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Luke's Review of Looper

5 years ago via Flixster


Looper is a film I purposefully stayed away from to avoid spoilers. The hype surrounding it was unbearable and so of course it wasn't as great as I'd heard. It's actually a very straightforward action film that doesn't take any real dangerous chances, other than giving us two conflicting characters, who are the same person. Looper is set in a world where time-travel is used to dispose of bodies. Only problem is, the hitmen known as loopers must one day face the fact they will have to kill their future self. You need to leave your brain at the door, or at least logic, to go along with the plot, which is engrossing but soon switches paths to deal with other science fiction conventions. Some of the effects are mesmerizing, and Gordon Levitt's Bruce Willis impersonation is spot-on. Seeing the two characters battle with their past and future, but knowing neither is written in stone makes for an intriguing tragedy that gradually builds. A great sci-fi yarn, but needed something a bit extra.