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Not really interesting at all. Natalie P is the best one in this. She won the GG for this movie, and got nom'd for Oscar, yet her BEST performances in "Where the Heart Is", "Heat" and "The Professional" and MOST OF ALL "Beautiful Girls" were ignored. Travesties!

What Dreams May Come

I can see a movie with this name as being much more beautiful and surreal and with a great story. Maybe this COULD have been that movie..but it WASNT. Completely disappointing. Dislike it.


...not really, but i wanna see how bad Kirsten does and if Orlando can "pull this role off". I heard they cant, but oh well. See for myself
Update: Watched it in the videostore. Nothing special;no one in it is special either. It's too bad.

Erin Brockovich

Saw it in the theatres, but that's when i didnt dislike Julia Roberts :P

Into the Wild

Emile Hirsch and Sean Penn. WOW.It's Real . Exhilarating. Purifying. Painful. Beautiful. Simple and raw in every way, but the opposite is also true. And that is our nature. THis is not just a physical journey, but (one of) the most honest SOUL journeys u will ever have the pleasure to witness. You have to be open to it.

The Terminal
The Terminal(2004)

Wow. Another GREAT performance by Tom Hanks! What an accent!
This was a pleasure to watch. I couldnt believe this was based on a true story.
Sweet and enjoyable. Hanks at his best :D

Born on the Fourth of July

Tom Cruise's BEST work (besides "Far and Away") Powerful, harrowing, affecting. Still so VERY RELEVANT for today. And tomorrow :( Based on a true story. ALL need to see this!!!!

Babe: Pig in the City

A very strange, quirky, un-funny, even "dark" movie----WTH HAPPENED???
Just wrong.


Talking pigs are cute, no?
It had never been done before and it was done so well!

Heavenly Creatures

A disturbing story. Based on true events.

Girl With a Pearl Earring

Colin Firth reminded me of Orlando Bloom in the first Pirates movie! An older version, but STILL-- the hair, the eyes...oh, my.

Nurse Betty
Nurse Betty(2000)

Wanna see this again!
Renee Zelwegger won a Golden Globe for this. I remember cuz she was in the bathroom when it was announced, and they waited for her to come to the stage! hehe She was embarrassed, poor Renee!

Beautiful Girls

Natalie Portman is INCREDIBLE. It's like, wow. Understated, real, a little preteen angst and sadness...well, she hasn't done better than this. See "The Professional" too--cuz we know u need to forget about the horror of Star Wars III!!!!
Uma Thurman is really great, too! An ensemble cast.


One of Angelina's worst performances. A disturbing film

The Bridges of Madison County

***Somewhat a SPOILER************

The last scene: the 2 trucks, in the rain, clutching the door's the ??? moment. Aaah! So intense, what a tear-jerker!

Akeelah and the Bee

Spelling-bees are always entertaining


Chris Cooper was the best actor in this; he deserved the Oscar. I dont know what Meryl Streep was doing in this, and Nicolas Cage was good but...ya, it was hard to watch and the one part before the swamp and after...just wrong.

Fly Away Home

What a sweet movie--and amazing story!

Office Space
Office Space(1999)

I need to see this again. I might appreciate the humour more than 10 yrs ago :)


Not as bad as i expected

The Bear
The Bear(1989)

I saw it when i was a kid. Sad :(

Half Nelson
Half Nelson(2006)


La Vie en Rose (La Mome)

Fantastic portrayal by Marion Cotillard.

A Single Man
A Single Man(2009)

The debut of Tom Ford (he is in the fashion industry). This man knows what he is doing.
What a heartbreaker, that scene when George learns of Jim's passing. And it's made more painful by the way the conversation transpires. The allusions to the prejudice against gays is subtle but loud and clear. Fantastic scene....and so many after it.
The use of eye closeups and the focus on George's absorption of everyone and every little thing as he deals with the memories of Jim in such a sensory and sensual way truly makes the experience a heady one. This is a man grieving, remembering his dead lover bcuz he misses him, but also bcuz he cannot help but be reminded . The paradox is that the memories seem to be a catalyst for experiencing more in his life, but also losing the desire for living at the same time ;(

Far From Heaven

Julianne Moore received a Lead Actress nom for this, and a Supporting nom for "The Hours", the same year :)

Bright Star
Bright Star(2009)

Abbie Cornish's face is unpleasant to look at for the most part (in this). I didnt last more than 10 minutes. Reminded me of the slow "The Piano" (same director, Aussie film)


Great classic horror flick!

The Accused
The Accused(1988)

Jodie Foster won her 1st Oscar for this one. And well-deserved.

In America
In America(2003)

Djimon Hounsou was the best of all


So creepy, those 70s horror movies :P

The Wrestler
The Wrestler(2008)

Mickey Rourke is terrific, and Marisa Tomei is great ("In the Bedroom" and this are her best performances). Cant think of anyone else better for Randy. E.R. Wood is good, too.
This is the day-to-day life of a down-n-out guy, trying to get back into what he used to be good at, what he was known for. Such an affecting performance. Great directing by the acclaimed Darren Aranofsky.

To Kill A Mockingbird

Saw it in English class, grade 8

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

This is a stirring and shocking movie. The ending is a killer! :( Lump in throat!

The Matador
The Matador(2006)

A different role for Brosnan--and that pays off! Enjoyed him and Kinnear in this offbeat, darker comedy.

Stand by Me
Stand by Me(1986)

This is a heavy one. Be sure to watch something lighthearted after this, you might need it. Another great one from Stephen King!

Shoot 'Em Up
Shoot 'Em Up(2007)

Who DOESNT wanna ram a driver (in a BMW) with their car cuz the person didnt use their turn signal??

Walking Tall
Walking Tall(2004)

The Rock is always good

The Departed
The Departed(2006)

Just cuz the bf said it was actually really good.
2010: Saw a few minutes of it. not my type of film. Altho Leo was great as usual, and Jack Nicholson was INCREDIBLE and oh-so sinister in the scenes i watched! Wow.

Field of Dreams

I remember this one being a very sentimental movie

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

I liked it when i was a kid, but dont care for it much now. It was sad, tho, with a cute story.

Top Gun
Top Gun(1986)

Just dont care for the 80s movies, but i can see how it was great then

The Road
The Road(2009)

Very realistic and disturbing. Great CG as well. The great Viggo M. couldnt be (much) better, and the actor who plays the son is very good (difficult to find un-annoying and sympathetic children in movies these days).


Did not go in the direction it should have. Once u knew what the "solution" was, it was just a slide down to the finish line. Strange, dark mood. Extra half-star for Ethan Hawke keeping up his looks :P

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Hellboy 2)

A weak storyline killed it. And i dont really get it, nor do i really care as much about this Hellboy-comic-book world as i should. The first one was superior.

Pet Sematary
Pet Sematary(1989)

Freaky movie from my childhood. FREAKY.

Rambo (Rambo IV)

Brutally bloody and violent. Disgusting to think it's happening in real-life :S

Lars and the Real Girl

One of those movies i used the fast-forward button on THROUGHOUT. Just too slow and has the same feeling as u get looking at the cover :P Ryan Gosling is GREAT, tho. See it if u r a fan of him or those slow-and-a-little-strange indie flicks.

Paris Je T'aime

Multiple stories about love/lust/and all that other stuff-- found in and around Paris.
Multiple directors, multiple moods, but same tone throughout. Great when u may not be paying as much attention (or cant) bcuz they are short bits, but they will be catching your attention in no time.

P.S. Dont even bother with "New York, I Love You". Absolutely INFERIOR.


The score is INCREDIBLE.
Best thing about the movie ;)

Across the Universe

Sing The Beatles!!!


The Last King of Scotland

There's one scene i was pretty horrified by. Yuck. You'll know it when you see it.
James McAvoy is great in this. The ending was unexpected. Left you with a different feeling...


Well acted by all 4 main actors. Adam Sandler in a more dramatic role may surprise you.


Lovely singing by the lovely and talented Amy Adams.
The animated characters were cute, of course!
Just a cute movie for the family to watch

The Shining
The Shining(1980)

Absolute classic. Have seen it about four times. It envelopes you in the same way each time. I still remember the first time i saw it--Jack is C-R-A-Z-Y. He SHOWS us what crazy is--defines it in a way noone else ever could.~~REDRUM.~~"All work and no play make Jack a dull boy"~~"HEEEERE's JOHNNY!"I can watch it over and over again. You have to experience it for yourself!2010: It stands the test of time. Extra half star for that!! :)
"Wendy! LOVE of my LIFE!"

Stranger Than Fiction

this might be really dull and annoying. it's really very hit and miss w/ these will ferrell movies...

The Ladykillers

Bizarre, weird, a little creepy. Had a few funnier parts but u just cant get over some of the more nasty parts. Poor Tom, why does he do things for money? Anyways, i dont recommend it but Marlon Wayans can be funny. But i think we knew that :P
AND a freakin SHOCKING ending. Just not right, lol.
Edit 2010: Ok, Tom Hanks IS good in this. He IS. I do recommend it, esp if u are a fan ;)

A Life Less Ordinary

Ewan could have done much better. Still like him tons, tho! Saw this YEARS ago.

Death to Smoochy

One of Robin Williams's "flops"

The Fifth Element

Milla Jovovich is so strange in this, but so gorgeous! Model turned actress, dont ya know? ;)

Army of Darkness

Ohhhhh, this is the cheeze u gotta just roll with--and u will find yourself enjoying it! :P


This one actually has a few funny--if goofy, retarded funny- parts in it. Will Ferrell is so messed, lol Does grow on u!

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Ouch. As my bf pointed out, there is just TOO MUCH wrong with this movie. They just got worse. I actually enjoyed Episode 1. What HAPPENED to Natalie Portman? When did she start sucking this bad? Oh--wait. I think it was George Lucas, sucking out their talent with every crappy direction he gave them. Poor actors. Poor Hayden. Im surprised that Ewan didn't succumb to the Talent-Succubus that is George Lucas.
Really, tho, im so GLAD that the CG was so amazing, and that i could at least be distracted by that. Oh, and that i really did wanna know what happens to Darth/Anakin. But that part was creepy and wierd. Even Star Wars LUVERS wanted to kick George Lucas' ass. I just wanna slap him and take his money away, and all his stupid copyrights away, so that REAL, TALENTED ppl could remake Ep. 3, and maybe even the other 2, into what they SHOULD have been. My bf, and any other creative guy that saw this movie and all that was wrong with it, could redo it! They arent even professionals! Ahhhhhh!
I really need to stop....George Lucas is the succubus of my love of Star Wars. Damn you, George! DAMN UUUUUUU! (cant u just see the last scene of Darth in the movie, howling for his dead wife?? LOL. At least George Lucas left us with something ...:S :S....

Reality Bites

This is for the ppl who were in their mid-20's in the mid-90's. But i had to luv Ethan Hawke's scraggly, greasy, whatever attitude, and i still remember finding that attractive( saw this movie c. 2000). I dunno if i wanna see it again, but it deserves a 3 for how hot [i thought] Ethan was at the time. All these ppl are 40 now! Ah!

The Ring
The Ring(2002)

One of the creepiest movies ever. Incredibly well done psychological horror. Make sure you dont have a tv in your room after you see this one...The girl coming out of the tv is something you'll NEVER forget.

You, Me and Dupree

i think one like this has been done before. and done before....and done before.....^^ Wrote in 2006^^^I thought this would be cliched and tripe. I thought it would be lame w/ crap acting.No and No. Well, to an extent on the 2nd factor....but when it does seem "off", it's balanced by the situation at hand, and it all seems appropriate. They definitely are justified in their reactions to silly Dupree! Really liked Kate and Matt as the couple. And Owen Wilson in this role is (almost) perfect! He may have seen "lost" in life, but he was LIVING it--in his way, on his watch, and affecting everyone around him. A goofy comedy with a great theme.I have watched this a few times at the videostore i used to work at! Awesome :D

Tristan & Isolde

Better after watching it a 2nd time! Love Sophia Myles as Isolde; also a great "supporting" role by Branagh Gallagher ("Bragnae") as her "maid" (she was so funny and motherly). Less dialogue b/w T + I than expected, but that adds to the power and lust of their relationship. J Franco seemed dull, rigid and too fierce --he really does have that 'furrowed brow' look-- but the 2nd time around was the charm for me; his delivery of many lines seemed more true the more i listened to them--and saw him :). "Am i not permitted a single day without mourning?"--Isolde. "For all time they will say it was our love brought down a kingdom."--TristanFierce lust and bloody battles among the treacherous--and traitorous--medieval times sets this subtle R+J-like romance apart from the bright lights and bubbles of the 1996 movie. Poetry is used in clips, and the dialogue is distinct and gentle--emotions are conveyed in only sentences, NOT paragraphs. Short + sweet + smart= Tristan + Isolde! Ive seen this twice and want to see it again....who doesnt want this type of engrossing, passionate lust/ love?!?! *sigh*.........

White Oleander

One of my favourite movies!! This cast is STELLAR. Could not ask for a better story, better actors, or a better narrative. Alison Lohman SHINES, and this is Michelle Pfeiffer's best! Great supporters in Robin Wright Penn and Renee Z (one of my fave actresses).

The Virgin Suicides

Intoxicating. Lights, colour, pastel, lilting melodies, gorgeous faces, fluttering eyelashes, quick looks and sensual EVERYTHING. What they want u to be is what u are, right? Not so...In all its drama, and beautiful brightness and compelling story-telling which is meant to be just as distracting and hypnotizing as the Lisbon sisters are, there's a cry in the dark (see it a few times and you'll get it). This is a tale in a setting so set up; u have to look deeper than at looks and everything else. There is depth in the superficiality of this movie, but that's the point--that's the THEME. What's missing? What's there? Is that all? Just absorb it, and Sofia Coppola will let u in!

Cold Mountain

For this movie, Jude Law, i luv ya!Philip SH is despicable (noone could do better!) Renee as Ruby Thewes was pretty perfect (some found her annoying). Nicole Kidman was the WEAKEST LINK, but Jude was SO GOOD that he actually made me believe he wanted to come back to her. So that melted me..and he was just amazing. "Ill marry you, ill marry u, ill marry u....." Natalie P, in a tiny but explosive role, just plants herself in the scenes and u cant forget them (even if u want to---which might be annoying to some. But her role was what it was). I gotta add, it's just so ridiculous how CLEAN Nicole K was throughout the whole movie--kind of makes u think what kind of RETARDS thought that would be a good idea? Did noone think of that while FILMING (hello, makeup ppl))?? I mean, she's poor, she's got nothing, she's a working girl, HOW does she look like royalty all the time? THEN they thought better of spending another few million for CG to make her LOOK DIRTY after test audiences didnt find her believable(!). Disappointing. WHAT were they thinking? Inman, ill take u. Just keep Nicole in the barn.

The Lion King 1 1/2

I loved this! Sooo funny!!

Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo(2003)

Totally cute. Ellen Degeneres as Dory--totally perfect.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Cuz it's the first of it's kind ;)

Sex and the City 2

Think of this as an extended version of one of the most boring SintheC episodes u have ever seen. Really.
It just had NOTHING going for it, except the wardrobe (u can always count on that). And there were a few funny lines.
Like another reviewer said: 'No sex. No city. There u have it'.
Very disappointing. Dont know HOW they passed this script. Just pathetic what they feed to fans bcuz they know they CAN. ugh.


Jamie Bell was the standout in this. He's talented.
Also, Max Theriot (young David) and Annasophia Rob (Young Millie) are better than the 2 leads.
Another one of those disappointing movies, cuz they have such a terrific premise, but are muted by bad performances, silly plot-twists, lame "bad" guys, etc.
Q: Will there be a Jumper 2?
Too bad Hayden isnt a very good actor :( (Really liked him in the 2000 show "Higher Ground" :P)

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

This was a 2 and a HALF hour film! But i enjoyed every minute of it

The Runaways
The Runaways(2010)

Quite disjointed in its approach to the subject matter. Flicks from scene-to-scene so it cant establish the story properly. Disappointing cuz the trailers made it look SO great.
Sigismondi directed music videos, and u could tell. This was a perfect subject matter for her, she just was unable to capture the whole rock n roll experience. It was missing something.
Some scenes were very well done, like the sensual roller-rink kiss, and the opening scene w/ Cherie getting her period, and the fight in the studio near the end.
The director has promise, but needs help in not making her next film feel like an extended music video. I hope to see more from her in the future tho. She has potential to make a visually AND emotionally captivating film, im sure.

The Wolfman
The Wolfman(2010)

2 of my fav actors, del Toro and Hopkins, together :) Strange in parts--but what isnt strange about a guy that turns into a nasty furry enraged creature by the full moon? :P
Takes a while to start out, and is more gory than i expected. A good one for a fall evening or Halloween!

Green Zone
Green Zone(2010)

another propaganda war movie. but this one's w/ matt damon. Not too bad


To quote user 'petanorech':
"'83% liked it. I dont know how that's possible".
It's true......haha
There is one impressive part, largely due to the music (a version of "Surface of the Sun" from the SUNSHINE score) that is def. the best thing the movie had to offer. Even tho Nic Cage was just freakin ridiculous and weird, once again. Omg! U can tell the dude is desperate for a paycheck these days. *smh*

Donnie Brasco

Always an extra half star for Johnny.
He and Al Pacino are INCREDIBLE in this. 2 of the best at their best!

Inglourious Basterds

Hated this crap. Watched (most) of it, just didnt enjoy even a second of it :S :S :S
Truly mind-numbing

Robin Hood
Robin Hood(2010)

From seeing a few minutes of it :P

Bitch Slap
Bitch Slap(2010)

Crap. With boobs and legs. That is all.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Ice Age 3)

Funniest thing in these flicks!!! I was laughing SO MUCH at his 'skit'!! So awesome =D

Silent Hill
Silent Hill(2006)

Really good horror movie. I think it did the videogames proud, by what ive heard. Air raid sirens are creepy but set the mood unlike any other. Nasty seizuring nurses are a great touch. The ending is unlike anything else. Just like "ooohhhhh".... Gamers and non-gamers alike, u gotta see this!


The original!


Couldnt/didnt finish it

2 Fast 2 Furious

Paul Walker looks a little puffy-eyed in the movie poster...but, anyways.
The first F&F started a little car-revolution in 2000/2001. It's cool how movies can influence ppl and culture so much. By the time this one came out, tho, there wasnt much more to do. The movie is entertaining but cant top the first one. Doesnt have the same feel, but that is like most sequels. As a friend wrote, far from the reality of real streetracing, but that's to be expected.
And What's with Tyrese's character calling everyone "brah"???
See it for the cool cars and cool sounds. Of course, see the first F&F for that AND better action, better acting, and Vin Diesel. ;)

No Country for Old Men

Brutally pointless movie. At least to me. I just couldnt get over it.
But the acting WAS very good, and the suspense was INSANE. Well done on those parts (and those parts only)

Sophie's Choice

Meryl Streep in her Lead Actress Oscar winning role. Could u tell that she is not polish? Wow

Van Helsing
Van Helsing(2004)

Totally entertaining. Have you noticed how Australian actors make movies BETTER?? Oh, and Kate B, too. Great cast, esp. Dracula.

John Tucker Must Die

As smart ppl have noticed: what is some 28 yr old dude (Jesse Metcalfe) doing playing a 17 yr old?!?!?!? Geezus!

^^^First thoughts, 2006^^
2010: I saw this 2 yrs ago. I was hooked. Saw it a few times since then. It's a (little) smarter, better written, better acted, and is cuter and funnier than most others. Try it, u might be pleasantly surprised and find another 'guilty pleasure' worth noting on your profile page ;) ;)

Marley & Me
Marley & Me(2008)

Extra 1/2 star for the pup! lol

Tropic Thunder

Love it or hate it. I'm in camp 2. Just COULDNT. And wont

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

What a ground-breaking movie!
I had mixed emotions while watching this as a kid. It was just, OFF. Like, humans and these human-like characters were not meant to mingle. But becuz it seemed so "natural", then that added to the 'discomfort'?? lol I still have questions about that. *sigh*


Made me cry....u know the part :(

The first movie i ever saw in the theatre, at 5 yrs old :) My sister and her friend took me. I still remember that! *Memoriessss*

Empire Records

I saw this years ago, and back THEN it was an old movie. Not bad, not bad. A very young Renee Zellweger and Liv Tyler in her "cute" days. And Ethan Embry (Randall) being cute again! I liked the main hot guy, tho. Im sure it was an indie hit in the 90's tho!

There Will Be Blood

It's a love it or hate it movie. And u can guess which group i was in.

Brokeback Mountain

i know noone who cared for this movie. It's not something put in front of you everyday. Made me wonder if my feelings about gay ppl SHOULD change, or if that's what they wanted. Well, we know that ppl do/have live(d) like this (hiding their true selves) but i wouldnt have really "listened" as well had it not been Heath and Jake kissing like that. :P In all seriousness, ppl still cant handle a movie like this, even in 2006. I guess that's why they made this...leaves u with a lasting impression. Jake's line is lasting too, "i wish i could quit you!" Classic, right? ;)

The Bucket List

Gosh, i really need to watch the whole thing!!


For me it was unengaging, boring. Is there something i am missing?


Does your bf want to see this really, really bad, too??? :P

Fun With Dick and Jane

how many more faces can jim carrey make? lol


She is amazing--so jealous! Dark, sleek, fast, and ya, a chick that can handle weapons really well and doesnt look lame doing it! Gotta luv the PVC, lol.

Hannibal Rising

This is gonna be nasty.

Update: ^^^YES, it was.
And disappointing. Very disturbing tho. Definitely got the mood right

Hot Rod
Hot Rod(2007)

NOT my type of humour. AT ALL.
Stupid, stupid, stupid. Ugh.

The Hitcher
The Hitcher(2007)

Totally C-rated, and the plot twists are nuts, but that's what makes this an awesome ride and I actually wanna see it again. Go Brooke! And her bf is not the di*k-prep-jockstrap-biatch typecast dude, someone that you cant stand; they cast a good actor-a cute guy- and he's a GREAT, sweet character.
AWESOME car crash scene, too!
Sean Bean does a "Kevin Spacey-in-7even" type role here. I dug it :D This one sets itself apart from those Chainsaw Massacres and Wolf Creek's and whatever else...Just go see it: hot girl, sweet bf, plot twists, predictable turns, and Boromir!!!

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

Nowhere near as good as the first one. If u want to be somewhat entertained with the kids, go ahead. But CARS will most likely be WAY better!

Bridge to Terabithia

A "smarter" family-oriented movie that isnt really for the very young. The characters are fuller and there is more imagination than action in this one. The poster and trailers, of course, make it out to be more exciting, but it has great characters and the kids aren't annoying, either!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

yay for johnny depp. Im looking at him in the poster on my door. Yay for captain jack sparrow. I luv that name. lol. I cant wait for the 3rd one. Finally, a trilogy after the LOTR i am looking forward to! Yay for johnny. and jack. And the ending (ugh!) "why is the rum always gone?" That's for u, john doe ;)

Saw III(2006)

...of course!

Little Miss Sunshine

Saw only the end--very entertaining dance miss abigail!! lol

The Butterfly Effect

Really good. Awesome premise. Ive seen it 2 times. It surprised the HELL out of me how well Ashton did in this dramatic role. Of course, not the kind of drama we see in "The Machinist" or "American History X", but i do admire him for trying and being decent and exceeding my expectations--cuz i LUV when that happens! There should be more smart and enthralling movies like this one (i wish!) Ill see this one again in the future...

White Chicks
White Chicks(2004)

Saw parts of it = 2 stars

Love Actually

Supposedly one of the best movies of that year.
update: Saw it at Xmas time. Cute and funny--crazy Brits!
That one part w/ the guy who likes Keira Knightley's character just makes me wanna turn to MUSH. AHHHHHH ! That's real love, babyyyyyy!! *gush!*

Save the Last Dance

Hate this movie. Cannot stand them.

The Mexican
The Mexican(2001)

Spare yourself. And hate Julia Roberts. ZERO chemistry. NONE. That's all.

Saw II
Saw II(2005)

Dont you just love that tag line? ;P
The story was very intricate; props to the writers, cuz i couldnt think this up. (im just not that smart) Of course, it doesnt have the EFFECT that the first one had, cuz we already knew what to "expect", even tho u dont know what sick crap willl go down. I think the ending was the creepiest, and the realization of what..just..went..down. It's like, WHOA. Pretty enthralling, i recommend it.

Anchorman - The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

{Will Ferrell's last decent movie}}

Ice Age
Ice Age(2002)

Scrat the Squirrel is one of the BEST characters ever! Extra half-star just for him!!! :D


Ya, Kirsten pulls this one down. Totally *ouch* in some parts (like, barely any chemistry. They are exes, btw) EEEWWW that NASTY green goblin. He didnt die soon enough, that's for sure.
The only good thing to say is that it IS a one-of-a-kind movie; many firsts. The second one is BETTER.


Ok, boys, you DO see that this is a pointless rip-off of all the Gladiators and Bravehearts before it, right? Bad acting all around, except for Bana, who was half decent and shouldnt have been in it. Brad Pitt's hard a$$ would never save this film. If u want to see a film where you'd want Brad Pitt's hard butt to save you, see Legends of the Fall. Im not kidding.

Where the Heart Is

Excellent Natalie P in one of her best. Ashley Judd is actually great, too.
Cute and authentic.

The Descent
The Descent(2006)

The monsters in the film (which i didnt know even existed until i saw the movie, since i didnt check trailers) are more brutal than gollum. No cuteness here :P
Some make-you-jump parts; the suspense is worthwhile. Expect gore, and an INTERESTING ending. Freaky just thinking about it....

Must Love Dogs

I like Diane Lane and John Cusack, so this was a good pairing.

Wedding Crashers

Some stupid, disturbing parts. Like the kid tying Vince Vaughn to the bed. WTF!??!!

Cruel Intentions

One of the first "teen movies" and a hot one at that. I remember seeing it and falling in lust w/ Mr. Phillippe. He had quite the lustful eyes--poor little Reese! lol. Sarah M Gellar was great, and she totally used and abused everyone. So perfect! See this if u wanna see one of those classic late '90s "teen" dramas

True Lies
True Lies(1994)

Another solid Arnold movie. The Last of them :P

The Fisher King

Disliked Robin Williams' character. A lot.

Dazed and Confused

Saw this in English Class, grade 8. Cant believe the 60-something Mrs. Woods brought this in for us to watch! (She was reluctant, tho :P)


I remember seeing this in the 90s. It was good!

The Shawshank Redemption

One of my dad's favs. Morgan Freeman's best. One of a kind.

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

One of my FAVES!
Not as funny or witty as the first, but still a great continuation of the hilarious Bridget Jones escapades! Really love this character; Renee is amazingt!

Finding Neverland

Did not see it all

The Notebook
The Notebook(2004)

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling are two of the best actors ive seen in a long time. They totally light up the screen as the "couple you'd wanna be". Original and un-hokey, and i might say "touching"(cuz im allowed!), it was adapted from a book. There's major chemistry between the two and everything is so free-flowing and believable. Absolutely SOLID acting. Pretty story, but too sappy, and takes a small turn "down" near the end. An extra star for Ryan and Rachel, Esp RYAN!!.

Super Size Me

Ive seen this twice.
My fav part is when he says he's getting the "McGurgles" and the "McStomachache"!!!! LUV THIS. SEE IT AND NEVER EAT AT MCD'S AGAIN!

The Punisher
The Punisher(2004)

John Travolta's the bad guy. Who woulda guessed?? :P

Man on Fire
Man on Fire(2004)

Another excellent Denzel film. Another hardened character, flawed but able to capture us with hints of compassion and sensitivity. Dakota Fanning is the right child for his role's believability and their relationship is a very easy one. Two great actors elevate this storyline to 'great' from the usual 'good'. Must see for Denzel fans AND crime/drama fans!

The Girl Next Door

I LUV this movie! Emile Hirsch is PERFECT. The supporting cast is incredible. Some HILARIOUS sh** in this!

"They're like a fu**in tripod!"

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Need to see this AGAIN. Really want to!
U need to be in a certain "mood" for this movie to "work". Hopefully i can find that state again soon

Secret Window

Anything he is in, Johnny makes it at least 10 times better than it would have been...Another HIT for Johnny and for Stephen King! Great story...i luv finding out "the truth" after a movie is winding down...ah! See this! Creepy, great, and it's Johnny in a THRILLER. And he's the main character--so u can just stare if u dont care for the story--which is impossible anyway! ;-)

Starsky & Hutch

Another great pairing b/w these two great famous- comedy-troupe members! (ok i made that name up "P). But u know what im saying. This group of actors always delivers in one way or another. And they do it again

50 First Dates

Saw part of it. Kind of cute. Nothing special about it. "THE WEDDING SINGER" ALL THE WAY!

Along Came Polly

This is in my top 5 J Aniston movies.
Another great Ben Stiller role. He's so believable in these geeky or stiff or proper roles, you just cant help but be totally engaged in his portrayal!
He and Jennifer have good chemistry actually; she plays such a carefree person that u can believe that she would see past his eccentricities and enjoy hanging out with him and try bringing him out of his shell. With "hijinks" and goofy situations along the way!

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Johnny Depp as a pirate. Who would have known he'd be one of the most acclaimed and popular characters ever?
Did i mention he's a damn sexy pirate? YAAARRR! An unforgettable character in a now classic family adventure movie. Johnny Depp is the man. Orlando is great, too. Love the period look, and the supporting actors are perfect and a very fun and goofy addition to this wonderful "swash-buckling" new world!


Read the synopsis, cuz that basically says it all. It is devastating, in a sense, and absolutely meant to be an emotional ride more than a crime and blood filled rampage movie. This is about the WOMAN, the person--how and why and what. U go on the journey with her.
Just ignore Christina Ricci; pay all your attention to Charlize (not for the faint of heart, maybe?:P) and who she IS, and who she WANTS to be as Aileen.
Awesome direction by a female director, Patty Jenkins, ( i know of only Sophia Coppola, lol!) and she blew me away. Not for everyone. This movie gets inside Aileen's head and there's a little torture, a little hope, and a lot of hopelessness...cuz u know it cant work... But the film works amazingly. The scene at the fair, and the music, and Aileen's face--u see it ALL in her face.
Recommend "Monster" for all those who are open-minded and ready to be surprised and have their presumptions wiped off the board by this movie's intricacies.

Something's Gotta Give

Another Jack Nicholson gem. Diane Keaon gives one of her best performances (as does Jack). Great supporting cast in Amanda Peet and Keanu Reeves (surprisingly good in a gentler Doctor/love-interest role).
Others like this: "It's Complicated", "Because I Said So", "Never Again", "Must Love Dogs", "As Good As It Gets"

Bad Santa
Bad Santa(2003)

This is an R-RATED Xmas Sinter Klaus comedy!! LOL Billy Bob is pretty terrific in this role....some hilarious stuff in here!! Recommended for all ADULTS ;)

Tears of the Sun

Disturbing subject matter. And violent. Set in Africa

21 Grams
21 Grams(2003)

Very depressing and moody film. Each and every character is tragic, and they all come together and it's heightened :S All the leads are terrific, tho: Naomi Watts (i thought it was her best), Sean Penn (another great one) and Benicio Del Toro hits all the right notes (amazing).
See it if u wanna see broken ppl living, and dying, thru their respective tragedies' consequences.

Mystic River
Mystic River(2003)

Way too dark and distraught for my tastes. But Sean Penn was incredible, no doubt about it.


Colin Farrell and Samuel L. Jackson. Good stuff!

Hollywood Homicide

This was panned by critics. But Harrison Ford is great, and he and Josh H bring some laughs with the action.

Bruce Almighty

Some funny parts. NOT Jim Carrey's best.

A Man Apart
A Man Apart(2003)

Another great Vin Diesel movie. With character and heart, it's another solid performance. He's a good actor :)


And Stephen King strikes again.....

Just Married
Just Married(2003)

Another cute and funny Ashton role.
Brittany was great. RIP.

Analyze That
Analyze That(2002)

A very disappointing follow-up to the awesome first one!

Knockaround Guys

Great cast, good story.

Sweet Home Alabama

Reese is good in this. A little more snarky than usual ;)

The Good Girl

This is Jennifer's BEST work--cuz she's NOT PLAYING HERSELF. Who wouldve thought she could pull it off? Great performances all around, worthy of its acclaim. Jake G. and John C. Reilly round it out nicely!

The Sweetest Thing

A great girls-on-a-roadtrip movie. Romance comedy with some cute American girls. Funnier and sexier than i imagined it would be.

Monster's Ball

And those stars are for Heath Ledger's small part in this. Small, but with a huge impact. RIP, U r missed!

Rock Star
Rock Star(2001)

cool music, long hair

Being John Malkovich

Could NOT get into this movie. AT ALL. Strange, stranger, and....well, u get the drift.

A Knight's Tale

Gotta luv Heath in this one. Hot! Cute! Funny! Seriously not serious! And "I WILL FONG UUUU!" LOL


Extra half-star for Johnny.

Little Nicky
Little Nicky(2000)

Ha Ha! What a crazy, weird guilty pleasure this one is!


Only cuz i wanna see that one part that my bf keeps telling me is hilarious :P

American Beauty

I never understood what was good about this movie. And i still cant. I dont even think i would get it if u explained it to me. Id TRY, but......

Smokin' Aces
Smokin' Aces(2007)

i dont know why...maybe ryan, maybe cuz the bf will probly wanna see it...

Horrible movie!!!


One of the coolest dvd covers.


A surprisingly fun "ride" (ok, ya, lame cliche. Sorry)!!
Fallon and Latifah are great together, and the storyline is a decent one.

Whale Rider
Whale Rider(2003)

Great performance by Keisha Castle Hughes. An Oscar nom for her in 2004--one of the youngest to get one!

A History of Violence

Whoa. I never saw it coming. I really didnt. The first half, u wonder, what' s up with this guy? I think the last half was supposed to be somewhat "rushed". Viggo's character is STILL a little enigmatic at the end (u need to put it together for yourself), which can be a little "huh??" and somewhat frustrating, too. But he kicks ASS in this film. Applause to William Hurt (Oscar nom for the movie) for his crazy scene-stealer performance. "Whoa" is all i could say thru most of this...

Boogie Nights

Dont understand the appeal of this story.

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

Need to watch this again--- if im ever in the mood.
LOVE the show, tho!


Only saw part of it

Meet Joe Black

Sweet. Gentle. That's all i can come up with for now :)


Ryan Phillipe was unbelievably sexy in this! Whoa!

Sling Blade
Sling Blade(1996)

Haunting overtones is about all i can say about this's hard to WANT to remember what the subject matter is in this movie. Billy Bob's character is very "Of Mice and Men" and astonishing and poignant and...see this if you dont mind depressing yourself. BB SHOULD HAVE WON THE OSCAR, those FUBARS!


Demi Moore was really sexy in this, for sure


The best CGI of its time. An original

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd(1995)

Sly at the top of his game.
With a young Sandra Bullock, and Wesley Snipes as his nemesis. Still a good one to watch 15 yrs later!!


When Devon Sawa was the teen-hottie-of-the-moment (and only a few knew who Leonardo DiCaprio was), this was a cute film. Those 2 other fat uncle ghosts pissed me off and creeped me out tho. Such bastards!


I remember this as being a very intense drama. With some sad scenes.

Fathers' Day
Fathers' Day(1997)

Billy Crystal was GREAT in the 90s!
I remember enjoying this film

Edward Scissorhands

This is a classic.
I could never tell who that guy was--i never knew it was Johnny Depp! Then, when i did find out, I was like, so THAT'S how he started out? I wonder if everyone knew he would turn out like he has! Freakin' amazing.
The only Tim Burton movie, besides Big Fish, that i enjoy. Awesome story, and even Winona Ryder is great as the girl who "finds" him (or however it happened). U just BELIEVE Johnny IS Edward and it's one of the craziest stories to be successfully mastered on screen, i think. The innocence, the sadness, the ignorance and sweetness in Edward...and how lovestruck he is,it's all THERE. It's hard to find a character with hands like THAT who we sympathize with so badly! We love u JOHNNYYYYYY!!

Stephen King's It

I think this launched thousands of "creepy clown" phobias

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump(1994)

Shawshank Redemption should have won best pic, tho, right???
Come on, you know it!!
Ok, well, whatever :P

Universal Soldier

From what i can remember, this show was awesome when i saw it as a kid. So im going by that for my rating

Seven (Se7en)

Mr. Pitt makes me hot :)
Seriously, tho, one of his best roles: angsty, sexy angsty- and even more angsty at the end- cop.

The Cell
The Cell(2000)

Not a memorable movie. Saw it when it came out, dont remember ANY specific scenes

Fire in the Sky

Saw this when i was a kid! So i am rating it on that, since i dont remember it well enough. But, omg, was it ever suspenseful and scary for me then!
I still remember, vaguely, when the guys are driving, in a truck, and they see the lights and the shape in the sky......and then later on the blurry "in and out" of the alien experiments as seen from the unconscious abductee....Still a little creepy to think of!


Another one of those movies with such a GREAT premise, which could be brilliant far from.
Just as it gets good, it ends. Ya. One of those.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

2 stars cuz i hate Scummit and what they have done with this saga. UGH!

War of the Worlds

First review 2006:This didnt make much sense. Started out like it could be a great action-adventure with a TRUE THEME....but spielberg fu888 it up again. Like usual. Tom Cruise's son is so annoying in this. WHAT is WITH him just leaving in the middle of the movie--and in the middle of a war zone?!!? That was a major *UGH* moment. And Dakota Fanning cannot play a CHILD! And she IS one!

Edit 2010: This has a great premise. The ending really left me wanting. And there were some "Are u serious???" moments..... U have to ignore that--like in the MIDDLE of the movie, unfortunately--- and i wish the last 20 minutes could be as good as the first 20. Great CGI, very realistic. Makes u feel a part of the action, which is a definitie plus. Def a must-see tho. A pre-apocalyptic film, will make u think at the end of it--but for too short a time before u ask, really? Hmmmmm..... judge for yourself.

Meet the Fockers

Some funny lines and gags in this. A goofy family comedy, one of the better ones.

Mean Girls
Mean Girls(2004)

Good movie. FUNNY. Lindsay Lohan's best movie (i hope that says something).
One of the roles (besides The Notebook) that made me notice and appreciate Rachel McAdams (Regina). She's extremely convincing in this role. Amanda Seyfried is good, too!

8 Mile
8 Mile(2002)

Interesting story, surprisingly good acting by Eminem. Impressive debut on his part. Hope he does more in the future.

About a Boy
About a Boy(2002)

Actually a well-acted, more original film. British wry humour and drama mix well. Hugh Grant is always good in these roles.

A Cinderella Story

Actually watched it. Just another teen movie....but cute and well-acted enough that it is one of those guilty pleasures.
Give it a shot on a boring Friday night--u might be surprised when you're enjoying it, just as i did :P


One of the funniest scenes: Kevin James's character shows Hitch his dance moves-- and Hitch watches incredulously. Clap and drop, shake that @ss! lol!

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Had a great premise, but i wish Brad COULD be funny as a comedy actor--but it's not his forte. But it's Brad Pitt, so everyone gives him some leeway. I suppose ill be nice and give him Some, too ;). The action makes up for the acting, esp. them shooting at each other in the house; racing cars on the freeway; and the last scenes where they have to shoot themselves out from being surrounded....Story was fun, lost myself in the action and the hot ppl on screen :P

The Number 23

Although i think i might have seen all the best parts cut into one sequence into the trailer, like they do so many times. The premise SOUNDS good, but in the end it's just another flop!Edit: Not bad actually! Good suspense, and i like seeing Jim Carrey in his darker,dramatic roles.



Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

SO VERY DISTURBING. Not right at all. Johnny, why?


The trailers make it out to be astounding--not so....

V for Vendetta

Very original. Will not appeal to everyone, but hell, a lot of ppl like dark and violent movies, so what do i know? "V" talks very....archaically. Well, he's a little eccentric and superfluous with his grammar. Lots of alliteration and such. Really kind of distracting tho. I didn't watch the whole thing. Didnt miss much.

Superman Returns

Boring, but i guess that's ok sometimes.

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

A cowboy in Tokyo? actually worked ;)

10 Things I Hate About You

One of my old fav's. I have it on video. One of the crop of teen "love" stories of the mid and late 1990's. Some may find it retarded; i find it endearing and i like Heath Ledger. Period. He's awesome, and Julia Stiles is actually half decent. Funny story, lots of mishaps and mixups, and totally cute. A couple fav scenes. Highly Recommended!

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

So real. Amazing animation; i cant believe what computers can do these days! More for the lovers of the franchise, since i didnt understand it enough cuz i hadnt played the game. Not as entertaining as it would be had i known the events before the movie.

King Kong
King Kong(2005)

The1st 15 mins were not what i expected, so i was sitting in the theatre wonderin why i wanted to see this. After the first 15, tho, it picked up and so i was swept into the movie--altho, a too-creepy one. The scenes on the ship and Skull Island and the FREAKY natives made me wonder what kind of movie King Kong really was, now and in 1933. Of course, the idea that Mr Kiwi Peter Jackson had filmed this, and his amazing vision, and the crazy and sometimes unbelievable-made-believable CG, and all the sounds and creatures and fright, just made me keep watching. And Andy Serkis is really cool. Naomi Watts is just really radiant, and the idea that her hair and face kept so clean and that she was wearing a nightgown and wasnt cold after being slashed around in the bushes kept me watching too. (im poking fun--see it and you'll know what i mean.):P
As for acting, Jack Black is Jack Black, but there was something diff in him this time--really, there was! I enjoyed the character he was meant to be. I still have loads of Qs about the "connection" b/w Ann and Kong. That's not "love" to me, nor is this a "love story" to me. That's just too WIERD to call it that. The ending shows the release of bottled emotionand puts it to the forefront. And if u r just in it for the action and CG, this is it.

The Big Hit
The Big Hit(1998)

OK, the dvd cover is nowhere near as good as the video cover. THIS IS AN AWESOME MOVIE. Completely irrelevant, fun, crazy story with crazy characters and some OMFG HARD_A$$ BODIES (MARKY MARK!)
I can watch this over and over, for it's C-rated acting that shows u that it was MEANT to be that way, and THAT'S why it's so good! Just watch the action, absorb the back and forth dialogue, contrived and cute situations, and crazy action sequences with awesome twists and one of THE BEST endings in any movie EVER! SO HOT AND SO FUN! LUV!!!!

Excess Baggage

One of my faves; one i can watch again and again. A totally hot Alicia with a SO-surprisingly-hot and So-surprisingly-awesome-in-this-role-omg Benicio del Toro (Who KNEW???!!)--add them up and you have a sweet and crazy ride. Who cares if it's a 10 yr old movie, it's one of the best of its genre. I have to get it on dvd!!

Life as a House

Great people-in-broken-families drama with the usual "family is all you have" message. Kevin Kline is great and i can actually say the same for Hayden, since i think he is hella hot in this movie (i saw this movie after months of waiting for it to come out on video, at the prime of my i-heart-hayden-christensen phase). So, i might be a little biased. The part where Kline's character goes to work and smashes all the models, then collapses outside...good stuff. From then on, it just gets better. It's been years since i first saw it, and i sure dont heart-Hayden, but this is a movie i could totally enjoy again.


This is a classic anime, as ive learned. It is from 1989 but you wouldnt guess it; it has a timeless feel to it, among others. Deep and brutal; very involved. Better than MANY other movies, action, drama or other. An experience and story you shouldnt miss!

The Incredibles

Really entertaining and funny. A must-see, cuz u will have fun watching it.

House of Wax
House of Wax(2005)

Not bad, actually. CMM is a baddie ;) I cant believe he and Elisha were siblings in this :P lol
You'll never go to a wax museum EVER after seeing this movie. Well, most ppl wont...

Marie Antoinette

Typical Sophia Coppola art-fest. Have to give her props for always bringing forth a radical feast for the eyes, as well as the other senses. She does what she wants, and puts whoever she wants in the prime role; i think one of her faves is Kirsten.
MA is bright, delicious--more of an ode to that extravagance and time, as well as a bursting, moving theatre-piece. Very little dialogue (based on a book about the real MA, writers must have taken all they could work with--which wasnt much in the case of any known conversations that MA had, im sure) so it's more of an eye-candy piece than a drama. Cinematography is gorgeous; settings, rooms, details...all gorgeous.
Jason S is really weird at first, but u have to get used to him and then u understand who he is meant to be (the young king). And Asia Argento is the most memorable. Kiki looks amazing too. See for yourself how little dialogue helps her acting :)

Fifteen and Pregnant

Dont waste your time. One of Kirsten's worst. This was a made-for-tv movie, so i dont know what it's doing on dvd.


Ok, this is really weird, but there still is no info for this movie. Barely anyone saw it, i think, cuz i saw it years back and was totally cool and fun story. The girls had real relationships with each other, with cute dialogue and it was actually enjoyable as well as entertaining to listen to the banter between them. See a young Kirsten Dunst, Heather Matarazzo and also a really young Hayden Christensen circa 1999!! lol, I guess only you Higher Ground fans would care :P But see what happens when the boys' school merges with theirs, it's just too funny to see how the adults freak out and it does make u believe that they would have been like that in the '60s!!


Not much to it, but watchable. Kind of quirky, for sure.

Drop Dead Gorgeous

This was kind of lame.

Pet Sematary Two

I had a crush on Ed Furlong. But that's probably not the only reason why i liked this movie "back in the day". Ya, i was a kid. But it was still pretty good. S King is one twisted dude :P

The 40 Year Old Virgin

Surprisingly good--entertaining AND funny. The end is F'N FRUITY AS HELL! AS IN "WTF!?" Ya, that ruined it for me, too.....

Blast From the Past

I REALLY like Brendan Fraser as this character. Alicia is likeable, too, but Brandon's cute naivete is untouchable. Cute, quirky storyline, too.

Dark City
Dark City(1998)

I saw this SO long ago; i just remember how COOL i thought it was then. So there are my 3 stars :)


Maggie G. is perfect in this role, no matter how much her boobs wanna take the primary role...*ahem*
One of the best performances I've seen. This movie is for u if u like real stories--human stories, with all their imperfections and insights. Danny Trejo ("Dean") and Brad Henke ("Bobby", her brother) are great as well. Just ignore the little girl actress and Bobby's wife :P


This Scott brother is the one i like. I love his style, the colour and the frenetic camera flashes and slashes, the comic book and painting style he utilizes. Keira kicks @ss.


I cant get over the way they killed the mafia guys in the end. Yuck.

Gangs of New York

Am I the only one who was kind of disgusted by the brutality of the violence in the beginning and end "battle" scenes? It was like chaotic slaughter. It's all i remember (almost) and i dont like it!

The Aviator
The Aviator(2004)

Long, interesting, another one to sit through and you have to be interested in the characters or else you're DONE, cuz there is no action except for the plane crash. I guess this is where they call it a "character driven" movie :P ;) And you should probably be a Leo fan, too...

Laurel Canyon

I need to see the rest of this movie! Kate is sharp, shy and kind of brilliant (No british accent here). Christian Bale is one of my new favs, and Frances McDormand plays the part amazingly well. I need to see what happens! There's a foreign woman in the mix, too. U know stuff is gonna shake up w/ the mysterious woman w/ the accent :P


One of my favourite STORIES, not just movies. This movie flowed perfectly, with stand-out performances by all, esp. Kirsten and Taryn Manning. This was Jay Hernandez's first ever movie and he KILLED it. The characters are subtle and emotions are just singing underneath their looks and their smiles. It's not pretentious: it's fun and flirty and drama only seeps in when it needs to. The effect is the most non-Hollywood "love story" ive ever seen. You'll NEVER see one like this--nor will you see Kirsten any better than this. Cute, fun, tortured, brazen; while Jay is determined, strong, cute, totally himself and every sentence and look works to give you the idea that these 2 ppl met for a, i KNOW u wanna see what happens. Rent this NOW!

Old School
Old School(2003)

This is one of my top 3 fav comedies. I wanna piss every time i see this movie. FRANK THE TANK! THE GODFATHER!!
"', you're crazy"
"I think I see Blue...he looks glorious"
sxman0 said it best--probably the best comedy ever, and THE best fratpack (?) movie ever. woooooooooooooo!!

Almost Heroes

Another funny chris farley movie!

Batman Begins

AWESOME. I expected another creepy, twisted Tim Burton tale to disgust me. Instead, it's a total rebirth. Ive seen it twice, and i think the next one will disappoint me cuz this one is one of my fav movies!

Sin City
Sin City(2005)

Bloody and violent; has the look of a Hitchcock/30s murder mystery black and white film. I dont know if this could be called film-noir, but it is artsy and original with a bloody action streak. I like movies that show stories or scenes in splices (future/past flashes or just in relevant order), as stories w/ a connection to each other, whether they show the connection or find out at the end. Benicio Del Toro is ugly in this film, and Elijah Wood is one freaky mutha-f****...yaaa. And bullets have no effect on anyone, very true....

Kingdom of Heaven

I didnt understand it well. I thought it confusing and where did they get all those explosives to make it look like they really HAD that in the 1300's or whenever it was?? It had all the hype cuz it's from Ridley Scott...but so what, eh?

King Arthur
King Arthur(2004)

Actually quite decent. I like Keira Knightley! And there are other good characters in this, too.

Moulin Rouge!

Very original and colourful. Altho the actual story seemed like it copied another love story and i cant pinpoint which one that would have's just like ive heard of the same story/situation before, or read about it, or something. So that's what bothered me about it when i saw it.

Almost Famous

Awesome music, great story, a cute Patrick Fugit! And a very fun Kate Hudson. Band-aids!!!
I disliked Zooey Deschanel and Frances McDormand, tho. I like her in Fargo and North Country, and that's about all!

The Royal Tenenbaums

There will never be a better movie LIKE this one, with no better actors or better story or better craziness or better characters or better relationships or better crazy situations and irrelevant relevance THAN THIS. This movie SHOCKED me by how much i totally "GOT" it and how much i completely and mesmerizingly fell INTO LIKE with it. Ive seen it twice and I'd see it again.
Swift, simple, bright with kick-u-in-the-teeth dialogue, and complexities are grinded down into an hour and a half of freakin fabulous interactions in their crazy little family-world!


Patrick Fugit is awesome, and Jena Malone is totally likeable. Surprisingly good movie!

Can't Hardly Wait

The first "teen movie" i ever saw. Just read the synopsis, watch the movie, and blast "Paradise City" cuz those geeks totally RULE! Remember, this was when JLHewitt was really popular, Seth Green was gonna be and Ethan Embry was totally cute!


I need to see this again, since i dont remember too much except for that damn nasty toilet!!!

The Brothers Grimm

This was quite laughable. Annoying. Disappointing. Mostly, like "ouch"!

Big Fish
Big Fish(2003)

A movie with a huge imagination, enthralling stories and tons of creativity and it's just....BIG! Enjoyed all the characters, and the colours were so bright and bold and it was a lot more original than i expected. Go Ewan!

The Green Mile

I cried in the theatre, and so did my friend. MC Duncan is PERFECT and every character just pulls at every heartstring in existence. It gives me a lump in my throat just thinking about it! The book CANT be better; i still cant believe Stephen King wrote this! I have it on video, im just too scared of being sad after watching it again, so i havent seen it since 1999!

Léon: The Professional

Natalie P is 12 yrs old, but WHAT 12 yr old can act LIKE THIS? Will blow your mind.
Jean Reno is totally cool, too!

Garden State
Garden State(2004)

Another great performance by Natalie. Eccentric, a little too quirky at parts. Props to Zach Braff on his first movie. I recommend others, tho, since this really wasn't engaging. Maybe i need to see it again?

An Inconvenient Truth

I just need to see the beginning and middle of this, then i can give it a more honest rating :)
OMgosh, tho, what a perfect cover picture.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Disappointing. Truly for kids who dont know any better. Great CG tho, just too much of a rip-off of LOTR's style (since WETA did the cg, etc).

Snakes on a Plane

omfg, WHYYYY?
Ok, saw part of it. Yes, it's corny. But i heard that it's meant to be that way. Then it's ok then. Just lame :P For one of those corny movie nights, im sure!!

The Fast and the Furious

Spawned the car racing revolution. Great story, hot fast cars, lots of action, lots of Vin of a kind.

The Guardian
The Guardian(2006)

Kevin Costner is very likeable, and his character is great. One very lame, by-the-book fight scene/climax, but overlooking that, it's a good movie.

Step Up
Step Up(2006)

I am just awed by people with this type of talent--dancing talent, that is. Step Up is one of those textbook teen/romance/face-life-or-else movies, but that's okay by me sometimes. The moves they's like, wowwww..and i quite liked Channing Tatum as the male lead. Talented (well, for this genre anyway :P)! Jenna Dewan leaves much to be desired, but the dancing is what catches the eye, not the lack of acting ability (mainly). One to watch with the girls, if you're into that kinda thing.

Scary Movie
Scary Movie(2000)

cant remember it....

American Pie
American Pie(1999)

Total classic. Funny but raunchy. But i know everyone loves it.

The Chronicles of Riddick

One i can watch over and over again. Thanks to Vin, and even the story ;) I like this one better than Pitch Black. Good sci-fi and action; VIN ALWAYS makes the action worth watching. No needless violence either. Here's to greater sequels!

Running Scared

The direction style of this movie is very interesting. Cool "a-moment-ago-this-happened" second by second shots like flashbacks...severe and artistic (how much better can i explain it? See the movie for what i mean). Vera Farmiga is excellent in this (never heard of her until this) and this seems to be Paul Walker's best role since F&F. Very interesting twists, some scenes never before ventured into in other movies, i noticed. Like the wierd wife husband mini story with Cameron Bright's character...ull know what i mean. Worth seeing, actually, and i was surprised by how entertained and enthralled i was. Couldnt grasp parts of the story, had to have them explained. But that's my dumbness, not the movies'. High rating cuz i was shocked about the movie's quality. Odd ending, indeed...


Great modern story, with awesome acting by Uma Thurman and Bryan Greenberg. Surprising chemistry between both of them, and Meryl Streep is kind of funny as Rafi's therapist. A more realistic, non-cliche ending, too.

Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman(1990)

I can see why ppl like this one. It's a classic, and ive seen it more than once.

The Day After Tomorrow

Exciting, with great special effects.

School of Rock

Jack Black's really fun in this one. He has some good scenes.

The Longest Yard

Not that great. But it's Adam Sandler. And his butt's not horrible in this one.


I wouldnt like this movie now.

Fight Club
Fight Club(1999)

The synopsis is totally right on.
And how can u forget Meatloaf's "Bit$h tits"? (LOL, sorry. Old inside joke from junior high).
Another "let's-see-if-u-can-put-it-together" jigsaw puzzle type movies...or is it? Well, that's how i can explain it after not seeing it for so long. It's pretty wicked. Brad Pitt in one of his best performances (his body is amazing), and Ed Norton is great as usual. The camera angles and similar shots make for a disjointed, dizzying experience, which makes sense for what situations we see unfolding, and how screwed up the whole film is SUPPOSED to be. It's a kick--or a punch--in the face, no doubt, and i really need to see it again!


High entertainment value. You dont need to be a fan of the game to enjoy it. Good up to "that point" might know what i mean. That first person view/shoot out at the end is wierd and didnt do it for me. But i understand why they would include that. Karl Urban is good in this. Of course, they had to have The Rock in there, too ;)

An Unfinished Life

The theme in this movie is quite apparent, and i liked it. It being apparent was ok for this movie; this is more a family drama. Robert Redford is a GREAT actor, and totally fits the part of Einar. If you like him you will appreciate the movie. Also, Becca Gardner, who plays JLo's daughter, is great in this, too. Must be her first movie, but she impressed me. Scarlett Johanson was around the same age when she filmed "The Horse Whisperer" w/ Redford...maybe we'll see Gardner more in the future, if she has the same luck/talent. Freeman plays the same sidekick, mentor, let's-make-this-guy-see-how-good-he's-got-it part that he usually plays. But i dont mind the typecast. He's enjoyable as those characters, however too many he plays :)

Wolf Creek
Wolf Creek(2005)

In the same vane as "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", yet a little more indie. Mick is one creepy-ass character. Kept that queasy feeling in my chest for the last half of the movie. Works off all your fears and a little of your wild imagination. Makes you rethink your dream trip to Australia, tho. And Mick being so sniper-rifle happy makes me rethink the whole "wide open spaces are great" idea.....The 'shooting at the car as she drives off' scene was most queasy making for me....see the movie to know what i mean!