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Never Been Kissed

very 10 things but nice lil story. typical teen movie and it's getting a bit dated now but still worth a watch. probz better for a young-teen audience

The Emperor's New Groove

very funny for a recent disney movie! i think the sequel & the tv show were a little unessacary but the idea is fab & a good movie for all the family

Shaun of the Dead

very funny simon pegg won't fail to impress but the plot is a tad bit too unrealistic & they chop up way too many zombies than nessacary!


magical! matilda is the cutest & this film will never date! roald dahls amazing story line mixed with danny devito & some funny eye tricks make it an all time favourtie of mine & omw how scary is miss trunchball?!

Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London

for once a fab sequal! the plot is verging on the ridiculous n the posh london accents are so BLOODY INFURIATING but frankie muniz is the cutest aww love him & hannah spearrit does good for her acting debut!

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

cant beat the orginal but this one gives it close competition & the songs are jsut as catchy! the whole baby-lions-fall-in-ove thing is rather corny but definatly alot of drama & some classics from timeon & pumba!

Legally Blonde

very feel good movie & reese witherspoon is awesome! fluffy storyline but fits typical chick flick stereotype just great & young teens will love!


getting on a bit now so its not as good but was a fab movie at the time & a cute ending! christina ricci gives a cute performance & although very predictable storyline, casper is actually very friendly lol!

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

classic! gene wilder is amazing & although the new charlie & the chocolate factory gives it alot of competition you can't beat the oompa loompas & the plot is unbelievably magical & fun!

Lara Croft Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Life

too much angelina jolie not anough action! the story line is mainly so you can see her oing kartwheels in lycra but im loving the kick-ass attitude & the effects & monsters r amazing!


one of my all time favourties, hercules has everything: great songs, hillarious one liners &, for a kids movie, quite a good plot too! it never dates & i reckon will stay a firm favourite!


rown atkinson: LEGEND! this film is hilarious, if not a little predictable! loving mr beans lil duet of the beatles! getting on a bit now but well worth a watch!

The Truman Show

however much i hate the guy, this has gotta be jim carreys best film! great plot & leaves you thinking! not much comedy, could do with a few more jokes but there are some touching moments & jim carrey gives a very cute performance.

Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit

the singing is incredible, as per & whoopi goldberg is an absoloute legend but im sory, its getting so outdated now! fab soundtrack though but i wouldn't reccomend!


beethoven! bless his cotton socks! i loved this movie & the villian is genuinly evil! its getting on a bit now but still great for young kids, though very predictable storyline! still, gotta love it!

Dodgeball - A True Underdog Story

it was funny & vince vaughn is very cute but the plot is absoloutly ridiculous & tis very easy to predict the ending! ben stiller is funny but id have expected better! sorry guys!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

tim burton is amazing & the nightmare before chrimbo is great for adults & kids though must say absoloutly petrifying! the plot is kooky but cute & this film will never grow old!

Home Alone
Home Alone(1990)

a classic. getting on a bit now but still reccomend for all the family! macauly culkin, however ugly he is now, did a cute performance & the plot is tres believable for a small child: i was petrified for months that i'd be left by my family! a gret christmas flick!

Cast Away
Cast Away(2000)

this film is amazing! incredible performance by tom hanks & it makes you think! storyline is fab & can i say how wilson was the cutest football i have ever seen! it will make you laugh, jump & cry: great movie!

Big Daddy
Big Daddy(1999)

i wanted to see this movie for ages but when i finally came round to watching it i found the plot way too confusing & didn't get most of the jokes! it was a good idea & id definatly give it another go, but at the time i wasn't feeling it.

The Nutty Professor

ok now i love eddie murphy dont get me wrong & i no loads of people are gunna hate me for this but i didn't actually find the nutty professor funny! the plot was a tad bit too unrealistic: i prefer films which i can relate too! & it was maily toilet humour kind of thing & after the first 10 minutes i got a bit bored of all the farting jokes! definatly appealing to 10 year old guys though!

Bend It like Beckham

bless em i do like this movie but tis getting a lil bit on the dated side & i reckon ive seen a few too many times! some funny moments though & a fab performance from jonathan rhys-meyer! fit as haha!

Agent Cody Banks

frankie muniz aww so fit! he actually makes the movie! quite predictable plot though, good gadgets but great for the family!

Van Helsing
Van Helsing(2004)

hmm i actually quite liked van helsing but the special effects make up for the storyline! fat old twist near the end but nice & dramatic!

Big Fish
Big Fish(2003)

ACTUALLY AMAZING! wasn't expecting much but one of my favourite movies & tim burton is incredible! ewan mcgregor omw i actually love him & the storyline is cute, unpredictable & funny! so magical & i could go on all day! WATCH IT!

A Goofy Movie

now ive wanted to see this for ages & got my chance last weeked but it is such a let down! even for a disney movie the storyline is ridiculous! although goofy is cute, bless him, max is just annoying- whats with all the ghetto talk? ok once in a while maybe but never going to be a classic!


i actually loved this movie, despite it's bad reveiws! no it wasn't shrek or ice age but they had a good try, the casting is great & the plots good too! penguins are hillarious along with the dancing lemas but got a feeling they're guna string this out a bit...

The Princess Diaries

now i liked princess diaries when i was 11 & anne hathaway is a fab actress but the plot is tad bit too cheesy & the jokes reli aren't funny anymore! great for young teens though..one my younger sister would probz enjoy! & mandy moore is fab as the school bitch!

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

i love the whole mix-cartoon-with-actors-thing & although this movies getting on a bit, the comedy is genius (although roger rabbit is a bit too wacky for my liking). nice & unpredictable & one for the adults as well!

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

omw not another jim carey film: tho i must say fab casting for count olaf! the baby is cute, as is the older brother, plus it has jude law in it (well his silhouette anyways!). tad bit on the random side but the scenery & special effects are breathtaking & rather wacky storyline too!

Miss Congeniality

sandra bullock: actually hillarious! plot is nice & simple verging on the predictable side but it a good chick flick & well worth a watch!


what a classic! actually hillarious & you don't know how many times ive watched it! robin williams is fab as per & captain hook is actually reli reli scary! gotta love it!

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

now nick parks is a total legend & i loved the wallace & gromit tv show but the film? dint fit my expectations & a tad bit too predictable for my liking. still some classic moments & a cute family movie!

13 Going on 30

see, i lvoed this movie when i first watched it & i actually want to be jennifer garner but second time & it is a load of shite! way too cheesy for my liking but the thriller scene is hilarious!


mulan! i was actually petrified when i saw this at the cinema but it's an amazing film & won't fail to impress! it's got everything- songs, drama & comedy provided by eddie murthy the red dragon..thing! classic!

Sister Act
Sister Act(1992)

omw sister act! i loved it first time i watched & the songs are increadible but its getting on a bit now so the plots verging on the ridiculous...don't ask me why but sister act was never a film to stand the test of time! superb performance from whoopi goldberg though & defo worth a watch!

Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas

im sory but jim carey is just plain weird! gotta love dr seuss but they wreaked the book & the little girl with the crazy hair is just too annoying! a good film for chrimbo but thats it really.

Beauty and the Beast

*tale as old as time* aww memories! gotta love this movie but watched it recently n i havn't laughed so hard in my life- the prince is a bit of a goon! lol watch out for it!

Lady and the Tramp

lady & the tramp!! what an amazing movie! such a classic & the plot is adorable! magic! but watch out for the scary cats :S

The Jungle Book

omw the jungle book! where do i start hehe! used to be my all time favourite movie but yup, must admit it's getting a bit old but baloo is hillarious & im loving all the songs! can't beat an original!

Bicentennial Man

omw robin williams is so cute! saw this on tv a while back & it won't fail to impress! nice & unpredictable with a happy ending but be prepared for lots of sad bits!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

dont get me wrong, johnny depp is hillarious but they kinda leak it out a bit if you get me & i hate the fact it ends on a cliffhanger!! it feels like it's stopped in the middle of the film! well reccomended though but im thinking i prefer the first one!

Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins(1964)

best musical of all time, this is a total classic! "mary poorpins" aww what a legend! hehe the kids as usual continue to get on my nerves but overall a cute perfomance

Mrs. Doubtfire

hillarious movie one to watch over and over again. robin williams is fab


classic cheese

The Phantom of the Opera

such a cute movie with great costumes and great performances from the cast. a traditional opera with a modern twist

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

lindsey lohan is very cool as lola and the plot is exciting and unpredictable but classic teen flick set in american high school

Bring It On
Bring It On(2000)

one of my favourite movies for a long time, this is a fab chick flick and the chants are hillarious

Chicken Run
Chicken Run(2000)

omw im obsessed with nick park movies they are amazing! chicken run is mahusive movie and well worth a watch!

The Parent Trap

aww bless lindsey lohan! she's come such a long way but this film is still good, though very cheesy, ending on a happy note as expected.

Ice Age
Ice Age(2002)

fab movie! sid is hillarious! MAHUSIVE thumbs up- a film you can watch over and over and over...and over again

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

hermoinie never fails to get on my nerves but the films get better as you go along and prisoner of azkaban won't fail to impress

102 Dalmatians

crappy sequel, as expected but ioan gruffudd is quite cute as kevin. parrot has some good one-liners but will mainly be enjoyed by the under-5s, if that

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

awww so cute! toula's family make me giggle and even my parents enjoyed it!

Toy Story
Toy Story(1995)

amazing family movie but not one you can watch over and over again


not as scary as i hoped, mel gibson is great as the farmer/vicar man and the plot is amazing.

Peter Pan
Peter Pan(2003)

jeremy sumpter is stunning and its alot darker than the origanal peter pan. very magical story though wendy and tinkerbell were better as cartoon and the whole "i do believe in fairys" scene was going a bit too far...

101 Dalmatians

horace and jasper are hillarious and the lil doggys are so sweet but very predictable plot! still worth a watch

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

i like lotr, the fight scenes are amazing and the special effects are good too! they also manage to slip a bit of humour which always helps but soo long!


absoloute classic! the dumbo and his mummy scene always makes me cry

101 Dalmatians

omw i used to be obsessed with this film! still worth a watch but the one with real people so much better!

Bridget Jones's Diary

i've seen it a bit too many times now but definatly worth a watch! renee zellweger is absoloutly hillarious as bridget jones and the endings very cute


OMW MY FAVOURITE MOVIE EVER! jessica alba is amazing and the dance and music is fab! also classic comedy moment from missy eliiot and the finale is great!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

harry potter kicks ass! not as good as the latest one but well worth a watch and ron cracks me up!


good musical with really catchy tunes! renee zellweger gets on your nerves after a while with her whiny tones but all in all great performance

Spy Kids
Spy Kids(2001)

I HATE SPYKIDS. THEY SUCK! and those two kids are now stereo-cast for life!

Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor(2001)

more likely to be enjoyed by girls than guys, this film is a classic tear jerker! omw so sad! ben affleck and josh hartnett do a great performace though. definalty worth a watch

Shark Tale
Shark Tale(2004)

not as funny as i expected but jack black makes me chuckle. predictable and a little corny at times its classic kids film with a fab soundtrack btw!

All Dogs Go To Heaven

aww the memories! good kids film with quite saucy humour, if you don't mind me saying but a cute story.


an amazing disney film with a fabulous happy ending. mel gibson is a bit gay and its all very cheesy but the musical contribution is great and it's fab for teaching kids about prejaduce and the like..

As Good as It Gets

predictable and kinda boring but more likely to appeal to an older audience of about 40 plus lol. the doggy is the cutest though!

The Legend of Zorro

good stunts and special effects! predictable storyline but still worth a watch! catherine zeta jones is stunning and antonio banderas is great as as zorro. defo more of a guy movie though

A Little Princess

an amazing film for people of all ages and will always remain a classic! gorgeous happy ending- never fails to make me cry!

Monsters, Inc.

class movie! boo is a little sweetie and the mike and sully comedy routine is classic! sweet plot and look out for the yeti- classic!

Back to the Future

it's getting on a bit now but still a classy family movie

Just Married
Just Married(2003)

cute movie...funny at times and a good performance from ashton kutcher and brittany murphy. the plots good as well with ltos of ups and downs. well worth a watch.

Romeo + Juliet

so much more easier to understand thanks to this film! leonardo dicapro is hot and claire danes does a great performance as juliet! it really has got everything you'd ever want in a film and the saddest ending possible!

The Blair Witch Project

hmm it's not as scary as you think and the whole camera effect fingys made it kinda strange and confusing at times but the idea was there


it's getting on a bit but still continues to scare 10 year olds across the globe! fab special effects and good storyline. robin williams doesn't fail to impress!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

snow white rocks my world and even though she is an ugly annoying little suck-up with a squeky voice this movie remains one of the best disney ever made and dopey is a comic genius

The Princess Bride

omw do NOT watch it! lol it's so cheesy it's unreal! the whole happy ending thing is blown up to mahusive proportion and the stunts and special effects are total crap.


how cute- another disney classic. the lil mice are a tad bit annoying with their squeky little voices but it's all very magical and the songs are just class!

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

not as funny as you expect it to be but the "blame canada" song is really easy to get in your head. they're never gunna be the simpsons but then gen im thinking this is more of a guys movie

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

nice little musical for all the family! very mary poppins lol! the songs are catchy in a twisted sort of way but the little kids get on your nerves! and the child catcher is just plain creepy!

Free Willy
Free Willy(1993)

"JUMP WILLY JUMP!" lol twas good in the 90s but after free willy 3 4 and 5 it's got just a lil bit cheesy.

Atlantis - The Lost Empire

i actually really liked this film, though others may critisise! not nessacarily a disney classic but the thought was there and the charecter mole is jus hillarious if not a lil wackey


personally, when i was 7 i loved babe but once you get to my age the animals aren't as funny (apart from the goose hes a legend!) but nice lil story bout a talking pig...expect the cheese

A Bug's Life
A Bug's Life(1998)

pixar are amazing and bugs life won't fail to impress but the story is also cute and there are some quite funny one-liners as well. the whole idea is bit wacky but they pull it off and its a great flick for all the family

The Lion King

amazing. an all time classic and it's actually really funny!


robin williams was great but it was mainly toilet humour so probably better for a younger audience. cute story though

Sleeping Beauty

hehe my favourite disney princess, this film never dates! your original fairy tale

Rat Race
Rat Race(2001)

hmm i quite liked rat race but it didn't really live up to my expectations and the ending was rubbish

Stuart Little

its a sweet story and stuart is really cute! great happy ending as well but snowball the cat isn't as funny as he likes to think and stuart is kinda annoying after a while...


the saddest disney film ever but a great story and really cute charecters that you won't forget! good for people of all ages 9well, i reckon anyways...)


shrek is actually hillarious! eddie murphey is brilliant as donkey and the whole shrek and fiona thing is very cute! look out for shrek's karoke at the end!

Dr. Dolittle 2

eddie murphey is brilliant but definatly not as good as the first one, and not something i'd reccomend


good idea but bit out of date and tom hanks was really annoying as the 12 year old boy

The Little Mermaid

awww such a cute lil movie! great for kids and family and the soundtrack is fab!

She's the Man

omw such a funny movie! amanda bynes is hillarious without even trying and channing tatum is hot!

Failure to Launch

hmm better than i thought but could have been funnier! saying that, kit made me laugh!

Nanny McPhee
Nanny McPhee(2006)

aww so cute but the ending ruined it for me- all so predictable! magic movie though and well worth a watch just for the lil kids cute perfomance!

The Incredibles

hmm it's not quite finding nemo but has some cute moments- good family movie

Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo(2003)

OMW DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED! finding nemo is hillaripus and you won't forget the charecters!

Ocean's Eleven

it's alright but one of those films you have to really conecentrate on

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

the best kids movie ive seen in ages tis hillarious and with really catchy songs!

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

omw total classic! e.t is kinda scary but the ending always makes me cry

About a Boy
About a Boy(2002)

very unpredictable and quite funny at times. cute story

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

johnny depp is actually hillarious and the plot is fab!

A Cinderella Story

not quite mean girls but hillary duff is cool and it's actually quite funny!

Mean Girls
Mean Girls(2004)

FAVOURITE MOVIE EVER! hillarious and lindsey lohan rocks!

Save the Last Dance

dancing is fab and cute story!

Love Actually

one of my favourtie films but don't watch it if you're single lol! i love the little boy, he's so cute!

Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman(1990)

kinda predictable, again but a total classic!

10 Things I Hate About You

love it, though it seems so old now! julia stiles and heath ledger are really good and tres educational!

50 First Dates

aww such a cute feel good movie and adam sandler does a really cute performance!

The Ring
The Ring(2002)

it's not as scary as you think when you're watching it

War of the Worlds

omw i love this movie! tom cruise is ace and it's really exciting but would be better with a big fight scene at the end!

Bruce Almighty

well first time i watched it i didn't really understand but definatly a grower! probz best jim carey film after the trueman show

School of Rock

jack black: LEGEND! the kids also do a um rocking performance: great family flick!

Meet the Fockers

i loved it! just as good as the original!

There's Something About Mary

did make me giggle but the whole gross out humour thing was a bit of a turn off.

Austin Powers in Goldmember

hmm it's a grower not sure weather i like it or not but mike myers is fantastic as doctor evil! mehehe

Shrek 2
Shrek 2(2004)

aww hillarious donkey does make me giggle and a fab perfomance from jennifer saunders as the fairy godmother!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!! and i no someone in it and ron makes me giggle n yer not obsessed at all lol...

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

ok i watched all of em but the ending sucked! and they are so long!


omw i was so upset! fab movie i love and well worth a watch but bring kleenex and pref. a guy lol

Fun With Dick and Jane

two words. jim. carey. if he spread his wings out a bit and played a slightly different charecter then maybe.

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

some funny bits but i only laughed about twice. defo not as good as the first one but well worth a watch for the cute ending

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

great special effects and the like but was bit too much like LOTR and the lil kids got very annoying part from lucy who was jsut cute! great performance from mr tumnus the fawn and aslan made me cry!