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Maps to the Stars
2 years ago via Movies on Android tablet

Cronenberg and the team deliver a deranged story set in Hollywood with an exceptional lead performance from Julianne Moore. It was also good to see Cusack in a film more befitting his talents.

As this is Cronenberg, the film is filled with complex characters and motivations and he has pulled together an engrossing and incredibly dark experience. excellent stuff....

Birdman (2014)
2 years ago via Movies on Android tablet

About as good as film gets, the kind of film that reminds me of why I love cinema and film. Technically, this is a breathtaking exercise with the camera moving around in seemgly impossible ways. Add to this a superb cast, Norton has not been this good in years, ditto for Watts and Stone. Ultimately, this is Keaton and Alejandro's show. Keaton is just brilliant with a layered performance that highlights insecurities and ambition in ways that just blew me away. Simply put, I haven't seen a film like this before and it grabs me each time I see it....

Focus (2015)
2 years ago via Movies on Android tablet

A slick and good looking flick that is enjoyable but also pretty forgettable. Will is doing everything he can to be cool but the set up is so contrived and unbelievable it just doesn't matter. Margot is by far the best part of this film, lighting up the screen whenever she turns up, she is far more engaging than everyone else.

Worth a watch....

Starred Up
Starred Up (2014)
2 years ago via Movies on Android tablet

No doubt, Mcconnell is a forceful presence in this film. Aside from that, the story is generic and predictable.

The Interview
The Interview (2014)
2 years ago via Movies on Android tablet

More of the same from Seth and Franco. If you weren't a fan before, this won't change your mind. There is a little satire in the material but for the most part, the humour is based around the creators normal sensibilities.

There are plenty of good laughs to be had and the cast are on good form, particularly Randall Park who is v funny as Kim Jong-un. In the cold light of day, it's difficult to see why the film garnered so much controversy. This is a silly film, but not a stupid one.