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Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa.)
2 days ago via Flixster

Though body-swapping is a well-worn trope, the emotion and drama in this film deserves all the praise it's getting.

Captain America: Civil War
7 days ago via Flixster

Great fight scenes, and decent plotline and backstory. Probably the best in the series so far.

Florence Foster Jenkins
7 days ago via Flixster

Such is Streep's charisma and skill, that she is great to watch in anything. As Madam Florence, she gives a sense of vulnerability and sympathy to the real-life character of Florence, instead of making her a 2-dimensional character to be made fun of. Hugh Grant plays the dashing philanderer as always, but this time even he injects sympathy into his rougish ways.

Dracula Untold
7 days ago via Flixster

You know what? I didn't mind this one. Coming out of nowhere, and special effects heavy and thin on plot, but enjoyable flick nonetheless. Still, what's with tanning a Brit actor several shades darker to look Middle-Eastern?

Doctor Strange
7 days ago via Flixster

Tongue in cheek humour is essential to make something like this watchable, and the cast certainly have lots of fun with it. One of the better superhero flicks, with special effects that are pretty astounding.