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mel gibson is gd director..tat all i can say..the film is nice tat i expected

Letters from Iwo Jima

this film is better than the flag of our fathers..more emotion in the film than tat flags


a very boring film..the joke sux..so haiz...

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

i wun give a full mark cause it left out somthing tat i dun noe say one..but i prefer the part 2


a super ending mi..cause i find it creative enough 2 make mi feel is gd..new stuff

The Last King of Scotland

iss this a true story..the white guy still gt the scar on his back rite..gd film but sometime i feel a bit slow in some scene

Blades of Glory

funny man..even my friend dun really laugh oso laughing tat mean this movie rulz man..funny part is tat i tot is a gay film haha

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

finally this espoide is muchmuch better than the previous one..thank god

Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

ok flim the song is awesome man..i dun noe wat the ending is wat going on..tat the weak point

Meet the Robinsons

ok movie..not really like animate but a creative one

Turistas (Paradise Lost)

cool place to go..but be careful for the ppl tat steal ur organs..nice flim 2 watch but juz too short 4 mi


i tot is a lame moviein the first place but i'm wrong..is a gd flim..thestoryline is link 2gether..amazing flim

Blood Diamond

not a bad plot..ve this..i likethe explosive n advertuous scene

Saw III(2006)

i tot was bloody n scary..actually ok onli..not much..but the writor was very creative 2 write this flim


no bad flim..the film juz like conan..but i like the bloody movie

Epic Movie
Epic Movie(2007)

funny movie yet a silly movie..u will laugh man..

Date Movie
Date Movie(2006)

very funny n silly fim..lamer will like it..

Basic Instinct 2

sharon stone is hot when she young but she still hot now..but juz dun do the cross leg thing again..

Night at the Museum

i juz like ben stiller..he make the flim alive n funny...nice movie 2 watch

Hannibal Rising

ok flim..not horror enouggh..bt i juz like gong li..she so beautiful n hot..

World Trade Center

after watch it..the whole thing is in the dark space tat all..bt i like the front part..itso cool

Flags of Our Fathers

not a bad flim..but i believe letters of iwo jima is more better

The Marine
The Marine(2006)

the shooting angle seem like low budget kind..but i juz like 2 watch how he fight

Mr. Bean's Holiday

even though not talking much but the show still funny n touching 2...nice 2 watch

The Host
The Host(2007)

quite a creative show for korean movie..love the last scene and the fighting scene wit the monster

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

the show is bored..the fighting scene oso bored too..not nice

Boy Eats Girl

ok zombie movie..dun really like the flim much..but i'm a zombie fan


it damn nice movie til now in this yr..it more nicer than sin city

United 93
United 93(2006)

wow...i like this film..the director juz like he really noe wat it happen in the plane..love this..

Death Note (Desu nôto) (TV SHOW)

a must c movie for this month...a very refresh kind of movie..i had watched two time..n the second part is coming up on dec..a must watch...

DOA: Dead or Alive

a super sux movie tat i watch so far..onli the gals is nice the rest is sux..the story oso sux..waste money 2 watch it


super clever killer..

13 Ghosts
13 Ghosts(1960)

haha..nice n bloody movie..i wis h2 buy this movie but i can't find liao..

28 Days Later

i love kind of virus n zombies movies..this movie juz like a novel call the walking dead..nice

Jackass - The Movie

they r the daredevil man..anything they oso can do...


a bit 2 much the weather but tat time the graphics is gd n exciting

Ghostbusters (1984 Original)

i love the form ghost..so cute man..

Coyote Ugly
Coyote Ugly(2000)

i watched it bout 5 times wit my friends..it so nice til i still wan 2 watched it again..

National Treasure

i watched it on VCD..i love solve mystery movie..n of course the nicolas cage..he the man

House of Wax
House of Wax(2005)

i like paris hilton dead scene..it so bloody n cool..love the killers killing ppl..

The Pink Panther

starting i tot it was ok movie n dun scene like very funny movie..til i watch it..it so funny man..

Home Alone
Home Alone(1990)

i wish i can be him so courage when i was small..

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

best graphics n i like the fighting scene of human n orces..

Batman Forever

love all batman movie except the batman begins..i dun really like it..


even though i still not really noe wat it mean of the whole story..but i like the climax of the film..it gt the music 2 make it as a horror n mystery movie

The Mask
The Mask(1994)

another jim carrey movie..n i like the mask the cartoon when i was small..

Dumb and Dumber

i prefer the this version of dumb n dumber cause gt jim carrey..his my idol man..haha

Jurassic Park

when i was small..i really like 2 watch this movie..i like the scene when the fat guy die in the muddy wet soil..cool stuff

Stay Alive
Stay Alive(2006)

really nice n creative movie..this movie make mi feel wan 2 play some ghost games at nitez..u all need 2 watch it man..

Small Soldiers

creative tinking of the story maker..nice idea 2 tink 2 have a toy soldiers 2 fight each other

Predator 2
Predator 2(1990)

a powerful predator came 2 city 2 kill n eat the skin out of human..nice plot gd film..u will love it 4 the bloody film fan..

Freddy vs. Jason

i nv expect this two horror creature will fight..but the plot so sux..

AVP - Alien Vs. Predator

i had imagine the two of this creature fight 4 a long time..finally it came true..a must watch movie..but the plot not as gd as the previous one...


i give this film for 4 stars cause the plot is quite fresh but the scary part is not tat scary then the japanese film..but nice 2 watch..

Little Man
Little Man(2006)

this is my one of the most funniest movie for this yr..must watch it..

Darkness Falls

izit true tat children saw tooth fairy..it will kill the kids

We Were Soldiers

the movie is so inspire..i will watch it the second times n three times

Chicken Little

chicken little is so cute..ok story plot..end of the story is DUN SAY LIES

Starship Troopers

power pack action friction movie..the fighting of bugs is so cool..

The Bone Collector

it is a fresh story plot..the scene is exciting..

Girl, Interrupted

i tink this is the movie tat made her fame..she acted so well..


i tot is gd but 2day i went 2 watched it..it so expected 4 the whole storyline n the sad part is not so sad..

8 Mile
8 Mile(2002)

i not a big fan of the rap movie but the storyline not bad

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

love this movie..lot of fantasy n funny captain jack

Love Actually

nice n touching movie...

The Day After Tomorrow

ok movie..i juz wan 2 watch the graphics of this film

Kill Bill: Volume 1

vol 1 is the best...love the bloody scene n the fighting n the music...but sometime the scene is too fake

Bruce Almighty

not so funny...but i like jennifer aniston a lot


i heard from friends tat is worth 2 watch

The Ant Bully

i not a big fan of animate i been force 2 watch it..i tink this movie took HONEY,I HAVE SHRUNK MY KID scene..

Dracula 2000
Dracula 2000(2000)

one of the best movie i ever watched..the blood is so real man..nice plot too..

Queen of the Damned

the soundtrack is nice but the movie plot not very gd..where gt vampire as a rock star..so lame

Kingdom of Heaven

wow..the fighting is gd..

The Punisher
The Punisher(2004)

the gun n the action is gd..but the plot not very nice..soundtrack is a hit

Wrong Turn
Wrong Turn(2003)

teenagers' car broke down n ask 4 help...but forest inside have ppl n the face of a creature..the creature kill all her friends...exciting

Battle Royale

i have watch this movie..so cool..they killing each other n they all r classmates..but the blood is too fake


funny movie..at the end there was a sad scene..nice 2 watch

Final Destination 3

i had watch the movie..same as the last first and second final destination all had 2 die but the most interesting part was how they died

Tears of the Sun

wow..onli a crew of 7 or 8 ppl n they been chased by hundred or thousand of african ppl..sweat man..


kind of headache cause of the spinning screen but the plot is gd..n the story is from the behind til the front..watch it then u noe it..

Silent Hill
Silent Hill(2006)

forum say this movie will be a gd film..even is bad...ppl will still go n watch it..cause it a most favourite video game ever

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

gd movie better than the first..izit captain jack eaten by the sea creature?

Blade II
Blade II(2002)

the vampires VS new bleed vampires VS half-bleed vampires..do u tink is nice...of course

House of the Dead

not a very gd movie but i like the explosion of the zombie head..haha

Gen-X Cops (Dak ging san yan lui)

cool n not bad movie..love nicholas tse...very cool man

Vampire Effect (Chin gei bin) (The Twins Effect)

gd chinese movie..interesting effect..but twin effect two is SUX

Taking Lives
Taking Lives(2004)

quite not bad storyline..but cannot watch another time..cause u will noe who the killer


Love Jean Reno and a japanese actress , Ryoko Hirosue...a funny n some action movie...

Land of the Dead

this time more bloody scene..love the unrated version of the DVD..but too bad dawn of the dead was a bit better..

The Crimson Rivers

i love jean reno movie..n the plot is gd and mysterious...but here didn't sell this DVD...


a bit silly zombie movie..don't noe have do laugh or scare..ending a bit funny..cause of an alien...hm...

Shaun of the Dead

i watch the movie when my friend lend mi...if i not wrong..my here is been banned..so sad...love the funny of the movie..

Bio Zombie
Bio Zombie(1998)

this is the first actual zombie movie i have contacted..tat y i like zombie then the tradition chinese jumping zombie..love the ppl running around the shopping center..

Scary Movie 4

super funny..izit the last epsiode of the scary movie liao...mix of SAW I , II , the village , Ju-On , War of the World , Oprah , Michael Jackson scandal..sad part is i didn't c the King Kong part..maybe it cut away..


ok movie juz like the jimanji ma


funny but not so funny..nice story...

Just My Luck
Just My Luck(2006)

not a very gd movie onli gal will like it very much..but gt Mc Fly in the movie...the song not bad

X-Men: The Last Stand

i tink is the best of the 2 X-men movie...so cool..a lot of action...i like the coloccs

Over the Hedge

ok movie..i juz dun like the turtle voice..not really funny


a bit lame but cause some scene gt zombie i will rate it high...

The Benchwarmers

OMG...damn funny..love it...must watch

Thirteen Ghosts (13 Ghosts)

i like the gore of the movie...one of the best movie i have watch

Night of the Living Dead

Like this kind of movie alot...even thoug the graphic is poor but on the yr is gd already...zombie ROX!!!

Goal! The Dream Begins (Goal!: The Impossible Dream)

after watch this movie i gt the inspiration 2 start a soccer match even though i dun noe how 2 play soccer

Baby's Day Out

ok movie..like the baddies


too little fighting scene n too much toking...

The Terminal
The Terminal(2004)

saw this film on airplane..it funny n romantic..it a true story if i not wrong

Child's Play
Child's Play(1988)

best horror movie when i was a kid..i kept on dreaming on how the doll chasing mi..tink back it still scary


a very quiet story..but i like the tom cruise in this film..


oh...like the grahics of tat time..like the storyline alot...

The Crow
The Crow(1994)

this is the bruce son last movie rite...love the darkness of the movie


like his movie or shows..no comment

Alien Resurrection

classic fiction movie...is the best at tat time

Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid

ok movie n the anacondas is so big n fake...

Deep Impact
Deep Impact(1998)

i lke this film a lot even though i nv c be4...i wan 2 c...

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

wow..gd thriller or horror movie...i like the act of the jennifer hewit

Ghostbusters 2

classic of comedy movie..i like the cartoon n the movie...

Moulin Rouge!

i dun really like the film..i dun like the they sing man...the whole film sings alot

Rat Race
Rat Race(2001)

not really funny movie..but i like the amazing race stuff


not a gd horror movie..bad

Cabin Fever
Cabin Fever(2002)

a gd B movie...i like the decompose of the ppl

Bicentennial Man

quite a sad film..i almost drop my first tears

Man on Fire
Man on Fire(2004)

oh...best movie i have watch even though the front is boring but the back is so cool

The Amityville Horror

is a gd horror show...

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

better storyline than the previous..i like the zombie


ok movie...quite a action pack film

Interview with the Vampire

i dun feel is a gd movie..the movie 2 slow liao

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

gd film..like the character alot...the best inside is the o'connelly


it quite a bad movie..storyline sux

Hollow Man
Hollow Man(2000)

i like the it..u can c how the intestine from the body

Johnny English

damn funny movie...love tat


i like the battle of the christan n the devil...

Cheaper by the Dozen 2

i like the kids in the movie a lot...they so funny n troublesome..

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

even though haven't watch be4...but the poster is awesome...expect a lot of bloody scene

Dawn of the Dead

i love george romero movie...i like the bloody scene..n i love zombie

The Incredibles

i like superhero stuff...

Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo(2003)

watch before..ok for the kids

Scary Movie
Scary Movie(2000)

i tink all the scary movie til now...this flim is the best of all the scary movie

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

best movies of all times...some scene is touching


like the wooing method use on the film...n the clients is funny man...


best movies of all times...william wallace i love him...

The Ring
The Ring(2002)

japan the ring is more better than this

Sin City
Sin City(2005)

like the black n white...n it just like u read the book...

The Matrix
The Matrix(1999)

ok movie but the graphics is awesome

Saw II
Saw II(2005)

oh..creepy movie like the storyline a lot..

War of the Worlds

like the graphics but no fighting scene..so sad

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

a lot ppl say they like this movie but i not...lame story line is bad...

White Chicks
White Chicks(2004)

like the twins brother alot..is a gd film...i like tat change 2 gal look

There's Something About Mary

haha..funny movies tat i ever seen..i like ben stiller alot...

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

of course i gt watch this be4..the older version of jim carrey is more funny than now..funny movie

The Longest Yard

wow..is funny n a lot of celebrity inside this movie like stone cold , goldberg , chris rock

Shrek 2
Shrek 2(2004)

funny than shrek 1..the making of film is gd


watch it a lot of times..


ooh..the best marvel hero movies

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

i dun like this kind of movie but been forced by friends..but graphic is quiet gd


most best film ever in at all times...like the romantic scene wit jack n rose

Fun With Dick and Jane

i like jim carrey a lot...almost all the movies of his..i will went 2 watch...

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

better than ice age 1..more laughter

King Kong
King Kong(2005)

wow..one of the best movie of this yr...no comment about tat

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

wow..in front is some how boring but at the middle the movie is awesome