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Planet of the Apes

This movie was just too weird for me.

The Count of Monte Cristo

y'know, i didnt think i would really like this movie but i did! It was full of awesome plot twists and it was very witty! You'd never guess what its about by its title, thats for sure!


Definitely one of Tom Cruise's better performances. A great film with a blunt reminder that No, not all Germans were evil bad people during WWII. It also raises the question--what would you do? Follow the masses and do what you're told, or do what's morally right?

Cowboys & Aliens

This was definitely a darker film than I was expecting -- I figured just from the title that it wouldn't be a film that took itself too seriously, but unfortunately it was. In hindsight the story line wasn't much, and in some places didn't make too much sense, but the way that they present the story keeps you trying to figure out more. The whole time you're trying to figure out why these aliens are here, and why they even bother with the seemingly insignificant humans. Because the main character has the classic case of 'amnesia', you don't really piece it all together until about the last half hour or so of the film. A good action flick, but not anything you'd want little kids to see.

Captain America: The First Avenger

It was a bit of a letdown for me, but still a good film. Sets the stage nicely for the upcoming Avengers movie.

The Help
The Help(2011)

It was a lot better than I expected.

Watership Down

It was pretty good, especially for how old it is...definitely the kind of cartoon that would have scarred me for life if I had seen it when i was a young impressionable child...

Scared Stiff
Scared Stiff(1953)

Jerry Lewis is way funny in this movie! This old black and white film is full of awesomeness like a haunted mansion, zombies, spaghetti, treasure, ghosts, enchiladas, mysterious twins, a murderer, a cursed knife, a genie, a man disguised as a ventriloquist dummy, back problems, a mirror, a fire extinguisher, a polka dotted scarf and a blackjack. Ya im pretty sure if you've seen it you would know exactly what im talkin about :)

Quantum of Solace

I loved the action in it, but the storyline could have used some help. Heck, i don't think i ever figured out why they named the movie Quantum of wasn't ever mentioned, that i noticed.

Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye(2008)

it was certainly better than i expected. a few plot holes here and there, but still a good movie.

The Fall of the House of Usher

It wasn't very good, in my opinion. creepy, but not very well-executed. Vincent Price did an excellent job, as did the guy that played the butler, but i didn't much care for the other actors...

The Picture of Dorian Gray

I found it to be pretty true to the book, and they found just the right guy to play Dorian.


I actually really enjoyed the different style of cinematography in this movie, how it was all from the perspective of a camcorder...made the movie feel more up-close and personal, like you were really there. Only thing that bugged me was the really long intro, when they're all at the party. Pretty cool movie, but not one i would buy.

Reign of Fire

Cool idea, but it could have been done a lot better.


I take away half a star, only because it had some unneeded crap in there that was totally irrelevant to the storyline...other than that though it was AWESOME! Portrayed the Spartan lifestyle quite well. Beautiful stylized action as well


Pretty freaky, but i totally called the ending...

V for Vendetta

Awesome plot, beautiful effects, captivating characters, most excellent.

The 7th Voyage of Sinbad

pretty corny, but in a funny way. A classic, for sure


Saw the edited version, but still. Wicked awesome. A truly awe-inspiring movie. Not to mention it has amazing and intense fight scenes....and beautiful Scottish scenery...

The Grapes of Wrath

Didn't like it too much, but that's proably because i had to watch it for one of my classes...

The Dark Knight

Amazing! It grabbed my attention and never let go! so intense...and The Joker has to be one of the best movie villains i've ever seen.

The Illusionist

Actually a really good story. Certainly better than i thought it would be. Awesome plot twist too! ^^

Underworld: Evolution

Awesome movie! Insane fight scenes...amazing in general


I really wish i could give it six stars. I really enjoyed this movie. Absolutely perfect. Cute...funny...good plot...and its pixar. can't beat that.


Didn't have the best actors per se, but definitely had its funny moments, and the plot tied together rather well in the end

Get Smart
Get Smart(2008)

This movie was extremely funny. Steve Carell was the perfect guy for the main character...Even now i think of some of the one-liners and it makes me chuckle! A must-see.


It was pretty good, especially considering how long ago it was made. Trenchcoat was very stylish

Kung Fu Panda

This movie was just too amazing. My head exploded while i was in the theater...made quite a mess...i highly recommend it!


Made me laugh more than anything else. . I only watched it cuz i love werewolves...and they did a pretty cool transformation scene...but it wasn't scary at all.

Gone in 60 Seconds (Gone in Sixty Seconds)

HOT cars....:D Definitely not Nicolas Cage's best role, but still an awesome movie.


i love the alien movies, but this one was not among my favorites. i like the first two a lot more

The Net
The Net(1995)

A rather depressing movie...

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

words cannot describe how much i love this movie

Titan A.E.
Titan A.E.(2000)

Loved it! Awesome animation and great storyline!

The Last Samurai

A lot better than I was expecting. Tom Cruise's best role in my opinion.

War of the Worlds

Among the most depressing movies i've ever seen

Blazing Saddles

Totally hilarious! I was laughing all the way!

The Matrix
The Matrix(1999)

The action scenes made it all worth it!


Very suspenseful...most amazing.

Déjà Vu
Déjà Vu(2006)

Really cool how it all tied together


It was a really good movie! Some parts didn't make a whole lot of sense...but thats ok the intense action scenes made up for it


definitely made me laugh


The ending was totally awesome

Across the Universe

A really great movie! I loved the beatles remakes...some of it was kinda trippy...but it was extremely well done

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

It was pretty good, but the ending was pretty weird...


Effects were good...but thats about it

Live Free or Die Hard

Best action movie i've seen all year

What Women Want

This movie was hillarious!!!

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

I'll admit i was rather dissapointed with this one. Tobey Maguire didn't quite win it for me...i actually liked James Franco's performance much more in this one. The whole sandman thing was kinda lame..especially at the end where for like five minutes spiderman and the sandman just stand there crying...:P and Venom isn't supposed to die! What was with that?

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Most Excellent. Much better than any other Potter movies.


Weird...thats for sure...

Shrek the Third

It had its funny moments...

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

Not as good as the first...but better than the second

Just Like Heaven

It was better than I expected

The Italian Job

Very stiylish & well done. Nice plot twists that always keep you guessing

Mission: Impossible III

The beginning was pretty intense..but the part with the baseballs was pretty funny. Most lovely explosions

Clear and Present Danger

Wow this movie was intense!

Flushed Away
Flushed Away(2006)

If I could give it six stars I would! I love this movie so so much


Definitely an Amazing movie! The ending was amazing! I was sad though when it said the guy never found his girlfriend after the war...

Night at the Museum

This movie was hillarious! The little people were especially funny


Kinda weird...had clint eastwood though so that made it worth it


It was pretty good. Except for that creepy slut lady who crushed people with her thighs...gross...

Casino Royale

Wow that construction chase scene was amazing!

The Living Daylights

This one was really good. One of the few bond movies that doesn't have lots of nudity and other such not-goodness


That has to be the crappiest space battle ever

The Village
The Village(2004)

Wow thsi was creepy...didn't even see that plot twist at the end coming! Probably would suck if i watched it again...


Nazis...Explosions...Monsters....Fire...Big Guns....oh and then there was that weird fish guy...An overall weird but cool movie about this demon guy that kills monsters...and often has little snyde remarks too. I liked it...but I don't know of anyone who would really enjoy it as much as I do...Its cool.

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

This one was always my favorite of the three..especially the big fight on the skiffs over the sarlaac pit...always loved it. And the climactic fight beteween Vader and Luke is quite interesting....but those Ewoks sure are annoying...

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

Probably my least favorite of the three...just cause when I was little i always thought it was all mushy and stuff...

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

Loved it as long as I can remember!

Happy Feet
Happy Feet(2006)

Aww...this movie was so cute...not to mention the fact i love penguins! Not to mention i watched it with my favorite person in the world! Great singing, great rhythm, and I really never thought I would hear Robin Williams doing the voice for a hispanic-sounding penguin...but yeah. It was awesome.

Over the Hedge

Hammy, i love you so much

Eight Legged Freaks

It was actually pretty funny. It had its jump moments, but only if you really have a phobia of spiders


So hillarious. Its like a christmas version of groundhog day

The Adventures of Milo and Otis

This is the most amazing movie ever. Or at least i thought it was when i saw it 12 years ago...

Scary Movie 3

So funny. Saw it on TV the other day. I couldn't stop laughing!

Logan's Run
Logan's Run(1976)

Wow this was weird.

Last Man Standing

A definite guy movie. I'm pretty sure it would be very boring to those of the female persuasion...much violence

The Private Eyes

This is the most awesomest movie!! Tim Conway and Don Knotts are hillarious in this murder\comedy

Murder by Death

This movie is way funny! It makes fun of all the old detectives..and yeah. Its one of those comedic murder movies. Like clue, only not really..

The Money Pit

This movie is way funny to my family because its kinda like what our house was like when we moved in lol!


The most well-done medival-period film from the 80's. Great Fun!

Lady Hawke

This is the most well-done medival-period movie from the 80's. Much goodness.

The Mosquito Coast

This is the worst Harrison Ford movie ever...

Big Jake
Big Jake(1971)

The dog is the coolest!

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Wow that guy really is ugly...

Ocean's Eleven

Great Flick! Very original idea! Never would've guessed the ending!


Yay for Cary Grant!


A bit corny but not too bad of an idea

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

The Kraken is soooo freaking awesome! (except for the fact that it--well i wont spoil it for you :P) Phenominal special effects! Cant wait for the third one! :D

The Producers

Oh my gosh this is the best musical ever! And it has Matthew Broderick, who never seems to age, and Nathan Lane who i think is way funny. A great flick, but don't watch it with your younger siblings...

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

It was a great movie, but it was a little gory...and there was this one part where a guy does surgery on himself! I was like no way! And then there was this one kid that gets his arm amptuated while he's awake with no painkiller...aaah it still makes me cringe!

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I Love this move so freaking much! AAAH! I saw it so many times in the theater! I lost count!!!!! AAAAAAAHH--*head a-splodes*

King Kong
King Kong(2005)

oh my gosh, peter jackson learn how to freaking edit! Halfway through the movie they could've ended it and it would've been fine...make sure that you are in a comfy place when you watch this, cause its 3 hours...and feels like it!


Tim Curry is so freaking hillarious! I love the ending, how it's all like 'and this is how it could have happened..'only not really cause then it says 'but this is how it really happened' It lets you choose which ending you think was best and...yeah.

The Fugitive
The Fugitive(1993)

This movie is sad but way awesome! Some guy with a fake arm kills this doctor dude's wife, and the doctor is accused of murder and sentenced to be made dead...and ...and...and...its way awesome! A totally scrumptious movie!

Batman Begins

I loved this movie so much! Gives Batman a whole new meaning! I love the new batmobile, and by that i mean i love the freaking tank thing

Event Horizon

Oh my gosh! A movie where Sam Neil is a bad guy? What is this business? Oh yeah. If u dont like gore, this is not the movie for you...

Muppet Treasure Island

Holy wow! I love this so freaking much! Muppets 4eva!


I thought it was a way cool idea, a blind superhero!

Ocean's Eleven

Doesn't Even hold a candle to the old one!!!

Where Eagles Dare

Yay for Nazis! And what's this? Clint Eastwood in a war movie?

Final Destination

Such chain reactions! So awesome!

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

"I could be the walrus, but It still wouldn't change the fact that I have to bum rides off of people..."

The Fifth Element

What is the fifth element, you may ask? A girl, of course...

Dead Poets Society

I wish I had Robin Williams for my english teacher...

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

I think the best of the series...great bad guys

Back to the Future Part III

The other two were mediocre at best...I think it was a great finale.

The Mummy
The Mummy(1999)

Much better than the old one...the old one freaked me out more though...

The Princess Bride

"Fezzik...are there rocks ahead?"

Van Helsing
Van Helsing(2004)

The Werewolf Effects are so freaking cool!

Red Eye
Red Eye(2005)

It was a freaking awesome movie! My sister loves Cillian Murphy, so she wanted me to see it...


Who Broke Mr. Glass's Hipbone? Lol

The Ring
The Ring(2002)

Ultimate Scary Movie