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The Campaign

The Campaign(2012)

American politics, or any politics for that matter, are quite humorous on their own. So when a film decides to poke fun at the circus around such farce, it runs the risk of not matching up to the hilarity of the real thing. Luckily for The Campaign, it is successful by not seeming too concerned with making a difference. Instead it gives us a large amount of brilliant characters and funny situations. There's baby punching, wife boning, and other underhanded methods brought to life by the likes of Ferrell and Galifianakis. However, it is the supporting stars who turn in the best perofrmances. McDermott (or should that be Mulroney?) is the brightest star, as a campaign manager that can appear anywhere at anytime. He plays it straight and gets the biggest laughs, from the lines he delivers to a simple look. Sudeikis also hits high with the straight man to Ferrell's congressman, looking at Ferrell's ideas as absurd and unnecessary. Best of all is the running gag over the racist Brian Cox and how he forces his Asian made to speak like an old stereotypical black woman to make him feel more comfortable. Great laughs, but a little on the short side, which leaves iconic actors such as Lithgow, Cox and Aykroyd with nothing to do.