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First I just want to apologize to my readers for not posting reviews in the past month. I am a victim of the economic downturn so until I get back on my feet do not expect many reviews for the time being.

Warning reading this review will result in mythology and etymology lessons. Some comic book geek-ism may result. I warned you.

As a whole this movie is beautiful. There's not much I can really complain about, well in terms of the standard criticism of a movie. Story was great, acting was spectacular. Heck even the Best Boy did a great job and to this day I still don't know exactly what a Best Boy does on the set. This is taking comic and mythical material and turning it into magic. Will it win any Academy Awards or be nominated for that fact? I would say one or two but that's if lucky. I think everyone should go see this movie as there is something for everyone.

Here's what I liked about the movie, opposed to all the regular praise a critic might give:

1. HAWKEYE. Yes Marvel's resident marksman does make an appearance and has a few lines. Although he never fires one of his arrows his appearance is just a precursor to the Avengers movie.

2. The Rainbow Bridge. In the comics the bridge is rainbow. If they stuck with that in the movie, I would have given it a much lower rating. For lack of a better term the bridge would look gay, and one would wonder when the Care Bears would appear. Fortunately they turned this bridge into a lengthy technicolor strobe light shining through crystal, and it does look cool.

3. The gods live up to their mythological names. Thor is the god of thunder and storms; Loki the god of lies, mischief and trickery; Odin, king of the gods; Volstagg the god of the feast and wine. Let's be realistic they could have really messed this up, but nope they stayed true to the ancient stories.

4. Stan Lee. Like all Marvel movies he does do his cameo. Try and find him.

What I hated.

1. The Frost Giants. As the name implies they are supposed to be giants. With an exception or two for the most part they appear as normal height.

2. Loki's trickery unrevealed. So how did Loki sneak the frost giants in the first time around. When asked he just said there are other ways, but remains mum on the true answer.

3. The e-mail. So who did Dr. Andrews send that e-mail to requesting help when S.H.I.E.L.D. took over? The extra scene at the end of the credits did not give a firm answer.

4. Some nods to the Thor mythology were left out. So where was Beta Ray Bill? Okay granted he's an alien from another world who's pretty much a bipedal horse with the power of Thor. Yes sequel is possible, but in reality he wouldn't exactly fit in, but what's stopping a little nod to the character. If it were up to me, when Thor goes horse hunting he could have stumbled upon a horse of that name, and left it at that. Next beef, in the TV movie "The Incredible Hulk Returns" Thor makes an appearance. He was played by by Eric Allan Kramer who many tweens would know as Bob Duncan on the Disney series, "Good Luck Charlie". A little cameo from him would have been nice. Hey if Lou Ferrigno can cameo in the Hulk movies, so can he.

5. Thor's dialect. If you read the comic or seen other versions of Thor, you would know that Thor doesn't speak in modern English, his dialect is closer to Shakespeare. I wouldn't mind this change as it makes him easier to follow, but your director is Kenneth Branagh, a world renown Shakespearean actor/thespian. Common Kenneth I would think you would jump at this opportunity.

6. The 3D. I'm starting to get really annoyed with 3D. It just did not work for this movie, except during the closing credits. I think the only upcoming film where it will be appropriate is Green Lantern. But seriously Hollywood enough, is enough already.

What you may have missed.

1. Donald Blake MD. I was the only one who snickered at this moment. Although I'm not exactly a Thor fan, but like most comic fans know I do know a thing or to about the mythology. In the comic Odin punishes Thor by placing him inside the crippled Dr. Blake to learn humility and patience, and not sending him to Earth as a drifter.

2. Odin's 8 legged horse. I forget it's name but yes the horse you see Odin ride on is the same one of myth.

3. Thursday Thor's Day. Okay people of the English speaking world here is a fact Thursday is actually derived from Thor's Day. Yup the day before Friday we should be celebrating Thor. We get the other days of the week derived by Norse gods: Tyr = Tuesday, Odin (when pronounced properly Wodan) = Wednesday, and Frida = Friday. Double check for yourself, but make sure you catch the chapter title when Dr. Andrews flips through the book of Norse mythology.

4. The 007 homage at the end of the closing credits. Only a James Bond fan would put this together, but at some point suring the closing credits during some of his movies you will see "James Bond will return in...". This movie did the same thing but read "Thor will be back in The Avengers".

5. The last scene. I'm betting a lot of you haven't learned by now that after the closing credits there is an extra scene, so you probably missed it and my previous point. *SPOILERS* Nick Fury, Cosmic Cube (which hints at events in Captain America, and upcoming Avengers), Loki's still around *END SPOILERS*

There I think I said all I needed to say. We are now in high gear for Captain America: The First Avenger. I believe that movie will be the blockbuster hit of the summer, if they market it towards American patriotism and the recent death of bin Laden. Ha who am I kidding Paramount dropped the marketing ball by not opening Thor a day before on Thursday (remember Thursday is Thor's day). That could have been a huge profitable event for Paramount and Marvel. Let's be honest the only company that knows anything about marketing is Disney. Because Disney now owns Marvel, when the character licenses expire from the other distributors, Disney should be able to make these films more profitable.