbusters. a great cast even though at the time many of them were unkown they all took on their roles. its a believable film.

people should watch it even for the horse scene!

with brilliant one-liners and expressions from bluto (belushi) and stunts and gags from the rest of the cast, its an amazing film.

comedy at its best and one to watch forever.

toga! toga! toga!

New In Town
New In Town(2009)

new in town is a romantic comedy.

centred around a bussinessman who has been sent to a small town in Minnesota to work and control a factory. in the mist of it all she learns the way of life there and the makes friends within the community.

zellweger pulls off a good performance and so does connick jr. there's some nice moments and chemistry between these characters, which keeps you engaged to the film.

the ending is expected but the characters are likeable and there are some funny moments. its not the best but still a worth while watch on a friday night.

Jerry Maguire

a sports agent grows a Conscience and starts to realise how quantity over quality is'nt right, and how some sgents dont give their clients the time of day, its all about the money. so due to this breakthrough in himself, the company which he helped built fired him.

so he sees to go out on his own and take his clients with him, and a fellow employee who has a crush on him; and over time a romance blossoms here. howver only twoof his clients follow and one turns out to stab him in the back.

a real romntic drama, it has some sweet and romantic moments between cruise and zellweger. but it mostly revolves around maguirs and his new found life and and client rod tidwell who is his best friend.

a great film. some of the most iconic lines in cinematic history.

an amazing supporting cast. defiatley worth a look, even if only for the ironic memorable edning.

For the Moment


a heartwarming, though-provoking film.

a young russel crowe stars as the lead as lachlan a charming fighter pilot training in canada.

During his stay he meets lill played by christianne hurt who is his friends fiance's sister, their reklationship blossoms and they find a genuine connection between each other. its a beautiful romance however lill is already married to her chilhood sweatheart who a week after they got hitched he was sent to war, now a long time down the line, she feels alone and fins the romance as menas of an escape. so the romance has to be a secret affair from her family and her husbands sister.

As this romance is going on another more public and heartfelt romance between lachlans officer and the towns prostitute and mother of two fall in love.

for the moment crowe and hirt's characters share a beatifuk love nad friendship howver trouble is amist in this inevitable drama, and upsetting but still loving film.

supported by a good cast.

worth a watch.

Gone Baby Gone

what a dilema.

based on a novel. a little girl is kidnapped and family want more help so hire two detectves, who in the film find out delicate and supprising information on the case.

an amazing cast, morgan freeman shows in a few scens, but stillblows you away,
Ed harris plays an amazing role here, casey affleck is amazing here, a name to watch out for.

a touching story, which is delicate to look over, but is done perfectly by ben affleck in his major directing role.

superb acting with real dialogue, a wonderful script.

it makes you think what you'd do if you were in that situation. he has to make a professional and personal decision. a tough drama.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


i thought it would have brilliant british humour, and an all star cast and yep...

its not the best.

all about arthur dent a normal man who is having a bad day for sure, he travels through the galaxy with his best frined who has turned out to be an alien after earth has been destroyed by a bunch of miserable aliens.

the depressed robot is funny played by alan rickman, martin freeman who plays the lead does a good job and brings some humour to the film.

stephen fry narates, and makes it watchable, there's some wit in the comedy just not outstanding.

des mof plays the alien best friend which is an okay role, he's not right for a comedy.

so long, so long, so long, thanks for all the fish!
a funny song at the start.

City by the Sea

a drama, about a cop (de nir) who was the son of a kidnapper who got the chair in the 50's and now in present day his son has been accused of murder. so now his son is on the run and has left his son with de niro's character.

a lovely ending, de niro's character softens and he learns a lot from the people arouund him and how to help his son.

a good cast, mcDormand plays a good role, an interesting film, worth a see.


oh how could you M*A*S*H makers, make a terrible film.

M*A*S*H, a medical unit during the korean war in the 1950's around the men and women behind the war. 4077...

Even donald sutherland has a standard of being a amazing actor, but he brings no comedy to this, i dont know why they did'nt use the TV cast. All the characters are wrong, a random and weird choice of actors.

i challenge anyone to find a decent laugh out loud on the floor joke or stunt to label the film as M*A*S*H quality. yes there are some dark, sexist jokes which made me tickle but why do people love this so much.

radar's in it which lightens the heavy blow of such poor comedy.

a pointless storyline, a lot more sould have been done to live up to the name.

it saddens me to give a low rating, but when its crap, its crap.

Heaven Can Wait

fate, wow its a bitch.

"probabilty and outcome."

a interesting storyline about a football star who dies before his time so a guardian angel gives him a second chance to live.

Except its not in his body but a billionaire who has just been murdered by his evil wife and her lover. its hllarious in parts with the funny and sinster stunts, however its also uplifting and sweet when the man meets a woman and they fall in love.

however it depresses me and everyone always says that about the part im thinking of, (im trying not to give it away), you'll find out for yourselves.

But still worth a watch. a lovely film with a great cast. all good names, especially the lead, who makes the film fantastic, and i think he cute.

American Pie 5: The Naked Mile

2stars, even that good?

poorer and poorer sequels from the 'pie makers'. when is it enough?

its centred around a guy who is a member of the stiffler family and so has a reputation to uphold, but how can he when he's still a virgin.
his girlfriend is'nt ready to go further, so she lets him have a guilt free pass to his cousins college where the naked mile is happening, she soon changes her mind.
A very good idea as you can see, to centre it around a nude march. so his two friends go with him for 'moral support?' and as you can see crazyiness happens.

not the best funny or sweet film. al about sex. not as deep or some kind of meaning as the first free.

the cast try their best, but characters can be annoying, and there's a seen where the characters have an american football match against 'little people' (dwarfs)

they try to pull of stupid stunts or gory, tongue-in-cheek comedy, it doesnt work.

not worth it in my eyes, i dont think anyone likes this.

Fantastic Four

not a bad film.

All about a group of scientists going into space to learn more about human genes, but instead they get caught up in a radiation explosion which mixes up their genes causing them to be 'fireproof', 'a rock' , 'invisible' and 'fantastically flexible'.

a good cast with (gruffudd), (evans), (alba) and (chiklis) and a good lead up to the sequels.

a good superhero movie, with some funny parts, it had me laughing.

not bad special effects and action

so worth a see.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

what a good 'indie music' kind of film, very fun and simple, the relationship feels real.

its sweet, funny, energetic and has an amazing soundtrack (obviously)

also nice performances form cera and dennings. the characters feel real, not prissy, always confident, perffect teenagers but normal ones!

really worth a see, a great teen movie.


what a positive film.

all about a thirty year old woman who is as perky as can be, she's always happy, she goes through it all in the film, interesting plot to it.

a great perfromance from sally hawkins, who is a great actress.

a worth while film that is enjoyable, probably only a film you can watch once.

i like how the dialogue and acting from all the cast just feels so natural and at ease, it makes it more real.

i nice ending, because its simple and kind of ends the story, but the audience know that there's more for poppy, i thorughly enjoyed this film worth seeing, (if only once).

Broadcast News

wow. a good film. great comedy and drama in this film.

it follows the lives of three people making it in the news room. a love triangle between them occurs, its also about friendship and right from wrong. i love how it ends as well. perffectly done to finsih this mixed up story.

the cast are all great, albert brooks is brilliant and the same to holly hunter.

well throught out characters

worth a look

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

what a lovely film,

a real best friends movie with some excellent stories, again great acting in this from these four young talented actresses.

a nice sequel to the story of four best friends staying in touch through a pair of jeans fitting each of them exactly, it follows them now through college, relationships, friendships and finding each other.

its a heart felt, sweet, funny film which is worth a look.

Le Divorce
Le Divorce(2003)

a good film about two american sisters living in paris, who go through all sorts of problems, mostly on relationships, its different. worth a see.

It Could Happen to You

what a nice film about two people finding each other through the world of money, a nice cast with cage who plays a nice lead love role.

a lovely film about a man and his wife who win the lottery, however the day before he had promised half of his winnings to a waitress because he didnt have a tip for her.

quite funny, a nice film to see.

Kung Fu Panda

very funny, jack black does a great job, but could use some more one liners, a nice family film, the fight scenes are good to say its animation.

an all star cast, so a nice film.

Baby Boom
Baby Boom(1987)

i love this film,

great music to it, a real feel good soundtack that makes you happy

with a good cast and a leading actress who plays the role beautifully, you just cant go wrong, th baby is really cute as well.

a nice simple storyline. everyone should enjoy it, mostly for people who are not made of stone and can have a laugh.

a lovely actually funny film, worth seeing.

St. Trinian's

meh. worth a peek at.

an easy plot about an all girl school out of control who may be closed down due to being in debt.

the orignal is amazing and cant be beaten no matter who's in it.

its a fun, funny and crazy film in parts, however obvious puns and spoofs which can be a little annoying. so not the perffect film.

the theme song is acyually catchy, but i think the tunes from something else. i dont like to be picky because the characters are really interesting and funny.

a good cast, with new names to watch out for. such as gemma arterton who plays a brilliant part and also tallulah riley who was great to watch.

im glad to seen an almost all british star cast and film, to show the world that we can make comedies, they're just not the best yet...

Fever Pitch
Fever Pitch(2005)

what a great film

the film is a bout two people who start to go out, however a problems arises taht ben (fallon) is a huge red sox baseball fan and it comes first all the time, however will it stop his relationship.

with great humour and stunts, a beautiful meaningful relationship with good acting.
worth a look, i've never heard of jimmy fallon but now i think he's great, so funny and sweet. a lovely romance between them, drew barry more as allways shows you good acting with interesting characters.

an interesting,funny and sweet movie i think with lovable characters, worth a look.

Wuthering Heights

omg this was appauling, to say its supposed to be an iconic love story, this fails i think.

in some moments it has the passion and romance but not for long, it foes off the plot a little. however a nice ending i still feel annoyed with it, the acting is actually quite good; however i just didnt like heathcliffes and cathy for that matter as characters.

all i can say is i dont think this is the right version at all; i heard the 1939 is great, but the story does not appeal to me as much as jane austens or elizabeth gaskells andmany more other authors.

see to comprimise with other films if you want...



the story starts with natalie who is a popular, beautiful top of the class high school student who has it all, and then when assigning lab partners she is paired with keith who is an outsider with many secrets to himself, who shows another side of natalie and lures her from her normal day to day life.

a great cast, the two leads work really well together

mcCartney plays a great role, and the same for marnois, who fit perffectly together.

their chemistry is believable; its also a pun for that some of the scenes are in the chemistry lab, and thats where it all begins.

their relationship but most of all friendship is beleivable and addictive; you want to watch them forever... well i did.

a beautiful film, with a simple but pleasing and thoughtful plot.

worth a look, like a lot of people are saying it is like a walk to remeber but i think it is better, it feels more true and romantic

a brilliant romance film with a nice ending even though it is upsetting, it is happy and uplifting aswell. worth a peek...

If Only
If Only(2004)

an okay romantic drama, hewit is the best actor in this, with an interesting story to it.

the story is about a couple living in london who have an argument and hewits character dies in a car accident, however the next morning her boyfriend played by paul nicholas finds his girlfriend still there however all the same events are repating themselves. So can he change the future to save the love of his life?

its sweet and romantic in parts however has no wow factor or real pasion or anything to make it different from all the other romantic dramas.

it has a nice message and a beautiful relationship or idea is shown however in my mind its still a so-so film.


hillarious, a great teen movie

with a simple story, which works great, a good cast with some sweet moments in it.

in short its about horny teengae boys wanting to see naked girls and looking out for each other

the shower seen is unforgettable and iconic. a gritty film which was before its time, like american pie, but dare i say it? better in parts...

a great ending in my mind, and just a great fiilms

Honeymoon in Vegas

really funny film in parts...

strange pairing with cage and parker.

good cast, but okay acting. a quirky film which will cheer you up.

about a man (cage) scared of comitment but decides to go to las vegas to marry his girlfriend (parker) however troubles arises when a gangster (caan) thinks that she looks like his departed wife and so wants to marry her aswell; as you can see interesting things occur.

its hillarious some of the time, not a bad film; so worth seeing.

Ladies in Lavender

what a great film.

incredible acting from two legendary leads and some other familiar faces. Daniel Bruhl is also great.

the filming of this tale is perffect, shows true emotion, a nice story too, something simple but unusual that we the viewers can still understand.

its about two 'spinster' sisters living in a cornish village in britain who find a mysterious pollish young man swept onto their beach. over time they become friends with him and teach him the ways of the world, they learn much from each other and that the young man is a talented violinist.

In the mist one of the sisiters takes a 'fascination' to the young man. situations appear.

its a lovely heartwarming tale with charm and humour from the supporting actors, with beautiful music to entertain you further, worth a look.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

an actual good film,
good action scenes, funny in parts.
not a bad sequel

acting a good from such young leads.

interesting plot and situations. sweet ending aswell

worth a look.


what a lovely film, its sweet, sad but up-lifting and kind of funny in parts; but a great family film, which me and my family did and they all enjoyed it.

its a story within the film being told to a girl by her aunt who has lost her friend.

worth a look.

What Happens in Vegas

a quite funny film, good cast with two nice leads to keep you entertained.

its a realistic relationship and story which makes it more appealing.

its all about two totally oposite people who both go to vegas with their friends to let off some steam, however whilst they're there thye meet each other and other too many drinks, they get married.

after that there are of course problems and situations.

with some great one liners and visual comedy its an interesting and up beat film.

supprisingly good, so worth seeing. not the best rom com, but worth a look.

The Moth
The Moth(1997)

what a lovely film, a period drama with it all.

a nice romance between the two characters with their problems and obstacled along the way.

it centres firstly around robert bradley (davenport) who has his own set of problems whe his father dies, moves in with his uncle, his cousin accuses him to be the father of her child which damages his relationship. after all this he moves and works on another estate where he meets sarah thorman who he fall in love with.

a brilliant realistic tale and setting with supprisingly good acting. worth a see.

Secret Admirer

what a nice 80's flick,

about some mixed up business with love letters and its a good true tale about one friend admiring the other who likes someone else.

its funny in all the right parts and its just a sweet film. the main characters make it interesting even the parts with the parents are funny.

the whole films good, again a good old 80's film.


a lovely film, not perfect because for me there is not enough romance, however it shows the main themes of the story well.

it is romantic and dramatic.

it enlightens you and with so many stories going on there's always something to keep an eye on.

a good cast, sewell and aubrey play off each other brilliantly and are great.

a nice enough film, just very long but i supose its expected form a 900! page book.


i really enjoyed it.

a sweet romantic drama, and quite a thrilling, special effects film. lovely story

with a great cast and the two main leads are great. robert pattinson is a good actor. so is kristan stewart, they both took on the roles well. i think theres more to see from them in the next movies. they kept me hooked with their story.

an easy plot to follow about a girl (bella) who is staying with her father for a while in a small town. where she feels alone, but she soon finds a boy (edward) mysterious in his way and very shy around people. whoever he truly understands her,

however can she ever understand him?

there is more than meets the eye with edward...

its a good film and very romantic

worth seeing at least once. i loved it.

My Best Friend's Girl

what a good film.

witty and slapstick comedy, some real laugh out loud moments, with real emotions and relationships, its not the really soppy chick flick that doesnt seem real. people can relate to this a lot.

its about a guy who has been dumped by his girlfriend for moving too fast, so he calls upon his friend, who is a proffessional asshole; where he goes out with women and treats them terribly so that they go back to their ex boyfriends.

a clever idea?, situations occur and you get the gist of it.

a great cast, dane cook is becoming more popular and is a great comedic actor, kate hudson as always pulls off a good, believable perfomance; and jason biggs. well what can i say?, he's hillarious. also a great supporting cast such as lizzy caplan and alec baldwin who are hillarious.

supprisingly good. worth seeing. even if for dane cook :) and the song at the end gets in your head. really good.

Little Black Book

what a good film, its not what you expect which makes it better. its funny and swet but probably something you can only watch once. so see it!

its all about a woman starting off in the media business on a talk show, however she's also having to juggle a relationship too, which is when she starts to peak her nose into her boyfriends past relationships. as you can see, her plan has its problems...

the cast are good, britanny murphy is a great actress and keeps it entertaining. kathy bates makes a good role too. the rest of the cast make it funny and worth while.

have a look.

Love and Mary

what a suprisingly good film.

a nice cast with the two leads, a sweet romantic comedy about a woman who goes bcak home to see her family and to shoe them her fiance. well what they think is, her fiancee is busy so she takes his twin brother down instead.

as you can see many problems happen, but in the end its a lovely movie with good chemistry between the two stars.

it was funny in parts and is a nice film to watch the odd time.

worth seeing if you're a chick flick lover.



its all about an old woman looking back 50 years ago to when she was young and a bridesmaid at her best friends wedding, then things happen.

i nice film, reminds me of so many romantic dramas however it lacked the romance or chemistry between the supposed couple, in some parts it feels slow and i think the ending is sudden. i did'nt understand or felt like i connected with the characters to be totally interested in this film.

its not bad,its a shame to say their is quite a good cast in it. worth seeing i suppose. just nothing special in my opinion


not a bad film, sweet, funny, some good drama in parts with a young and talented cast.

interesting story about a christian community in america set in their ways; when problems start occuring...

Catch and Release

a lovely, heart-warming story about a woman letting go of her recently deceased fiancee.

its sweet and romantic, and kevin smith lightens the spirit making it hillarious in parts.

a good film, with a great cast; garner plays a nice role. worth seeing

Ghost Town
Ghost Town(2008)

loved it.

wow! i love ricky gervais even more, he makes his characters so believable and people you can relate to who are'nt perfect.

its not the traditiona rom-com you are expecting, its better!

its hillarious in every way, i laughed the whole way through, with great one liners from everyone.

greg kinnear is an amazing actor and does great comedy, and who would have thought to see teo leoni again, and playing a great lead.

its ery enjoyable with its twists and very uplifting and emotional too, it may not be everyones total cup of tea but you will all have a smile on your faces after you've watched it.

it has it all, and its great to se ricky gervais as a lead where he belongs.
worth seeing, if only for a couple of minutes.


I Could Never Be Your Woman

what a funny film, paul rudd is excellent as always, michelle phiefer is interesting as well, seeing her in a different role.

a sweet film about a woman in her 40's still going strong and falling for a younger man.

its hillarious in parts and just sweet and relatable, if thats a word.

a good supporting cast with a few british faces here and there, so yeah worth seeing.

One Crazy Summer

what a funny teen movie, its sweet crazy interesting and john cussack, who was a great teen star. demi moore is good too and so are the rest of the cast who make it a hillarious

I Capture the Castle

i good drma, serious and romantic. all about a seventeen year old girl and her family growing up in england, and going through their problems.

there's a good cast, very interesting.


what a good film, about a group of girls wanting more than a family in life. set in 1963, its a nice teen movie, its sweet and funny.

it has a good cast even them being so young.

Drop Dead Gorgeous

well its a great film, good cast with some great onje liners.

i love the reatrd , lol. he's hillarious.

its incredibly funny, set as a documentary. all about the american teen beauty pageant world

Now and Then
Now and Then(1995)

what a great best friends film, lovely how these four girls spent their summer, its fuunny, sweet, loving and a great family film. worth seeing

even all the cast play their parts well.

a great story, worth a look.

My Father, the Hero

not bad, its funny. good characters. interesting story about a father and daughter who are'nt close going on a holiday and well... lots happen. its a nice family film, worth seeing.

An Officer and a Gentleman

love lifts us up where we belong!

just love that, its played all through the film, its perfect,

the story is about zack who is aspiring to be a navy pilot, along his ways he meets a tough drill sargeant who's always on his back and a factory worker named paula who he falls in love with but does'nt realise it.

it has its ups and downs in the love story but its a lovely romantic drama.

it has to be seen, even for the iconic ending.

richard gere gives a good perfomance and so does debra winger.

dont miss it.

Unconditional Love

what a brilliant film with nice songs in it.

a good cast, kathy bates never dissapoints, rupert everett was great and dan aykroyd playing a good role. also meredith eaton who was spectacular and outrageously funny.
wow kathy bates can sing, what cant she do.

its hillarious. what makes it funny is that they do a stupid stunt or a funny line when its supposed to be a serious and sad point in the film.

its sweet and really shows unconditional love, a great moral and just something that will youch you.

its lovely and a cameo of julie andrews is funny. i wish my plane journeys had her and a big singalong.

Under the Greenwood Tree

what a sweet film about a woman who has three men falling in love with her and she is confused with love or status, its a nice tale with some good actors. interesting and sweet, worth seeing.

Pride and Prejudice

this is a lovely adaptation of jane austen's novel. with a wonderful cast including keira knightley and mathew macfayden who are brilliant actors and make you believe it all. also the supporting actors such as brenda blethyn, donald sutherland, tom hollander and judi dench and many more are superb.

i also like the other stories going on around them, like mr bingley and jane which is reallyy sweet and romantic too.

i love this story about two people who are totally opposite and have everything in common and love each other through and through and are only happy when together. the director really shows their relationship grow in a great way.

i always felt that there was'nt enough romance in this but that was the 19th century, and now i think its perfect.

the setting is great too and really shows how the 1800's were like.

its a jam-packed story with false accusations, proposals, elopements, breaking up's, family problems and of course beautifull, truthfull, puppy love.
i think every woman wants her own darcy.

i do think its better than the 95 version, but thats my opinion.

an incredible heart-warming tale done so amazingly well.

its a tale that is seen in modern day times so people can really relate to the situation.

it is the greatest ever love story.

and it is for everyone, so worth seeing once in your life

The History of Mr. Polly

not a bad drama.lee evans plays a quirky character and does it well. the other actors are good too, its an interesting tale of a man who is pushed around and driven to suicide, quite funny in parts. worth seeing.

Lorna Doone
Lorna Doone(2000)

not bad, kinda rubbish acting in parts, its sweet and romantic of course, not bad fight scenes. so its okay.

Hello, Dolly!

i love this one, the two main characters/actors are great,

the supporting cast are good too, and what a catchy song. all the other songs and simple but really good, just a great musical.

The Last of the Mohicans

nice music, good setting, great actors, a good film,

On a Clear Day

what a lovely inspiring film, its good british humour with a brilliant cast. it has a lovely story, very interesting, worth seeing.

Camp Rock
Camp Rock(2008)

not bad but

as cheesy as can be!

demi lovato smiles too much, the acting all seems a little rusty and fake, the jonas brothers do a good job actually, and its sweet with the little romance,

not bad songs and it has its okay parts.

its just that i dont really like teen musicals because they're too much the same.

Coach Carter
Coach Carter(2005)


a good film, samuel l jackson makes it a great role. its a great drama beause its not allays serious and depressing. good uplifting story behind it. it had a good script and every other actor in it is great.


quite funny. all about gettiing high. some good cast.

You Don't Mess With the Zohan

there were some funny parts but it was too over the top, its was'nt sandlers best. it annoyed me in parts, but hey thats my opinion. nothing special.

Grosse Pointe Blank

martin blank is a hit man who has to go to his hometown to kill someone and his high school reunion is on too.

its a black comedy with hillarious scenes. such as the store shooting, its witty and just great.

good main charcters with nice chemistry.

john cussack is great at comedya dn so is his sister joan who cracks me up. minnie driver is also good too. dan aykroyd shows up and so does the hillarious jeremy piven who is great. you'll laugh all the way through.

its simple and allways entertaining and its sweet too.

its also got the best music in it, everything fits in this.

worth seeing

The Ruby in the Smoke

quite a good film, interesting drama with a good dective kind of story for it, its all about the past secrets and mystery of a ruby necklace and sally lockharts fathers death (piper). good characters played by good actors. not bad.

Girl's Best Friend

what a nice film, about a moody miserable music critic hwo has to take her mothers dog across country called binky, she soon changes through her journey.

its such a sweet film some some funny moments, worth seeing.

I Want Candy
I Want Candy(2007)

for some daft reason i love this film, its funny and really sweet, good english film with a nice cast, its the same kind of story to the girl next door.

Ocean's Thirteen

not bad. allways good twists in it. i love the characters, allways a good cast in these films. intersting enough, some real funny moments.

Flushed Away
Flushed Away(2006)

"have ya seen my dad?"

this is really funny,theres some good songs and good cast with some funny slugs that always sing its really funny. a good cartoon film for the whole family.

The Out-of-Towners

incredible, the stuff that happens to these 2. the laughs are neverending and jack lemmon says and does some really funny stuff, anyone will enjoy this, its soo funny and very different.

Some Like It Hot

what a great plot. curtis and lemmon are superb. its hillarious. and i love the " nobody talks like that". its great, will allways be watched and allways be funny.


this is a brilliant film,it has it all n i luv it,every miniute there's a funny sketch or little a line that makes you burst out laughing,this is amazing and i've got it.i love to watch it with my family beacuse they all enjoy it,its for everyone and is ace.

Rush Hour 3
Rush Hour 3(2007)

it did'nt keep me hooked. what happened the other two films had it all,

this wasnt that funny, bit boring stunts. not very likeable characters. nothing special

however tucker did come out with some great lines an dmade it funny in parts.

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

amazing. i love this, its got it all. funny, sweet, random, problems we can relate to. a good teen flick.

the cast keep it good. the main is great, georgia really makes the character and they all jell well together. eleanor tomlinson is great too who plays her best friend. they're all so funny and just great. tommy bastow's good too, also aaron johnson is good.

i saw it last night and i want to see it again.

a good story based on books which is made into a great film.

all about a 14 year old girl who takes us through her life being a teenager.

a good brit flick, worth seeing.

Life/Drawing (Apartment 12) (Low Rent)

yawn. mark ruffalo is dissapointing, everything is wooden, its supposed to be a rom com but there's no parts in the filme where you'll go awww thats sweet, there was no chemistry with the characters. it's so boring, no jokes or humour to lighten the mood. dull dull dull. not worth seeing. what a waste of time seeing it.

The Lake House

dont think too deep about this film, its just two people falling in love and for once its an interesting plot, it is quite slow and i like more comdey but i suppose its more sweet and like a real relationship, its romantic in parts and we all know the ending but what the hey, it doesnt matter its an okay film. just not the best. try it though.

Be Kind Rewind

uplifting, funny, sweet and just basically good.

i mean its not all funny there are parts that look a little awkard or serious but overall good.

good cast, the main keep it funny. its original. worth seeing. i saw it on the planre and even with all the chaos i was still glued to it. nice ending too.

Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia!(2008)

wow. i would give this a million stars if i could,

the cast have done the abba songs proud. each actor belted out their song. meryl streep in parts sounded a little strange but brought it home with the winner takes it all, and who'd of thought brosnan could sing. also everything just flowed, they all worked well together, great chemistry like they had known each other for years. amanda seyfried was great in this leading role, not well known but she will be now and a good voice too.

its intersting to see colin firth and peirce brosnan in a musical, they fit to the parts quiet well. a great cast and good dancing too.

the real feel good film, so heart warming and hillairous in parts with julie walters and all the cast saying a good line. very funny.

this is one of them very special films that can be watched over and over again.

also funny cameo appearances from benny and bjorn. :)

the location is incredibel and the story really fits with the songs and vice versa.

its really works well as a film, kept me entertained, one of my favourite musicals now. i cant stopping humming and singing the abba songs. im glad to see that everyones put over 4 stars because its worth it.

i love abba and now i love this

so cheesy but you gotta love it.


quite good. its really funny in parts but then a bit of a let down in others, still worth watching though. good actors but should have made more of them, sweet though and actually romantic and nice in parts. not bad. not bad.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

not bad, nothing special, john hannah makes t funny in parts. its not the best of the three but good special effects and a bit of action.

Sense and Sensibility

wow this is an incredible adaptation of jane austens's sense and sesibliity.

great cast who have good chemistry, for some reason i do prefer this to the movie version. i like the actors more. it tells the tale well.

very drmatic in oarts but such a lovely series. very intersting. a good story by jane austen, people can still relate the happenings and problems in this plot today.

also dominic cooper is gorgeous in this. :). but also so are the other men. hehe.

i really enjoyed this. worth seeing.

Charlie Bartlett

this is my opinion of the film...

original,vibrant,on the edge,hillairous and sweet

about a boy who is allways looking for trouble in school to be noticed and his new scam will be the worst and funniest. thats all that needs to be said, now you have to watch it.

the plot is interesting and apleasing film all round.

the central character is not the average icon for a film, but he's brilliant. yelchin plays him well. so are the rest of the cast with dobert downey jr popping in it and making a "splash" literally. his character is very different.

its quite dark in places covering sensitive issues which makes it good, people can relate to it more. the light heart lines from charlie make it funny and nice again.

a decent film to be seen by everyone.


loved it really good. its got it all romance,bit of horror and action. its got a great cast of course everything is top noch. its a funny, fantasy film for all the family and everyone should enjoy it. great story to it aswell.

The Ex
The Ex(2007)

but dissapointing, i thought it would be funnier but ah well. still a nice film to see once. zach braff has his hillarious moments, its just not his best piece.

the cast are quite good.

interesting enough story. its just nothing special.

North & South

i wish i could give more than 5 stars.

adapted from elizabeth gaskells love story.

what a great mini series. its such a nice simple tale which shows the truth about the 19th century life in the mills.

its concentrated on a woman who has moved up north with her mother and father through having less money. lots happens in it making it interesting and worth while.

the cast are amazing and lovely to watch, you'll love every character especially thorton played by richard armitagewho is gorgeous, but also a great actor, good at drama.

its such a nice story with its upsetting moments of course but its an uplifting tale and very romantic i think.

its worth seeing.

The Lonely Guy

what a good film, an early comedy from steve martin which is really funny. stupid stunts and lines that make it hillarious, like the jerk, maybe better in my mind.

its about a guy who gets dumped and finds it hard getting back with the world so is labelled as a lonely guy, lots of problems a-rise but he finally is'nt lonely for a while.....

its has a funny cast, the two main actors are brilliant. worth seeing by anyone.

Keeping the Faith

what a nice film.

about two friends growing up ones a priest and ones a rabi, then their old chum anna reilly from 8th grade meets up with them and feelings start, the two guys like her. and there's trouble (like there allways is) :). its a nice, sweet, actually really funny film.

good cast, the three main actors are great, it all flows. and i cant believe norton can do rom-coms,:) . ben stiller's funny as ever and just an interesting film.

worth seeing. good film.

Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins(1964)

really good film with some good songs in it,i love it me lol.
good for families. a real feel good movie. the cast are quite good too apart from van dyke's accent :)

The Sound of Music

this film is really good actually.

every song in it is great, you can sing along to them all. its so cute and funny in parts.

the story is interesting with lots happening every minute. its about a girl wanting to be a nun who is sent to be a governess for an austrian widower and its carrys on from there with a few miss-happs.

this is a really nice and sweet film. i love it and the cast are great, every part is played well.
its one of the best musicals.

its a real feel good film even with the nazi's

worth watching definately.

My Fair Lady
My Fair Lady(1964)

what a great film.

good cast, the two min are great, interesting story and very sweet and funny.

there's also some great songs in it. nice film.

Starter for 10

what a good film, mcavoy does a good performance here, some other funny characters, its a nice college kind of film about a lad who goes to unniversity and works to go on the unniversity challenge programme and it starts from there. very sweet and romantic and just simple but good comedy, nice.

Picture Perfect

what a nice film actually, its got some good funny scenes, also has nice songs in it to sing along to :).

its all about a woman who wants to be promoted and do better in her work but her boss thinks that she wont stick with them if she's not settled down with a husband, so she decides to make one up and pretend she's engaged to a man called nick. you can see where it will go, funny goings on and lil bit of trouble. its funny and interesting. a nice sweet rom com.

the cast are infact good however kevin bacon is a strange choice. i think jon mohr is a good choice and plays the part well. jennifer aniston is suprisingly good, but not the best rom com leading lady. however she makes a good effort and its got nice chemistry and romance between the characters in parts. i think its a nice chick flick to see.
worth seeing sometime if you're a chick flick lover :)

Saving Private Ryan

amazing. woah, i finally watched the whole thing last night and its great. great storya dn very real. the battle scenes are amazing. the main the chracters are all superb and its just a great war film. the actors play it well. its just emense. tom hanks is the best.

The Breakfast Club


all to say. its mazing, the real 'brat pack' film. its about a group of teenagers brought together at school on a saturday dentetion. they soon find their problems with each other and it all starts. its got a little romance to it which is sweet.

i just love this film, its got comedy, a bit of seriousness to it and a bit of love.

also a great cast, every actor is just right and plays their part perffectly.

a nice ending to with great songs.

amazing, worth seeing.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

not bad, a lot of people find it complicated, none of my family got the jist of the story but i did. its just a lot for some people to take in.
it kind of drags on and is very slow but does get to a point if you can understand it :).

however its still worth watching and it has it's funny moments and good battle scenes on the ships.

but i just dont think its the best one and hopefully that will be it because the ending was classic and should be left at that.

good acting from all the cast, johnny depp keeps it interesting. a bit of drama, action, horror romance and comedy. what more could you want:)

so overall not bad.

worth watching

Her Best Move

not bad. it stays interesting and cute.

nice plot about a girl having the chance to join the us national team for football. but things get in the way like school, sports and romance.

its actually got some good actors making it nice to watch. its just a sweet romance between the main characters too.

good to check out once.

The Land Girls

this is a lovely film.

its about 3 young women who join the women's land army to help on farms and so forth with the men away at war. setin 19 41 during ww 2 it tells the tale of the 3 women growing up and falling in and out of loove.
its a sweet film with three great main characters and actresses playing them

very enjoyable, and just a nice romantic drama.

worth seeing at least once.

Shaun of the Dead

simon pegg briliant as ever.

a funny spoof film. classic fight scene to queen's dont stop me now. other hillariuos stunts, scenes and one liners that make it fab. nick frost his mate is great in it too, he plays his part well.

the rest of the cast are funny and keep it good. brilliant.

worth watching.

Minority Report

saw it years back it just seemed too confusing nothing special in my mind.

The Untouchables

have'nt seen the ending so there you go. but it seemed a good mafia action type film,

L.A. Confidential

cant remeber it so i should watch it again.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

not bad. it interesting (i'll give it that) but its just nothing special, its as good as number 2.

the effects are used well, they dont use them all the time which would have been annoying. a good point is the action scenes are interesting and back to how his old films with the good punches and all that jazz.

the actors are goos and play their parts reasonably well. shia la boef is actually quite good, but i think they should stop now, indi's getting a little old now.

its also still funny with some good scenes and jokes to entertain, its just the alien part which annoys me. but my opinion just not the best indi film of them all. check it out, you might like it.

Dirty Dancing

10/10 from me.

its starts with a girl 'frances/baby' going to a holiday camp with her family and getting to know the dance teacher 'johnny' very well and they fall in love, but as you know how these films go there's trouble and a few hic-up's along the way.

i love it and cheesy it may be its still in my opinion one of the best romance films ever. it has great main charcters which keep it entertaining. also the songs in it fit perfectly with the scenes especially the ending song which is lovely. everything just goes right. this was probably the first dance, romance kind of film (if you no what i mean). but no matter how hard people try it cant be beaten.

that one line of "nobody puts baby in the corner" shows that its a classic.

its also got some funny parts to balance out the drama and trouble. its a very uplifting film which is seen in the ending dance, lol. its so sweet and romantic and shows what true love is lol. i thought it would be boring but its interesting all the way through.

cheesy as it sounds but you do "have the time of your life" watching it. worth seeing by chick flick lovers for definate. loved it.

so whats not to like?

Greek: Chapter One


i love this series, its got it all. its really hillarious and also some drama. great stories between the main characters, theres allways something going on. it really shows how college life is. its also very sweet with the roomance between the characters. every character is fun and played well by the actors, so good acting for once.

as you can see its about college kids at cyprus roads in the fraternities and sororities and all the fun and drama that goes on.

its not a film but a good series to watch, theres also going to be season 2 which will be even better.

im officially hooked to it. this has to be watched if you like teen movies, chick flicks and comedies. its great. 10/10 from me. worth watching. see for yourself.

Ballet Shoes
Ballet Shoes(2008)

this is a lovely film.

its about three young girls trying to get their names into the history book for something. its set in the early 30's around a family and of course the girls who are called the fossil's who are adopted by an explorer.

its an interesting plot with lots happening in it. good actors in this, its a lovely film, worth watching.


really funny actually, its about a guy who got denied from every colege he apllied to so decides to make his own collegeup to please his parents, you can see from that bit of info where it will go. so check it out.
its got's a good story to it, some hillarious scenes and nice characters.

one to watch. just funny, uplifting and a "college" kinda film :)

First Daughter

good good good film in my mind. sweet rom com, katie holmes is actually nice in this and marc blucas is sweet too. rest of the cast are good too, make it interesting, but in parts it does feel like its dragging on but a nice ending. worth watching

Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines

this is a great 60's british film with a lot of famous faces and such a funny cast. everyone should enjoy it. its just laugh after laugh. nice story to it, dont know why i like it so much but i do. good film.

What's Up, Doc?

what a great film, so funny when streisand was at her best, and ryan o'neal waht a good actor, two great characters that make it really interesting,all the other characters are funny and quirky too.

Every minute is interesting, a real comedy with a clash of personalities between the characters and lots of mix ups and twists between four suitcases within the hotel.

its a sweet film with a little romance of course but mostly just fun with lots of crazy stuff going on, its just mayhem.

Ignore everyone elses reviews i know good films when i see them, worth watching in my opinion.

The Girl Next Door

what a sweet film, not what i expected, it was better, nice story really funny, likeable characters and it was just goood. worth watching, a nice chick. sweet, funny and just a nice kinda rom-com.

Kissing a Fool

okay film, kinda obvious what will happen. funny in parts and its told by bonnie hunt who makes it funny. not so romantic really so nothing special. not worth seeing.

Things to Do Before You're 30

funny film, its a good story and its good how there's so many stories between the charaters, its always interesting. not bad. i nice kind of british humour football mates film, if you understand what i mean.

Schindler's List

words cant describe this. its very upsetting and touching. it gives a real insight into WW2 and the holocaust, i watched it in a history class and i tried so hard not to cry. i love the honesty of this film and how simple its filmed which creates a great atmosphere. the cast all work well togetherand its just a brilliant film.

One Fine Day
One Fine Day(1996)

this is such a nice film and is really funny aswell. its a simple story about two single parents who bump into each other through their kids and it causes some trouble. the two main characters have
great chemistry even thought they are total opposites. the children link them together throughout. its a nice family film as well as a rom-com. worth watching.

Better Off Dead

wow! john cussack shows he can do it all. its hilarious this. just some crazy stunts like the paper boy who is insane. the japanese racers. and many more. its also a sweet sweet film too. its a good 80's flick. worth watching in my eyes.

Boys and Girls

i love this film, its such a sweet and funny movie, the two main charcters keep meeting up and are total opposites and work well together. its alot like the film 'when harry met sally' just more modern and sweeter. theres romance in it. its a good cast with jason biggs in it whos funny as you know. its a good teen chick flick movie and i like it.

Head over Heels

what a nice film, its just funny and sweet and quirky some funny parts, it can be a bit... i dont know the word but its a nice film with two good main characters. freddie prinze jr is so sweet in this, he makes the filmin my eyes. its not the best but one to watch once i think.

Chasing Liberty

now this is a lovely film, two great characters with the two agents who follow thm who make it funny, it does go a bit off track but its quite good and nice one to watch once, see if you can and mathew goode is really nice in it :).

Just One of the Guys

not bad, a kinda funny chick flick. the little brother is funny. its not bad. like she's the man. not bad.

Valley Girl
Valley Girl(1983)

really good actually. nicholas cage is really sweet in this. its funny and a nice 80's chick flick. nice cast and a cliche story but i like it. great songs in it aswell, one to watch, its sweet.

The Way We Were

WOW what a lovely film, and i like the song thats played a thousand times in it lol. but what a lovely romantic touching simple story, its lovely its just a shame with all their views and differences but i suppose it shows that love aint easy. great film with great chemistry. two brilliant main actors, everything just fits and its such a nice film to wacth.

There's Only One Jimmy Grimble

good film about a footbal mad lad, its a good cast, funny, nice film.


what a heart-warming story. the characters and actors are perfect and everyone does there bit to keep this film together. its a nice story which is very touching, and if you dont cry at this film then you're mad of stone, lol. its great. julia roberts and susan sarandon are two great actresses and make this a great film. so upsetting but happy at the same time. i stayed up really late to watch this two nights ago and im glad i did. its lovely.

5 Children and It

pretty good film actually. eddie izzard is funny as it. and all the other characters are good tto. its a nic efamily film about 5children (of course) who go to live with their uncle in the countryside for a while with the war being on and its pretty good with what they get up to. not bad, not bad.

Over Her Dead Body

saw this a while back and its a pretty good film, funny, sweet and nice. different story, some parts area tad cliche and boring but the cast hold it together, apart from lake bell who aint that good an actress. but part from that its a good film to watch not the best, but ya know.

The Very Thought of You

i love this film, saw it like 2 years ago when my sis got it and its just a really good chick flick and with the britsh lads in it and our humour lol. joseph fiennes is nice aswell. its a really good sweet rom com film. its a lil confusing for some people but i thought it was great. see for yourself.


just watched it n i must say, its a pretty good film, like the skateboarding its funny and good actors in it. nice film, one to watch.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

wow what a nice film, so sweet and all good stories between the girls so its interesting. also mike vogel is nice :). but its also funny and sad in parts but its a great friends kind of film, and theres a next one so yay!. just saw it now and i wanna watch it again. so lovely. and even know the cast are'nt that well known they're all great and give great performances. such a nice "feel good" kinda movie. watch it!

Dhoom: 2
Dhoom: 2(2006)

i actually like this film, saw it last night stayed up late to watch it and i'm glad i did. its kinda cheesey but what the heck, the main actors are great and can really sing and dance, its interesting and an okay plot to it. and that hrithik roshnan is fine, lol. its kinda funny, bit of action, lots of dancing and music and dramatics in it and i love it.

Almost Famous

excellent, all the actors are great, some you know, some you dont and it doesnt matter, because they all bring it together to create a simple, funny film for anyone.i lve the plot to it about a boy writing an article for the rolling stones magzine on stillwater in 1973. and he goes on tour with them. and they all sing tiny dancer in the scene by elton john which is a great song now i think. its never dull and i just think its a nice film.

The Happiest Millionaire

what a nice film, a good musical with a plot to it that is interesting. tommy steele is great and so are the other haracters, its a feel good kind of film about normal stuff. i liked it.

The Princess Diaries

what a nice film. a good funny chick flick film about a girl becoming a princess. its good and with a fewgood actors. a good story and a nice family film with some really funny bits.

The Slipper and the Rose: The Story of Cinderella

funny british musical. a nice version of the cinderella fairy tale. i missed half of it but i still enjoyed it. a lot of famous faces in this film. i love it.

Bulletproof Monk

okay. some chinese kinda over the top fight scenes and stunts. sean william scott kinda brings it together with some humour. an okay funny action film. not the best at all.

Drive Me Crazy

awwwww, i love this film, its sooo sweet and funny. the main actors are really good. its a great teen movie with a good story to it, i did'nt get bord and neither would you. and the song is actually good to say its britney. adrian grenier is nice as well. watch this

The Full Monty

i love this film, a good yorshire film with great british actors. and a grest script there are some grest lines that are really funny. grest story and just everything, its a great one to watch.

The Devil Wears Prada

like ugly betty but better. anne hathaway is funny, the charcters are great and played well, its a sweet film and kind of funny but not the best chick flick. buit still worth a watch.

Spies Like Us

funnu funny funny chevy chase and dan aykroyd, no better partnership. so stupid, good story and just a nice funny film,

Dr. No
Dr. No(1962)

really good james bond and the first too. sean connery was brilliant.

For Your Eyes Only

love the song to it, roger moore is okay not the best bond, its still a sophistiacted film and quite funny and action packed, not the best though

Police Academy 6 - City Under Siege

this aint bad still funny jokes and stunts

Corrina, Corrina

i really like this film, the three main actors are great, its a sweet funny and nice film. worth watching.


love this film great songs and great actors who know what they're doing. just love the whole thing.

From Justin To Kelly

i think i've seen this film and its quite good, a sorta funny chick flick but not the best.

Small Soldiers

actually a good film, funny and great actors and characters, a good family action film

A Walk in the Clouds

i saw this a while ago and its actually pretty good. a sweet storya dn nice characters, its simple and is a nice film. the actors are all great. have atry and see it, its okay.

Raise Your Voice

juat watched it and its really good. some great songs by hillary duff, i love 'fly' and oliver james is really good in this film and of course hillary too. all the actors and characters are great, its a good story which shows that its not allways easy when going for a dream. i really like it, its sweet, funny, full of music and just a nice film. a good teen movie to watch.


really amazing film i saw it a zew days a go and i want to see it again. its got some great songs and voices from catherine and renee. i like the setting in the 1920's. i just love the whole concept of these women who killed their partners and do all the tricks in the book to get out scott free. richard gere is'nt the best but catherine and renee make up for it. i just adore this film, its fun, exciting, dark and just entertaining. a good musical in my mind.

Home Alone 4
Home Alone 4(2002)

rubish not very good criminals the boy is a rubbish actor. everything seems fake and soe'nt flow. and there's no real big scene with all the traps. rubbish try not to see it.

A Good Woman
A Good Woman(2006)

wow! actually a good film. set in the 1930's with a woman who seduces married men for every penny they have, which is played bythe great helen hunt. it gets really intresting with secreats coming out. oscar wilde created a classic story here and i really enjoyed watching it. a great cast and helen hunt plays her part well. its a good simple film with no fuss and over the top acting. it works and i would watch it again.

Weird Science

well. weird or what. love it though, some crazy stunts.

Spice World
Spice World(1998)

girl power or what. i know i'm sad for liking this film but its actually pretty good with a lot of famous faces and some of their best songs. they can actually act a little. its fun, funny and full of laughs.

Deep Impact
Deep Impact(1998)

its a weird tradition that me and my mum watch this every year and we allways cry. elijah wood is actually really good in this, its a good disaster film.

The Scarlet Pimpernel

for some reason i like this film, its a good old 17th century drama which i love, i love the story of the scarlet pimpernel. the man is really hamsome in a way too, lollove it. enough said.

Little Women
Little Women(1994)

aww i love this. this is my most watched film ever, i love it. its such a sweet and hert warming story thta anone can emphasize with. its sweet,dramatci and funny. i love it.


this is good i've watched it so many time because its emense. so funny and sweet.

Easter Parade

this is a really nice film and the dancing is really good in it,its kinda funny but more old fashioned and romantic film.its just a sweet muiscal which ya should see

Funny Girl
Funny Girl(1968)

well. what can i say, this is amazing, a great biopic and MUSICAL, the kinda film i like. barbara stresiand can really belt out a tune and knows how to act. its sweet, dramatic and of course funny. its a reall poor to rich story but she never forgets her past and will allways love her nick. their romance is beautiful and i loved wathcing every minute of this film. the 20's seemed like a nice time to be in. omar sharif actually looks quite nice in this lol. but its an incredible film and worth watching. "dont rain on my parade!" love it. perfect cast, songs story srcipt the whole shabang and she deserved that oscar.

Ali G Indahouse

only seen have of it so dont know for sure. but its actually pretty funny.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

actually funny watched it on a trip down to french then watched it when we were coming back up. was funny and kinda intresting but some bits were disgusting and really close to the mark.

Definitely, Maybe

what a great film. so sweet, i really enjoyed it with three stories and loves in this guys life. its a different approach to a comedy and i love it. funny romantic and he ends up with the best one yay!

The History Boys

this is a good film. its funny in parts, a real good drama from alan bennett. its modern and sophisticated with boys in a level at shcool wanting to go to oxford or cambridge to do history. with twists and mis - happs and great stories in between i think its good. i dont think its boring. its quite intresting but a shame about the reference to gays and the english teacher in my opnion.but with a great new cast and the flash into the boys future at the end makes it a simple but effective film. also dominic cooper is really nice in nice!

Big Business
Big Business(1988)

this is funny. really good how they did it. few jokes here and there but not the best.

9 to 5
9 to 5(1980)

funny funny funny. great song at start and end credits. folly parton actuallt a good actress and jane and lily are really funny too. usch good simple stunts and plot about the people at work being treated the same. they get their own back alright. it kinda loses the plot when lily steals a body and gets a bit boring but its soon funny again. one to watch.

Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre(1997)

good film, really enjoyed it, its really sweet and romantic and genuine, pretty good acting by samantha morton. the characters are good and the story to it is really intresting.good classic charlotte bronte story.love it


i love this film, i used to watch it all the time and the little cartoons. its a bit boring in parts but nice. kinda funny too.


alright film it had some good songs in it and was kinda sweet and funny but it just went on and on and did'nt want to end. so dont think its going to be a great drama chick flick or whatever its supposed to be, so not the best.

Big Fat Liar
Big Fat Liar(2002)

what a funny film. amanda and frankie play great parts and are really funny. good story and just great.

The Chorus (Les Choristes)

wow, really good story watched it in a french class and i really enjoyed it. its funny in parts and quite dramatic. the characters are all good and the little boy peppinot is sweet. the songs are actually pretty good. i like it, one to watch maybe.

A Fish Called Wanda

funny funny funny. all the characters are great in it. kevin kline is good. its a crazy, funny story. and them poor dogs never saw it coming. mcheal palin is funny.


this is a lovely film. quite funny and sweet. hayley mills is a great actor and plays the part well. its a good holesome film with a a nice story and its so heartwarming. one to watch in mind.

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz(2007)

this is funny. simon pegg and nick frost are a great match. simple and always funny. i enjoyed the slapstick and one liners and you should too. its taking the mick of police and how exciting it can be.

The Family Stone

oh well. kinda okay i guess. not te best story script and acting it all seems fake and misunderstood. too stupidly dramtic and not really that funny. i thought with the cast it woul be good but no it was'nt in my opinion.

Jeepers Creepers 2

seen it. kinda crap in my opinion, not that scary. rubbish sequela nd the first was'nt even good either.

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

not bad. okay storyline and script but it doesnt flow like the first one. sort of rubbish follow up. i dont know any of the actors apart from patrick swayze who comes back as a dance teacher. in a way its like save the last dance except that so much better. its not intresting. i'd give it a miss.

Ella Enchanted

funny chick flick. anne hathaway is funny and good to watch. the cast are funny and make it a kind of intresting fairytale story. one to see.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

love love love it,i wish i could give it more stars,its a great film and chevy chase plays the part well,its a crazy family christmas with new and stupid stunts and jokes that alwasy make me laugh, i think it is a great idea for a flm.

dont miss

Sliding Doors

for some reason i love this film but it is good infact. really different showing two ways into which her life could have happened if she had caught the train. its a sweet romantic drama with a twist with two good strong character playing the main characters. it als has nice music to it aswell. its one of them films that i always want to watch because everything in it is so simple and real and i never get tired of it, in my opinion i love this romantic comedy. its one of my favoirites. wish icould give it more stars for some reason.

one to see if your a romantic at heart!


wow. i was sopoo suprised. i thought this would be a cliche film for kids but i like it more tahn my 10 year old sister. its got it all, a talneted and and dramtic story and cast which bring humour in every situation and the little chipmunk is sweet. the characters are really good.i really enjoyed it, its sort of an adaptation of snow white with a few twist and turns which are great. its funny exciting and always happy. i love this film and so should anyone else.

I'll Be Home for Christmas

funny film. good christmas film, some funny and supid scenes and jokes. jonathan taulor thomas plays a good character.

The Christmas Card

this is a sweet sweet and kinda funny romantic drama about a woman who sends a letter to a soldier and because he is touched by the letter he goes to see her. however with her having a boyfriend it makes it difficult. its a sweet film. and a nice one to watch.

Sleepless in Seattle

this is really nice but goes on a bit but is still very sweet and kind of funny, however meg ryan is'nt at her best at all in this picture. tom hanks is funny and sweet in this. a good chick flick to watch if you're like me.


this is an okay film,kinda funny n okay action.okay cast, not the best, see if you like action thriller film.

Working Girl
Working Girl(1988)

really love it. its not as funny and romantic as it says to be but its a good stick to the man kinda film. not bad cast and kinda funny in parts. good old 80's films that is not worth a miss.

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

so random i missed the first 40 minutes of it but its still good. giid story, scary but a fantasy family film. not bad

The First Wives Club

funny, really good. three good leading actresses, different story. fab

That Thing You Do!

really gurd film just watched it. good cast and music biopic which i did'nt think i would like. but yeah funny and intresting and that song gets in your head. good ending to it aswell its sweet.

The Little Rascals

love this film. its sooo sweet and funny. and the little kids are really good. really good family film watch it

Black Sunday
Black Sunday(1977)

i know that no one has heard of this movie but honestly its quite intrestsing, a little confusing at first but arent all thrillers like that. it has a good plot and final action scene is good. and its not too over the top like some films with too many special effects and explosions which confuse people with the whole plot. i admit its kind of long in parts and okay acting however the main terroprist is played well by bruce dern. theres a few tense moments and is a good old simple thriller, oneto maybe see if you like thrillers

Maybe Baby
Maybe Baby(2000)

not bad. good cast, funny scenes sort of drags on. not the best but okay to watch sometimes. hugh laurie funny, good idea fro a rom com.

Old School
Old School(2003)

funny funny film. really stupid scenes and a good cast. will ferell stupid and just great. good comedy about three 20 something guys who want to have fun and parties and be in college without learning. its pretty good. vince vaugh funny too.

Crimson Tide
Crimson Tide(1995)

not bad film missed 30 mins of start but a good navy action type film, good cast, tense moments not bad. nothing special

Tomorrow Never Dies

good film cast n story action good bond film peirse brosnan is good.

What a Girl Wants

really sweet funny film. with good cast with colin firth who is funny. amanda bynes shines and gives a funny performance. really nice story too. good songs and just a good film. a chick flick to see.


oh my gosh i watched a dodgey copy of this and it was really funny in parts an really upsetting. good cast and very different but i missed the last five minutes because it just crashed which is sooooooo annoying but its still a good film so watch it if ya can.

Inside Man
Inside Man(2006)

really goodfilm. clever story very impresssed. good cast story the whole thing. denzel is good in the mani role and clive owen is really good too. one to watch. very intresting in my opinion.

Born on the Fourth of July

really good film. true strory and tom cruise does a great jpob. really different story to a film. very impressie and a bit upsetting but good war true story kinda film around a soldiers life.

Catch That Kid

good film. funny sweet and good plot and cast. good kid film lol.

The Manchurian Candidate

really good conspiracy thiller film. action the whole lot. i lied it. it keeps ypu on your toes. good cast and plot one to see in my opinion. very good

Mr. Bean's Holiday

its actually really gurd. its not confusing with lots of talking. and bean is funny as ever with new crazy stunts. really laughed in some parts. evryone should like this.


fantastic. its one of them films you'll love but hate becauseof what happens tothis man. its so emotional and i could believe it was a true story. good film one not to miss. good lead roles aswell. its just a good prison escape story.

Under Siege
Under Siege(1992)

not bad film sum action and stuff not the best. too cliche

Diamonds Are Forever

good bond film with the best bond in my opinion. lots of action good story great.

Live and Let Die

good film and song to it. lost of action roger moore played a good bond good film ant seen it in ages tho

The Transporter

good film. a lot of action an good stunts. the main chracter is good and funny. sorta good car chase at start, really good action type film. for once i like one of these lol.

License to Wed

really good. funny and lots of good scenes. good cast robin williams funny as ever. one not to miss and sweet. too.

40 Days and 40 Nights

not bad. not really funny and kinda confusing, not really a sweet romantic thing but kinda okay. nowt special

Eight Below
Eight Below(2006)

sorta good film, so sad but a good story, cute dogs, quite intresting just goes on and a bit daft in parts okay.

Ice Princess
Ice Princess(2005)

really good film. its a good story and different. good castt and some funny parts. and the ice skating looks good in it.the main girl is a good actress and its a right chick flick and i like it.

A Lot Like Love

this is a really good one. its soo sweet and a long story but thats how it is, it shows that love aint easy and its so nice and has a good cast, the too main characters really work and is just good. oh and its funny too, one of my favourites.

Lucky 7
Lucky 7(2003)

nice film. not really funny like it said it would but still a good and different story. moving and very sweet and she ends up with the right guy. good cast aswell i liked it and that patrick dempsey guy is nice lol.

The Peacemaker

not bad. i missed 40 mins of it but still good. too main characters are good. lots of action, kinda the same as other action films but still a good movie.

The Pacifier
The Pacifier(2005)

good film. very funny, lots of action and mayhem. good cast and very funny characters and stories within. great

Max Keeble's Big Move

funny film, good kid action film one 4 the family. good funny cast, a lot happens, good one to watch.

The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight

soo confusin at the start but such a funny film . de niro plays a good part as a cycler who then becomes a fake preist involved with a mafia gang. this is a spoof mafia movie and takes the mick with a lion robbing places and running loose lol somewhere in this mad film. its just funny and a good story with a funny and good ending where everthing goes right for a change, very funny. try to count how many funerals there are its crazy. watch it its such a good surprise for a film with a strange but good cast.in my opinion its good. one not to miss, try it out.

Herbie: Fully Loaded

gd film, rly enjoyed it, funny gd family 1 n gd cast. gd film

John Tucker Must Die

this film is really good. so much happpens and it s always fyunny. so chick flick. good cast and is a sweet story, really fun and worth seeing. reaaly good i think.

From Hell
From Hell(2001)

really good film. makes you think what really happened. just a bit too gory but i really like the idea. its a good mystery thiler type.so much happens and has good cast. johnny depp as good as ever and looks nice in this.the ending is kinda upsetting because it should have been the opposite way but still a good ending and just really good, dont miss this!


funny, eddie does some stupid stuff and steve martin is good. not the best but one to see.

The Guru
The Guru(2002)

sort of funny not the best of heather graham, some okay scenes. nothing special


funny film with a alright cast, fun and a nokay one 4 the family. lots of crazyness. tom arnod makes it funny. not the best but still funny.

High Crimes
High Crimes(2002)

good film a good cast and really gripped me. so much ahppens and has some good twists. keeps you guessing, really good thriller. worth seing i think.

The Borrowers

really good film. funny and just a good idea. good funny cast with hugh laurie and john goodman.lots happen in it . nice family film i always watch it me lol.

Desperately Seeking Susan

good film with good cast. funny lots happen just a good film. n fit guy in it lol

The Rock
The Rock(1996)

good film, lots of action and just a good story. great cast n a lil funny. good film.

Driving Lessons

its good story sorta goes on, good cast though

Another Stakeout

its really funny and stupid. robert dreyfuss does some stupid stuff. some funny parts.

Peggy Sue Got Married

okay film. different and a good cast and acting in parts, lots happen but it seems slow, okay overall worth watching

Only You
Only You(1994)

alright pretty funny n sweet movie. not really propper romantic chick flick still ok. good cast n a few twists, nice film about fate and true love.

Hearts in Atlantis

good film, really strange and intresting, good story, sweet n kinda sad. really different.

The Man with One Red Shoe

funny james belushi is good. got some funny scenes.

Vampire in Brooklyn

aint bad. not what i thought when i saw eddie murhy's name. sort of funny character. bit obvious but okay bit slow and boring i thought.

Jumpin' Jack Flash

alright film saw it ages ago n its 1 i never forget for some reason. sorta good story bit of a thiller with some funny parts.

Curly Sue
Curly Sue(1991)

sorta funny, goes on a bit but a sweet idea.

Get Over It
Get Over It(2001)

this is a good film. its strange,funny,sweet and just plain good. its not too slow and not too confusing with some good actors in it. its not too bad.


well this is well funny and a very good rom-com. its got some good tennis shots and is intresting. its just a good filma dn i like it coz its a chick flick n paul bettany dont look too bad lol hehe.

Fight Club
Fight Club(1999)

well this is weird and not one to watch at 1 in the morning link i did. its too gory for me but its got a good twist and i was hooked. brad pitt looked good in it. it was very different, dark, bloody and in some way intresting and okay.

Wait Until Dark

good film weird but good and intresting a good thriller.good film

The Sandlot 2

good film, funny n sweet. realy funny in some parts, lots happen in it.good story n good film.

The Negotiator

good film long bt gd lots of action n ya really get into it well i did lol.

Police Academy

really funny love this film, some right stuff happens in it.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

funny film but i get sick of andie macdowell when she keeps usin him shes a shit actress but rest is good n funny

The Great Race

funny film and its just a good film with stupid stuff and the cake fight at the end.

The Odd Couple

this is a really really really funny film which every1 should enjoy. it has lots of stupid stuff in it that is halarious. jack lemmon n walter matau are 2 great funny actors and really make the characters their own and is 1 of my fav films and u will love it 2, its a gd family funny stupid great film watch it.


funny n just funny, really OTT but good


not bad cant remeber what happened tho

The Net
The Net(1995)

prtty good thiller film, with some dragged on bits but not bad.


omg well weird n soo pointless, dont watch it

Jack Frost
Jack Frost(1998)

not bad film, kinda dunny bu sad too, goes on a bit

Rambo: First Blood Part II

seen a bit not too bad,good action in it just goes on a bit

The Beverly Hillbillies

this is actually really funny n stupid and the characters are extreme,i think its a good film and will make anyone laugh with the really doepy nephew

Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor(2001)

this is a good film.

Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber

what a load of crap,its a slow film and pretty obvious and not at the same time,its not that funny n da main one doesnt act right in it.rubbish

National Lampoon's European Vacation

this is funny n as some good parts in it i fink its da one when he cant get off the roundabout wich is really funny

Mona Lisa Smile

good film n really good story.i liked it n its got a good cast

What Lies Beneath

well borin n not really scary i lost it half way through so dint see endin

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

not bad cant remember half of it

Starsky & Hutch

really funny i like it


seen a bit of it

Look Who's Talking Now

i saw it like 8 years ago so cant remember

Look Who's Talking, Too

also funny n good one to watch

Look Who's Talking

this is a good film with some funny bits

Phone Booth
Phone Booth(2003)

gd film it kept ya thinking bt gt bit borin jus 4 thriller fans

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

this is a nyc sweet film wi rly good dancin n totali obvious ending but i still like it and i'll watch it agen coz it wo funny n is a good 80's movie hehe

So I Married an Axe Murderer

this is funny n mike myers is good i fink e plays 2 parts but i never saw the ending so... ya know.

Wayne's World

not bad its rwally stupid and funny in sum parts n da music fin at start is class n has a good cast, i lyk it.

The Shawshank Redemption

amazing film,so much happens in it and i cried at the end because so moving.its just the best story and this sort of movie really makes th audience feel involved.i'll always watch it because its such a good film and kinda funny too. so much is in it and the cast are superb,its a fab film and i think no-one should miss this.

The Player
The Player(1992)

aint bad different

Nothing to Lose

this is a good film n funi

Black Knight
Black Knight(2001)

this is a funi film

Wild Hogs
Wild Hogs(2007)

this is really funny n me and my mates were laughing our heads offf and i just think its a good film because its a fun roadtrip with OTT stuff happening to these 4


this is a good film with a few twists in it and is a smart oneto watch,a ryt thiller wiv chase scens and lots more,ok

Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!

this is a nice sweet and romantic film and funny too.

Carry On Doctor

this is ace,its great and every bit of it is funy,i luv it.all ths stunts and one liners are good.i wish i could give it 10 stars because its just the best and always will be to me.

Carry On Screaming!

this is really really really funny and is a good story,the cast are really funny and over the top and harry h corbett plays a good part too and is one of the best carry on films ever.

Carry On Sergeant

this was the 1st one and one of the best carry on's and has so much and just always makes me laugh and is a good film.

Carry on Cleo (Caligula: Funniest Home Videos)

this is really funny too and has some good scenes in it and an excelent cast

Carry On Jack

this is good but not really that funny apart from one part when the captain has gone mad and ist just funny and you'll have to see for yourself.

Carry On Spying

this is well what can i say one of the best with all the stupid jokes and remarks and stuff that the four charactes get up to.its amazing and amusing fo anyine.

Carry On Nurse

this is a fab film and even thought its in black and white it doesnt matter because its always funny and stupid and totally british humour which is the best.

Carry on Teacher

this is a nice one with lots of pranks and histerics and mad things happening in it which is why its great and always amusing

Carry On Constable

this is again really funny and is just halarious to watch with all stupid stuff happening,see for ya self.

Carry On Regardless

this is one of the best with a really different idea for a film and has a great cast again and has jokes at all the right moments and im never bored when watchingit,so much happens in it.

Carry on Cruising

this is a really really really funny film and has some crazy and stupid stuff which anyone has to laugh at,i love this film and can always watch it.

Carry On Cabby

this is a right good film and has a good story to it and again really funny and unique

Carry On...Up the Khyber

this is really funny too and i always enjoy watching it because its OTT and works like all the other carry on films.good 1 to watch

Carry On Henry

this is funny funny funny and is good.

Carry On Abroad

this aint bad not as good as the other carry ons though but still alright

Carry on Matron

this is a good film too and always has me laughing,i love to watch it.

Carry On Camping

this is superb and just really funny,i love all theese carry ons because they're old british humor which is just the best.

Carry On Cowboy

good film and just really good with everything i just think its a great film.

Pete's Dragon

good film its a family 1 and i actually like it the dragons funny n sweet n its a nice film.

Baby's Day Out

this is incredible.i love this film because its genius.its really really really really funny with all the stunts and when the baby does stuff or looks at the 3 men like they are babies,its a really good film to watch with the family,it will have anyone in stitches and if not then YOU ARE CRAZY!! lol its 1 the best ever i love it.

The Greatest Show on Earth

this is a really good film and i like it.

Mouse Hunt
Mouse Hunt(1997)

soooooooo funi wel class film,you need to see 4 yourself what happens to theese 2.its really really funny and is just the best

Born Romantic

this is a good film which is right british and funny and just good and in a weird way is also sweet and romantic.

Stuart Little 2

good film actually

Miss Congeniality

good film,its really funny and i always enjoy watching it,it just gets a bit boring by the end.

Just Married
Just Married(2003)

this is ace,its really really funny with all the stupid stuff ashton kutcher does and britany murphy is really funny too.its really sweet and nice 1 to watch


this is really good,i always like to watch it and is just really funny and different,the ending is good.watch it!

Just Friends
Just Friends(2005)

this is funny i saw it with my friend and she was really laughing,its funny and is really sweet and ryan renoylds is nice.

The Wedding Planner

this is a really nice and sweet film again,the cast are good and funny in parts,its a good film.

American Wedding

i finally saw it all and its really funny with the dance off and is good

Summer Holiday

this is a really nice film,i've watched it more than 10 times and never get bored of it,its got some really good songs and its a british musical so has good humor in it and just funny stuff that everyone enjoys,i bet everyone would like a holiday but not like theirs because so musch happens.its a good good good film.


this is a great one that everyone knows the words to every song,it has it all and i think its really funny and fab,good one to watch.i'd give it 10 stars if i could,its great because sooo much happens in it,its just the best,soo funny,soo sweet,soo grease!!

The Wizard of Oz

this is a lovely film and really funny too,its happy and everyone has seen it,and if you havent do so,its funny and good just good.

On the Town
On the Town(1949)

really nice film with funny stuff n songs in it,good one to watch.really happy and nice and something ya will enjoy if ya like musicals,really good film i think.

The Money Pit

really funny film and has some great stuff in it.

My Dog Skip
My Dog Skip(2000)

really sad but good cant remeber whole film tho lol


this is a really nice film and i cried alot through it but its great,its 4 the family and is just a really heart warming and sometimes funny film to see.not to be missed i think because so much happens with the bird who travels 3000 miles to find his owner marie.its a lovely film.

Total Recall
Total Recall(1990)

this is a good film really,its got alot of twists in it and i thought it was good.ok film to watch

Yellow Submarine

this is a really ace and weird movie that the beatles did and cant be beaten.its got some amazing songs in it,some of their best.its a really good catoon movie and is different but good,watch it for yourself

Monty Python's The Meaning of Life

its good and has it all but goes on abit about some weird stuf.but is amazing and really funny and has got some good songs in it which i sing along to lol and is always good to watch,weird but funny and thats monty puthon for ya!

An American Werewolf in London

this is really funny and just good.


really good film and really sad,and it has some funny parts and is just a good film.

Along Came Polly

this is really funny and has sone good scenes in it,its a really nice film which ya gotta see.

American Pie 2

its funi in sum parts


this is really really weird bt good coz i watched it n could'nt stop,i really got into it but i was just a little scared because it was after midnight and i was on my own lol.but its a good film with some twists in it.

Just My Luck
Just My Luck(2006)

this is really good and sooo funny and i think its a really good movie and mcfly r in it wich is ace and chris pine is fit.its a gd film

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

this is good n has sum funi stuf in it.its rly sweet,gd 1 t watch

It's a Wonderful Life

this is a really good film and has alot happening i it and is quite funny but is mostly a happy and amazing film,watch it!!,you will really enjoy it.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

this is a really nice film and these 2 are really funny,steve martin is really funny and if you like him ypou'll like this.

Uncle Buck
Uncle Buck(1989)

really funny all i can say,theres nothing bad about it so watch it and have a laugh.

The 'Burbs
The 'Burbs(1989)

this is really funny and makes surburban life seem crazy and is just the best,watch it,you will love it.

The Nutty Professor

this is incredible and i love it,jerry lewis is a comic genius and brings the film to life withe the gym and bowling part,i always laugh and is jus amazing,everyone should see this its a must.


this is a rally nice film and is funny in some parts,theres a good cast and i just like it,good film to watch.

Orange County

well good film,its really funny in some parts and is different.jack black plays a good part in it.its just a good film


this is a really strange film but i loved it.the songs good at the end and i jus think the story is good with all the ghosts and the characters are sooo weird andjust makes it a good film.i really liked it,everyone should see thie.


its funny n has some good stuff in it.it ok

You've Got Mail

this is funny and has alot in it and i thought it was a good story different and two gd actors so a nice film.

The Truth About Cats & Dogs

this is a nice film but rubbish cast but it is funny and sorta sweet.

Romeo + Juliet

gd movie n soooooo funi cz he dunt feel er hand move it sooo cheesesy at end n i watchd it in mi clas at skool n we ad a ryt laugh bout it,its sorta gd tho wthi all the ace songs in it and is funny,so good film.

Never Been Kissed

this is sweet and really funny in some parts and has a gd ending and is just funny n gd.

Riding in Cars With Boys

rly gd film n different gd story

A Knight's Tale

really gd film wiv gd music n i luvd it and is really funi

Just Like Heaven

i luv this film its rly sweet n really really different,i think its funny too and is just really romantic .Its abit sad but still a good film.i wont give too much aeway and spoil it.You have got to watch it,it has a good story to it you will enjoy it.

There's Something About Mary

this is really funi n as rly ace stuff in it n ben stiller plays a gd part,its just rly funi and has gd actors in it ,gdgd film

Bend It like Beckham

i luv this film n its rly funi n different,i lyk it.

Meet the Parents

this is gd the stuf dat appens in it is unbelievable and makes it unique and is just the best,i'll neva get bord of this film.it is soooooooo funi n is just great.

Calamity Jane

this is rly gd n she plays the part wel

Pillow Talk
Pillow Talk(1959)

nyc film n gd story

City of Angels

ant seen it in ages bt bits i cn remeber are gd lol


nyc film n is funi


this int bad its got sum rly funi parts

My Best Friend's Wedding

this is funi wiv the song part n as a gd story 2,the actors all play gd parts n its diferent,i lyk it

The Sweetest Thing

this is funi n is the sweetest fing lol.

Gangs of New York

well gd film,it goes on a bit bt has a gd story

The Perfect Man

i luv this film n ive got it 2,its funi n interesting,lots happen in it,its a rly gd film

Down to You
Down to You(2000)

rly nyc film n gd story

The Cable Guy

this is rly funi n jim carey plays a rly gd part

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

this is gr8 n i wish i cud do all dat stuf ya just gta watch it,it has it all n is sooooooooo funi.

Daddy Day Care

eddy murphy is rly funi n plays the part wel n is a gd story.

Bridget Jones's Diary

this is fantastic n i watch it all tym,its acen has lots in it n is a sweet story.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

well good i seen it twice,the characters r ace n johnny depp plays the part gr8 and meks it sooooo funi.its good