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Leeches! (2003)
1 day ago via Flixster

Ah it was dumb differnt and crappy for sure lol but ya I have nothing hahaha

Why Him?
Why Him? (2016)
13 days ago via Flixster

I like this movie it was funny at times for sure and it has very crude humor if your not into that kind of movie your not going to like this. But it's expected of a James Franco movie and did this movie have to be made no but it's out there now.

Underworld: Blood Wars
14 days ago via Flixster

Same old same old the plot is almost the same from everyone not much new year ya the fight scenes are cool and all. But time to put Underworld to rest now. is it worth seeing I'd say half and half if your a fan of go see it if not don't bother.

Attack On Titan Part 2
17 days ago via Flixster

I know of Attack On Titan seen people play this game but the movie is a B movie all the way I don't enjoy this kind of stuff like this. It was silly and I don't need to see part 1 to say this is a bad movie. cheesy at best

Sing (2016)
17 days ago via Flixster

Now this movie was good for sure lot of laughs and singing was good and over all the movie had heart for sure. Animation movies seem to work better most of the time then the real movies now a days what does that tell hmm... Cute movie enjoyable for the hole family