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Ice Age: Continental Drift

Ice Age: Continental Drift(2012)

And the animated family films just keep on coming. Now we join the herd which is ridiculously huge by this point, just as the continents split and families are torn apart. I enjoyed this plot device as it separated our awesome trio from their annoying baggage. However, they soon come across a bunch of animal pirates. Quite where this overuse of anthropomorphism came from is anyone's guess. Probably just lazy screenwriting. They'll probably be driving cars in the next installment. Despite my anger at turning the first sweet film about friendship and male bonding, into adventures with dinosaurs and pirates, at least this outing had the decency to be very funny at times, and it gives us the chemistry between Sid, Diego, and Manny that was missing from parts 2 and 3. The added characters are OK, and it's quite the enjoyable ride for the most part. Lord knows what will happen in the future. Probably genetically spliced animals/humans or something.